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  1. I have full faith in Coach Morris and his staff making this decision and I have zero personal preference. But I'm also going to be the killjoy and say averaging 150 ppg and 15 yards rushing per game in today's college football is pretty pedestrian. Whoever gets the job has to make some plays down the field each game. Or we are going to be easier to defend.
  2. You need to be 6-1 in late Oct against a good opponent.
  3. Only one is alleged to bet against his school . Im not saying your post was controversial I was just curious to what you meant by consequences. I agree with everything you said except I’m not seeing a big wave of throwing games happening.
  4. The AAC needs to get creative in its scheduling. What if every first game was a conference game? Or every first game was a non conference game against a team from the other division? When most every other schools are playing a lackluster first game, the AAC should try to own that first weekend. Take over PAC after dark.
  5. Numerous probably wasn’t the right word but it’s happened four or five times since 1980 if you count basketball. Also, I haven’t seen any charges of trying to fix a game in this story. This is mostly betting underage and then tampering with records to avoid the authorities. I don’t think the main issue is going to be throwing games, it’s going to be betting either when you’re underage or betting on sports you shouldn’t.
  6. There’s no doubt issues will happen but we’ve had numerous point shaving scandals when betting was illegal. And I guarantee players have bet on games in the past, just no way to find out. Players will have to learn the hard way, you can’t do this. I can’t see any scenario where a coach gets involved, they make too much money. And yes, I sometimes bet, mostly on football and always in person at a local casino. Like other things in our society, you don’t follow the rules you suffer the consequences.
  7. Been saying this for a while but it will be interesting to see how it goes over with these fan bases. I mean Nebraska is still pretty delusional ten years later. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/college/columnist/dan-wolken/2023/08/11/pac-12-doomed-leaders-arrogance-envy-big-12/70577317007/
  8. Yes I’m being glass half empty on this but I don’t ever remember a three way battle where no one pulls away being a good thing. We’ve had plenty of no starter named til late in camp over the years and it’s never ideal. And two of them have FBS game experience.
  9. I could be wrong but I think you are WAY oversimplifying this process.
  10. I think you’re assuming the PAC 4 are in the same page. And considering Stanford and Cal just tried to bail on me, if I’m the other two I’m not on the same page with them.
  11. I’m gonna take a wild swing and say Stanford/Cal aren’t driving the bus on this. Granted, it’s a big IF but if the AAC or MW stand their ground, they actually hold the cards. I think there’s no chance Stanford rebuilds the PAC by convincing teams to come.
  12. I don’t think anywhere near $15 mil. And I’m not sold that Stanford would align themselves with those schools anyway. Not sure any of the current PAC schools trust their current conference leadership so you’d have to replace that. Then get the feelers out on what kind of tv deal is out there. And deal with the uncertainty of what Cal and Stanford want and if I’m the AAC or MW, I’m not giving them what they initially want. I just don’t see the PAC in a strong position on this.
  13. Well, his OC was an offensive analyst at Alabama (not sure what to read into that) and his DC he got from……he was his DC at his high school job.
  14. He may give them a boost on offense but he’ll be back at the high school level within three years.
  15. This is weird that Stanford is talking about resolution by the end of the week yet everything is pretty quiet from the conferences. Not sure if this is a good thing or not. ACC taking SMU makes no sense on its own. Cal would be royally screwed if the ACC took Stanford and SMU.
  16. He’s been all over the map since this thing has started. I’d say he’s about as plugged in as your toaster.
  17. That’s the only way this makes sense, although I’m not sure you can predict those dominos will fall. That would probably put us in a western division of the AAC though.
  18. The only reason I see for the AAC to take OSU and WSU is to maybe keep them out of the MWC? Besides OSU baseball these are not successful programs in bigger markets that draw people. There’s zero interests in them as BBall programs. I just don’t know if they’re this mediocre with good money, how they’ll do with one fifth of that money. How big do we want the conference to get? At a certain point it becomes tough to get things done. Do we want a North Texas game vs WSU at 9pm CST or even later? If it means all four, I’d take them. But just the two, I think we are giving them too much credit, they are/were P5 programs only because of association.
  19. If we’re going by North Texas State standards about 35 years.
  20. After SDSU’s run you think their BBall credits are as much as the PACs?
  21. Yeah the PAC really screwed themselves with no GoR and all these schools bailing next year. MWC schools can’t afford to join before 2025. I don’t see a fix for this.
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