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  1. This is not what Vito's original report said. "We decided after we visited with the athletic department that we needed to get this going," Lovelace said. "We needed someone to manage it. The Athletic Department recommended Rick Villarreal because of his history, knowledge and camaraderie with UNT athletes over the years."
  2. After two rough losses nothing like an award-winning, heart-string tugging human interest piece. Maybe when we’re 3-6 you can tell us how the back-up TE ended up at UNT after his cat, Fluffy, died on signing day.
  3. Let me get this straight. The boosters got together and started the collective and went to the athletic department and they recommended RV to head the collective. He’s not pitching in any money. Same RV that everyone wanted gone. Same RV that oversaw one of the below average athletic departments in FBS during his tenure. He’s supposed to excite people to give to the collective when he couldn’t get people to join the Mean Green Club. This is the very definition of insanity. We’re happy because he’s not mad at UNT for letting him stick around doing a mediocre job until he literally had to go? I’m really excited.
  4. Cautiously optimistic with some of the people involved. Didn’t know RV was a NIL guru. Edit- After seeing the photo with the article we need a updated RV avatar.
  5. Over the summer someone pondered the thought of where we are perceived amongst G5 teams. So I looked into a bunch of G5 W-L records for a post but never got around to it. Then in another thread someone talked about the possible perception of it being a miracle that Littrell has won so much here. I dug up those W-L records to see if that perception is right. In doing this I didn't want to compare us to all of the G5s, just test the idea that it's hard to win here based on other similar G5s, not past success. By doing that I didn't even compare us to successful or more prominent G5s, just similar ones. So no Boise, SDSU or any AAC teams. No ULL or App State. Even left off FAU. So the comparison isn't skewed by teams that are perceived to be bigger than us or have had more obvious recent success. Here are the records since Littrell's first year (2016)- North Texas 37-38 Utah State 39-32 Western Kentucky 43-35 Arkansas State 37-37 Central Michigan 35-36 Eastern Michigan 34-36 Western Michigan 45-26 Northern Illinois 35-36 Ohio 38-30 Georgia State 33-39 Toledo 44-27 Nevada 38-33 Marshall 42-32 MTSU 37-37 Out of all these schools these are the only coaches in the top three in salary of their conference (based on 2021)- Seth- 1.9 mil Toledo coach- 1.2 mil Central Michigan- 840k Western Michigan- 800k MTSU- 900k Arkansas State- 825k (As a comparison, Napier at ULL was making 2.1 mil in 2021, their W-L during this time was 52-24) None of the schools have big advantages over us. Some have more historical success than us but I have a hard time believing that amount of success overrides facilities, recruiting area, location, coaching salaries and those factors. Does Toledo have a more winning perception that North Texas? Sure, but does Eastern Michigan. Western Kentucky? MTSU? With all these factors is it really a miracle to win at North Texas? Or are we so beat up by the past that we think it is? It can't be hard to have the SL amount of success at every G5 because a lot of teams are doing just as well or better than us with worse stadiums, worse locations, lower budgets and coaches that cost a lot less. The point of this isn't that SL should be doing better (although he should), the point is we are not poor ol little North Texas anymore dipping our toes into FBS football. We should be having more success because other schools with a lot less going for them than us are doing better.
  6. Interesting he said in that other interview he only needed to QB to be a game manager, not win games himself. Kinda generic get the ball in our playmaker’s hands talk but I disagree. If we run the ball well and play average defense we’ll go 6-6. My guess is in four games the QB will have to make enough plays to win or keep us in it (SMU, Memphis, WKU, FAU?). That’s the difference between 6-8/9 wins.
  7. This will get interesting if the big ten extends invites but only if they take less revenue. The schools will take it but you’d have instant bad blood.
  8. Gotta say, if you had optimism after a few of those Dodge seasons or going into Mac’s last season I’d have to call you UNTLifer. 🙂 Also, going into last season was no picnic either except for the hope of Ruder. This year feels more apathetic than dread. And even then I’m looking forward to some of the opponents. I’ll agree with you if Aune is the starter.
  9. I’m kind of an introverted and semi-pessimistic person but if I ever get to the point where this is me at “really excited” you can Old Yeller me.
  10. If we’re going to have this debate, at least be honest about it. You can’t say a school is worried about costs yet has the highest paid coach in the conference. If UNT cared about costs so much we’d just churn and burn through 400k coaches every year. You can complain about how the money is spent but the money is spent. No inside info but I don’t think money had anything to do with Wren keeping SL. I bet he has an optimistic view of the situation and we as fans have a pessimistic view. You can make a case that last year was influenced by other factors. I wouldn’t buy it, but you could make a case. Back in the day when I knew a few people in the AD they always thought the fans complained too much, even in years we went 3-9. I’m not sure what they expected but they were always optimistic about things turning around. Hell, our last coach was driving the program into the ground and still didn’t get fired until the lowest single point in program history. That wasn’t money either. It’s more culture than money. I keep flip flopping on what happens this year. My hope is SL coaches his ass off, we win nine games and he moves on. Win, win. He acts more like he’s a coach who happens to coach North Texas than being proud of being UNT’s coach. But the nagging voice in my head says is he really going to win nine games with this roster? And if he doesn’t, will NT cut bait after a 6-6 season? I don’t know.
  11. It doesn’t matter if reality steps in. If the G5 presidents continue to stay attached to the P5 model, they’ll only get scraps. The problem is there are numerous G5 programs who hope to make the jump and would never distance themselves from P5. I don’t know how this plays out but there’s zero scenario that it ends up with some version of a level playing field. The G5s are basically the titanic and knowing the iceberg is out there. Instead of having faith in their product and fan bases, it’s full steam ahead toward the iceberg. I get it, getting everyone on board would be tough, but not doing anything seems dumb.
  12. Not expecting a lot of this to last. Conferences will eventually have their own rules. Either separately or together.
  13. Interesting the over is -120. Somebody posted a 6.5 they saw somewhere. Definitely take the under on that. I think we’re doomed to mediocrity and land at 6-6. The UTEP game o/u is 55.5 If we get any QB play at all that should go over. Doubt our D is game one ready, I could see a 38-35 game
  14. Nobody wants rules and regulations until they want rules and regulations.
  15. I care, but I don’t care. Ya know what I mean?
  16. It may take a while but this may end up being one big regret. Just like any business that expands hedging on it will increase revenue there are pitfalls to that. Everybody can’t win in these conferences. When most of these teams are going between 5-7 and 7-5 and attendance and ratings plateau or drop, we’ll see what happens. Travel costs, unfamiliar teams, losing rivalries, and geographic concerns won’t be what kills this, it’ll be apathy.
  17. Granted there was a lot going on this game but is this too much to ask. I’m literally 4K of the 7k views and I was at the game.
  18. Not a question but a request- Please, please, please bring back the 7-10 minute highlight videos. I get the shorter ones in bad games but when we’re good I constantly watch them. The longer ones against Army, La Tech, Tulsa, USM and others are gold.
  19. It doesn’t bother me if he goes in the HOF. My main point was over a fifteen plus year career the talking points people use about his time here involve some low bar “highlights”.
  20. I got on campus in late 1993. I appreciated in the moment his enthusiasm doing the shirt swap with students but again, we’re talking low bar stuff here.
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