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  1. You can put it on the business community that's your opinion. But you're giving a free pass to the athletic department and that free pass is why you're waiting almost two months for a DVD that you paid for that won't even contain the content you were promised. That comment probably got this thread locked too.
  2. Most if not all don't. However, since they all give money to the athletic department, I personally am not inclined to criticize them. Years back the athletic department had a campaign to sell flags to businesses and have them display them. It was fairly successful and flags were seen around Denton. That promotion lasted one year. Why only one year I'll never know. When prompted, for the most part the businesses will get on board. If I remember right when Emmitt went around distributing posters, an overwhelming amount displayed them. You can argue that they shouldn't have to be prompted and I would say up until when Dr Pohl came on board the university didn't even promote athletics. Why should it be the job of local businesses to do it? Those relationships haven't exactly been fostered over the years. Is it an ideal situation? No. But people are paid to improve the situation and if doesn't improve I hold them responsible. It's not the local businesses responsibilty to promote UNT athletics, it's up to UNT athletics to get the businesses involved.
  3. Business sponsors Platnum Level Ben E. Keith / Budweiser Coca-Cola Wells Fargo Gold Level Denton Community Hospital Denton Record-Chronicle Denton Regional Hospital The Outback Steakhouse University Courtyard Apartments Silver Level Bill Utter Ford Line-X of North Texas Little Guy Movers Martin Eagle Oil Company / Diamond Shamrock Gasoline Point Bank Texas Bank Verizon Whataburger Wendy's Bronze Level Clinesmith & Lynch Denton Area Teacher's Credit Union Jason's Deli MARPAC Ramey and King Insurance Technifax Office Solutions Voertman's Bookstore Mean Green Level Chick Fil A Host Communications Total Eye Care / Eye Wear Southwest Housing Management UNT Bookstore Wingstop C&K Mudbug Boil C Bar T Properties Eagle Home Inspectors See any company from Lewisville on there? Should the list be longer? Sure, but whose responsibility is that?
  4. Exile? Never heard you question your buddy GG's returns? "25K to 40K at the fair?" This remark proves one crucial point. That you exaggerate to try and make a point that you can't even make. I've been to 9 out of the past ten fairs (see, that is first hand knowledge not pulling numbers out of the air) and I've never heard the crowd estimated at more than 15-20K. And that is only in a couple of those years. Quite a few Fry St business owners don't like the fair. That's straight from the mouth of people who own businesses on Fry St. It's BYOB so they don't make a lot of money off of the booze and almost everyone comes up for the day and leaves. Delta Lodge makes most of the money and then has lied about giving it to charity. Those are FACTS. From people who live and do business in Denton. Denton is Denton. Some good and some bad. Just like other cities. However somehow you have to equate every decision made in Denton with UNT football and that is ridiculous. All you care about is more people in hopes that it will bring more people to the games. Is that how a city should be run? Is that what they do where you live? If saying that because they are building a sports complex in Frisco means Denton isn't progressive then I guess there are about 100 other cities in the Metroplex that aren't progressive either. Why wasn't it built in Lewisville, The Colony, or Flower Mound? They all have plenty of land and are in growing areas? You have absolutely no knowledge why the sports complex was built where it was. It just wasn't Denton and that means Denton is bad. That's some logic there.
  5. I just love it when people who don't even live near Denton obviously know what is best for Denton. It makes we wonder if there isn't something in the water that makes people type before thinking?
  6. Three cheese enchiladas, beans and rice, two flautas with cheese sauce and one taco. Finish it off with sopapillas. That used to be the appetizer now it pretty much fills me up.
  7. I give up. I can't fight your excuses. I'm sure RV and the athletic department will be glad to know you expect so little from them.
  8. I took the post down but you addressed none of the questions in my post. What department is to blame for that list of problems?
  9. Hopkins is out for the season per DMN website. Ronniger is going to get scoped and out at least two weeks. Ouch.
  10. Dave, I would rather know this ahead of time and it be out in the open then hear about it down the road. She better control her emotions. She's starting from scratch.
  11. I can tell you went to the Sean Johnson school of write-ups.
  12. I admit I usually don't like women's sports. You couldn't pay me to watch a WNBA game. I go to quite a few NT women's basketball games but that's more because Slinker and her team deserve our support more than enjoyment of the game. I have a blast at NT ladies soccer games. They need a better facility but there is something fun about everybody just standing on the sidelines watching the game. Unfortunately I didn't get to many games last year but I'll be at plenty this year. The speed of play is a lot slower and you are right there are no long passes. There's something awesome about a ball just blasted at the goal but that rarely happens in the women's game. We played BYU a couple of years ago at home and lost 4-3 in overtime but they needed a MASH unit to pick up all the players after that game. It really is a physical game.
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