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  1. Better read the fine print on that PAC 12 media deal. Even the B1G media deal won’t be as much as originally projected. My guess it will be a lot of money assumptions/targets to project a larger number but it all depends on how much the media tears it apart. If it doesn’t go over well, at least two teams will bolt. Living on the west coast, there’s more doom and gloom than hope.
  2. Gonna take some work to get all these pieces working together but that’s today’s CBB. Would rather have the pieces than not.
  3. Colorado takes a few teams with it to Big 12. Oregon and Wash take less money and bail to the Big Ten. Pac 12 falls apart and SDSU and SMU end up in the MW. 🙂
  4. There’s been discussion on here about which direction to focus recruiting on in the Wild West of transfers. Even though it’s tough to lose players to other schools I think you still have to mostly focus on high school kids. Seems like at least you have a chance to keep them. No chance in keeping someone who never spent time on campus. I’m all for player movement but there needs to be some limitations. But like i’ve said before, the NCAA has been basically neutered when it comes to football. And good luck getting all these conferences to agree on a set of rules.
  5. Kudos for the positivity, i just wish there were more football reasons for the optimism. There’s still time for that but in fall camp we better be hearing more good offensive news. We’re gonna need 24 points to win this game.
  6. Serious question, why? The only way I feel more comfortable going into this game is IF more positive news about the QB play comes out in fall camp.
  7. Probably, but adding SDSU and SMU doesn’t save the PAC 12 from more cherry-picking
  8. Heyyyyyy, I live in this shitty time zone. There’s going to be movement this month. SDSU has to notify the MW they are leaving by the end of the month or the amount to leave goes way up. I wonder if the PAC 12 tv deal is just lousy and behind the scenes they are throwing Hail Marys to keep the teams. Because once the deal is announced, all hell might break loose.
  9. Ed O’Bannon filed his lawsuit back in 2009 and the NCAA, conferences and schools had ten plus years to figure this out but instead they wanted the gravy train to continue and/or wanted Congress or some other entity to bail them out. Nobody did. The grownups had a chance to put controls on this but failed. There is no spirit of the NIL. Anybody can pay anybody any amount they want. And right now any school with money is doing that. They certainly aren’t going to want to stop the advantage the have. Any pissing and moaning about it is too late. If in the meantime the players benefit, so be it. The grownups f’d around and now are finding out the price of inaction.
  10. UCONN already left the AAC to specifically get their basketball teams back into the Big East. There’s no scenario where they ever come back.
  11. How about we get some HOF level players before worrying if they should go in the HOF.
  12. Hard to predict at this point but I’ll say 5-7 with some close losses. Probably finish 7th in the league. If a QB steps up and produces, that easily could be 7-5 or better.
  13. They had a very good defense and a mediocre quarterback and they leaned into that. Still, we should've moved the ball better that game. That game and Iowa were lost opportunities.
  14. This is a good pickup although he wasn't as effective later in the season, supposedly had an injury.
  15. Dilfer brought his high school defensive coordinator with him. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  16. Even with that the other QBs had more attempts. Just curious to why this is.
  17. Your QB 1 shouldn’t be going 2-5-1 for eight yards in a scrimmage. Something happen physically that hasn’t been mentioned?
  18. Fingers crossed for a bad ass safety like Jonas.
  19. Dorky but almost all my passwords end in 34 because of JaQuay. Had big games even when he was the only offensive option. Underrated for sure.
  20. I’m not as bothered by this situation as others but “media”? How many members of the media show up, three or four? Feels old way of thinking to me. Also “amount of transition” doesn’t sound too good 😬
  21. There’s no way I believe style of play drastically affected attendance. That would have to mean there are thousands of people out there who paid enough attention to figure out the style of play and then decided, “no thanks.”
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