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  1. Booger's hands and arms were underrated.
  2. I think he thought it might go away. Then the school paper reported on more allegations and had more corroboration. Even still, thought he’d only get games suspended, not fired. Going 1-11 last year probably didn’t help. I remember watching the game where they stunned Notre Dame in 95. He’s pretty much been there since.
  3. Not the school I see him leaving for.
  4. I just don’t think recruiting is going to change +- 20% under Morris in the near future which means he’ll have to be successful in the areas that good G5s are- developing quarterbacks, winning close games, effective defense, good special teams and getting the most out of the back end of recruiting classes. Reducing coaching turnover wouldn’t hurt either. Any coach has to be flexible but I would hit high schools on the offensive side and transfers on defense. I’m not expecting miracles from Morris this year but it’s going to be interesting if he sticks to his “play offense to help the defense” take he mentioned earlier in the year. If we’re flinging it around against teams like FIU and La Tech, teams we should run against, not the greatest of signs.
  5. All the main players turn into four large conferences only for it all to fall apart ten years later and everybody ends up back where they started.
  6. Not saying I would have predicted this but there have been cracks. UO and UW coming down a peg. Stanford, UCLA and Cal attendance not being good. The disaster of Larry Scott and PAC network. UA and ASU not a factor at all. The title game doesn’t even register nationally. Still, you’d think their history and location would have protected them. Then the B1G wrecked that. I think the PAC is in really bad shape. Maybe not today or tomorrow but in the next ten years. In a rational world they’d reconfigure as an academic/athletic conference that has realistic expectations. But you can’t do that in these times, just like G5 will never break off until they are forced to.
  7. Actually, she’d buy it if it were big. Off-season!
  8. Not very big but I’d buy one.
  9. This is a legit question from the outside looking in. But if the question is are SDSU and SMU enough to keep the PAC together, it’s a different answer. The Big 12 stays together because those schools have nowhere else to go. That might not be the case with the PAC. You MIGHT be able to backfill with two. Any more than that and it’s done.
  10. The article that this article is based on is from March. I swear just trying to keep updated on this (or anything) is navigating a web of articles based on articles from other articles.
  11. Not trying to be critical but if someone signs up for $25 what engagement do they get besides emails? This is the problem that has plagued the MGC or MGSF. People sign up, don’t feel like they’re getting anything to be part of something. The AD puts on events and gets frustrated by the lack of engagement and doesn’t feel like it’s worth it in time and money. Both parties have a legitimate gripe.
  12. If you signed a tv deal with the PAC thinking you’d get Oregon, Wash, and the four corner schools and most of those leave and replaced with MWC schools, that tv deal is over. The PAC as a P5 entity is over.
  13. Let’s say the Big 12 takes the four corner schools and UW and UO go to the Big Ten (that’s projecting a lot but still possible). The PAC doesn’t survive that no matter who they add. I don’t know what P5 conference would want OSU and WSU and at that point Stanford might just go independent until they figure things out. Not sure what Cal does. Small chance all this happens but I think there’s no chance PAC survives by adding a bunch of G5 schools. And I bet the TV contract addresses this. Nobody wants to show their games as they are currently configured, my guess is they get below AAC numbers if too many teams bail.
  14. The PAC really doesn’t have a lot of leverage. I’m interested to hear if it ever comes out the difference between the deal in April and the final deal. I could be wrong but it feels like this will be a giant lipstick on a pig announcement when the deal comes out. Talked to a B1G fan recently who knows people at MSU. He says there’s interest in UW and UO but almost none in Stanford/Cal. Crazy but in five years the biggest winner in this might be the MWC if they are able to add the scraps if/when the PAC collapses.
  15. It’s possible they’ve been negotiating behind the scenes. They get a month delay for $24 mil. I’d be surprised if the MWC was caught off guard by this.
  16. Not sure why you’d want UNM. They’ve been a disaster at football and that’s coming from a UNT fan.
  17. Pretty accurate, don’t get the Memphis love though.
  18. I dunno, Natchitoches, San Marcos, Lake Charles, Nacogdoches, Thibodaux, and Huntsville had its charm. Kidding, sort of.
  19. I used to be in favor of trying to get in the MWC, not any more. We need to win where we are. I would love to have the road trips we have now if I were still in the area.
  20. https://twitter.com/on3sports/status/1669137941057118208?s=46 Obviously I can’t embed tweets but these types of schedules are brutal. No chance to make the SEC champ game. Maybe the new playoff. Curious to see if the interest is there for a late season 5-4 UF vs 4-5 UT game even with the name recognition. How fast does the novelty wear off? 8-4 would be a pretty good achievement. But not sure if that will be acceptable to these fan bases. Or donors shelling out NIL money.
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