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  1. TheTastyGreek's post in DRC: UNT picked to finish 4th in C-USA West Division was marked as the answer   
    If Coach DiBiase can't beat an FCS and a start-up team, then anything else that happens is likely to be irrelevant. Blow those, and the season is probably a lost cause. 
  2. TheTastyGreek's post in DRC: UNT unveils upgrades to Kuehne facility (slide show) was marked as the answer   
    (Not a knock on Mr. Kuehne, just what immediately came to mind when I saw the eyes and the quote)
  3. TheTastyGreek's post in Johnny Jones? was marked as the answer   
    Even if Johnny Jones had parted the Red Sea, we'd all have spent the past 2000 years arguing whether or not it took him too long to do it, whether he was, at best, an average prophet, and whether he deserved any credit for only leading the Israelites to the cusp of real success, 
    A few stubborn idiots would diminish the parting as a routine miracle performed on an insignificant water inlet, and criticize JJ for never successfully parting the Mediterranean or for never even having the courage to schedule an attempt to part the Atlantic Ocean. 
    We'd hear about how the parting was no big deal, and how things were much better in the good days when Jeremiah's wife hung a linen belt with a special message over the back of his chair. We'd constantly have arguments over whether we'd make it to the promised land overnight if only we had the courage to raise our standards and follow Padre Pio or Joseph Smith instead of settling for prophetic mediocrity. 
  4. TheTastyGreek's post in Happy Birthday UNTflyer! was marked as the answer   
    We miss him, we love him, and every day we log in hoping it's the day that he finally comes home, safe.
    Happy birthday, buddy. Hope you're happy and warm, wherever you are. 
  5. TheTastyGreek's post in Question for long time fans was marked as the answer   
    Then screw him. He's dead to me. 
  6. TheTastyGreek's post in Hire Joe Dooley was marked as the answer   
    So, last year, I started doing capsules/breakdowns for viable "ideal hire" options (meaning, an experienced D1 head coach with a track record of success). 
    Here's the full writeup for some of the "why", but the 4 qualifying factors for a current D1 head coach were: 
    1) Not already interviewing for Power Conference jobs or better paying jobs at bigger basketball leagues than CUSA
    2) Base salary under $300k
    3) Total contract guaranteed money is under $2 million
    4) Not qualified/active in the 2016 NCAA Tournament (for a hire this year, it would rule out anyone that qualified for this year's tourney instead)
    Those are criteria completely of my own creation, but I think/hope I did a pretty decent job of explaining why I chose them in that post and the responses further down in the thread. 
    Dooley, in addition to making almost $300k with his "easy" incentives (even though his base is only $275k), was a finalist (not just an interviewee) for two different head coaching jobs last year. One was at Wright State, which ultimately hired Scott Nagy for a base salary of over $500k guaranteed for 5 years. The other was at St. Louis, which hired Travis Ford to replace a guy making over $1 million per year. 
    Dooley may once again be two months away from a shot at a $500-700k per year job at a multi-bid league. And that's if he doesn't make another tournament and win a game, at which point he's an easy hire (like Enfield before him) for a low level power conference job at $1-1.5 million, minimum. 
    He already took almost a six-figure pay cut to leave Kansas and take the head coach job at FGCU. He almost left last year to take an assistant gig at NC State (for a 50% pay raise... ultimately taken by the UT-Martin head coach instead).
    If he wants to coach and win at a mid-major, he's already set up and winning at a place where basketball comes first, and he's guaranteed there into 2020 at least. 
    If he wants to move to another mid-major and potentially rebuild, he's already come close twice, and for more money (potentially more than double) what we could expect to pay him. 
    If he's out for money, he could have left to take an assistant job at a power conference (like Buzz Williams did when he left UNO), gotten a fat raise once again in line with what we pay Benford, and set himself up as a hot name assistant in a year or two. 
    If he's holding out for a power conference gig, he's not going to consider us anyway. 
    I don't mean to crap on the idea, because I agree with Side Show Joe that he's a good coach. I'd love to have him. But he's not in a situation right now where we can realistically get him. 
  7. TheTastyGreek's post in MGB: Bowl update was marked as the answer   
    Guys, let's stop fighting and focus back on solving this problem for people. 
    How can a semi-motivated fan score a quick $50-75?
    Well, you could be a caregiver for a 73 year old Indian woman from Trinidad. They want someone who can cook her roti, curry, and dhal. Like any loyal American, I have no idea what any of that crap is. But, I do know that the pay is $38 an hour. So, if you start at 8 or 9 am, you can put in two hours and quit with a cool $76 in your pocket. You can afford a champagne and caviar ticket, and you're out the door before it's time to cook up some bizarro terrorist snack pack. Win-win! 
    What if you're a healthy guy with a reluctance to defraud an elderly cancer survivor with Alzheimer's? Well, here's a fellow looking to hire a Fit Guy! After a 1-2 hour private wrestling session, you've got your ticket money! And don't worry, it's all just good fun. Absolutely no sex or nudity. He mentions that a few times... Guess he doesn't want to hire any weirdos. 
    What if you're... not so fit? Rocking a jiggly one-pack? Maybe a bit of a gut? Well, why not shake it 'til you make it? ("It" being the $50 you need for a HOD bowl ticket)
    These guys need to hire a belly dancer, and they absolutely need them in Irving on Friday night. I've seen some of you busting moves on the jumbotron at games... This could be a solution!
    I just assumed they'd have the kids line up, one at a time. 
    If you can get 25 entitled me-first millenials to wait their turn for anything, that is. AM I RIGHT, GANG???
  8. TheTastyGreek's post in Looks like HoD Bowl! was marked as the answer   
    The universe where you have to sit inside and actually watch a game. 
  9. TheTastyGreek's post in Matt from A700 Memorial Chances to Beat UTSA Poll was marked as the answer   
    Matt's greatest legacy is and will forever remain as a shining beacon of percentile ranges and their value in envisioning a brighter future. 
    What lessons can we learn from his passing? The obvious one is that man's endless yearning for exploring new frontiers, when paired with his natural lustful passions, can find a fatal limit when faced with the ultimate threshold of the body's natural elasticity. 
    Still, in the end (no pun intended, nor any offense to Matt's grieving friends and family, who have my deepest sympathies)... We mustn't stop believing in the seemingly impossible. 
    So, in Matt's honor, I will throw caution and self preservation to the wind and predict a 90%+ probability of not just a win against UTSA, but for the ultimate race for CUSA West!
    And let Matt's untimely and unsanitary passing not discourage us from following our own dreams. Let it inspire us instead to savor each moment as though it could be our last.
    Go out and live, my friends. Truly live a life of passion and reckless thrills. Open your hearts to adventure, even if it means potentially closing your caskets so that no one has to make any unpleasant excuses to a confused and heartbroken Granny from A700. 
    Let it start with a 90%+ chance of victory on Saturday. 
    Go Mean Green. And never forget Mike from the A-Team. He was the greatest of us all. 
  10. TheTastyGreek's post in Turnout... was marked as the answer   
    Look, I don't care if you're hosting Texas. If you're having a home game on September 11th eve, people are going to want to be home with their kids, decorating the house and baking cookies for Seal Team 6. 
    Doesn't help that this is the 15th anniversary, so a lot of people were probably out at the malls trying to find appropriate gifts in crystal to commemorate the occasion. 
  11. TheTastyGreek's post in MGB: Press conference for new AD likely next week was marked as the answer   
    Wren Baker's first act as North Texas AD is to hand a weeping Hank Dickenson a double barrel shotgun. 
    If Hank wants to stick around, he'll have to take Capper and Nitardy out to the ol' barn and put them down for good. 
  12. TheTastyGreek's post in Remind me again why we love the Dodges so much was marked as the answer   
    Good for Riley. I'm glad he managed to type out 35-odd characters without vomiting or breaking a finger.
  13. TheTastyGreek's post in I was on break for a while... was marked as the answer   

    Mac had a heart attack, just like Dickey once did. But, unlike Dickey, we didn't fire him 3 weeks later. Mac is back at work. Not sure what you have on your Dan McCarney medical bingo card... But if Eye, Stroke, and Heart Attack line up with the free space, you might be one more calamity away from a swell prize!

    Richard Abbe got busted for drunk driving. It's either no big deal or a really big deal... I can't remember which, just that it's a very clear black or white issue. Anyway, he also apparently peed in the street once upon a time, so he's suspended.

    Brock didn't do much in spring practice because he was hurt. He's 3rd on the quarterback depth chart right now. One of three things is going to happen:
    1) Brock will win the starting job in the fall, and we'll make it to a bowl, because he's practically Johnny Manziel according to one ranking 2 or 3 years ago.
    2) Derek Thompson will keep the starting job, and we'll make it to a bowl, because he's a lot better than anyone wants to give him credit for. Grit, grindstone, etc.
    3) We're going to suck no matter who plays QB, because we always suck and everyone sucks and suckity suck suck suck terrible doomed everyone cry and hang yourselves.


    I hope you didn't have a strong emotional attachment to anyone in the 2012 men's recruiting class, because the only one left is Keith Coleman. Overlander, gone to Arkansas Tech. P.J. Hardwick, gone to Arkansas State. And, considering Spring semester just finished a week ago... It's not inconceivable that Coleman ends up at a lesser Arkansas school to be named later.

    On the lady side, we had a great freshman player who decided to leave. She went to Butler. Don't worry, though, because Coach Petersen got a totally awesome recruit to replace her. Super great. But no, you can't meet her. She lives in Canada, or something. Yes, she TOTALLY signed a letter of intent! No, you can't know what her name is. Okay, fine! He'll tell you. But not yet. Soon. Not now, though.

    We may have almost gotten a guy who Kansas thought was going to be pretty great, back when he was an 8th grader. We may not have really been very close to getting him, though. The only thing we know for sure is that he decided to move closer to his DFW home by transferring to a school 1000 miles away in Arizona. It's okay, though, because we got a white guy who will mix the JUCO all american awesomeness of Eric Tramiel with the lunch pail coach-on-the-floor gumption of (insert your favorite former white player's name here). We also got a guy with a swell nickname. "Flash". Try saying it: "FLASH!" Don't you feel better already? Good. Then you're emotionally prepared to hear that we lost out on desperately needed JUCO help to the likes of Texas State and Troy. And we've still got an open scholarship to give, even though signing period is over. If that makes you sad, try saying "Flash!" a few times to shake some endorphins loose.

    UNT90 hates everything about everything. KRAM hates everyone who hates anything. And he's ABSOLUTELY DONE arguing or discussing it with anyone. He lets everyone know at least once or twice a week. A couple of new forum members with daytime IP addresses that trace back to the UNT campus think we're being way too hard on Benford, and we ought to shut up and quit criticizing him so much. Also, give more money to the program.

    We finished that basketball practice facility. Despite the mass exodus of transfers in and out in the past year, we put in a standard hinged entrance, and not a revolving door.

    We also have a fancy new hanging scoreboard in the Super Pit. So now, when you're at a basketball game, looking up to the heavens and cursing whatever deity you worship, asking how the hell this could possibly happen to us... You'll still be able to see whatever's happening in full, high definition color. It's pretty nifty. Seriously.


    Remember last year when there was rampant speculation and insider rumoring about a big announcement coming soon? Basically, same deal. Happy 2013!


    Soccer did really good but then the NCAA tournament happened and we didn't do so good and then the season was over.

    Tennis did really good but then the NCAA tournament happened and we didn't do so good and then the season was over.

    Golf did really good but then the NCAA tournament happened and we didn't do so good and then the season was over.
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