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  1. More on the Mean Green Athletics Fee

    can you spell it backwards??? LOL

    currently i am in a boot nursing a BADDD rolled ankle playing flag football. So its going to be a long long while before i am playing.
  3. '18 Alex Morris ATH (ATASCOCITA)

  4. '18 DT Darren Brown (Judson)

    Yeah that would have been a lot better but now he has his "3 offers" (again i do not know if he has other offers) now he can make an informed decision on which team is best for his playing career and after.
  5. '18 DT Darren Brown (Judson)

    So when I first heard about him choosing to visit SMU instead of us I was pissed literally thinking to myself GTFO. But, after some time this kid is playing the system which he should. Before initially coming to visit he had 2 scholarship offers that matter (speculation just go along) UTEP & UNT. So he has 2 schools to decide between. By choosing to visit SMUt he gained a 3rd option. I think about searching for a job and the more options you have the better informed your decision can be.
  6. ‘18 Tyree Thompson LB (LA Valley CC)

    Tomorrow it will be USC
  7. I wonder what he does if he leaves and nothing is offered.. wouldn't that be awkward
  8. Have they offered?
  9. might I interest you in a # strategy known as capitalizing the start of a new word every time. #ItMakesThingsEasierToUnderstandYetYouStillGetToUseTheHashtag
  10. '18 TE/LB/DE Cole McCrary(Dallas Wilson HS) PWO

    lets throw some weight on this kid and see if he can keep that speed. Could be a good project down the road!
  11. Interesting Marvel development

    WELP unless we are getting the invite to a P5 conference its not UNT haha Also, deep down inside I was hoping it would be La Tech so they couldnt get the Shaw kid haha is that wrong of me??
  12. Interesting Marvel development

    @Harry are you thinking this may be our new High School relations person?