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  1. Bein Announcer on Fine

    called him Aaron Rodgers a couple of times lololol
  2. 2 things

    Give me my up vote! @meangreenlax
  3. But we are winning

    So the mantra of win and they will come has been more like win and they will decommit.
  4. 2 things

    So there are 2 things that I have noticed outside of Apogee. So they have recently added a GIANT MEAN GREEN logo on the bridge wall under the walkway off of I35. I attempted to take a picture this morning on the way to work but no dice. Also I was able to catch a glimpse of a smaller billboard sign that has recently been put up by the entrance to the stadium off of the service road on I35 side. (Alumni Pavilion Entrance) Its small font but I was able to see IPF on it!! So thats kinda cool!
  5. Attendance

    Back to the original thread title. Fouts parking lot was shut down because it was full.. haven't had that happen in awhile have we..
  6. Seth Littrell Bonuses

    In 14 days Seth made more than I make in a year!!
  7. Recruits This Weekend

    THIS IS A JOKE Hasnt stopped the other recruits lol ITS A JOKE CALM DOWN
  8. Recruits This Weekend

    do you see him as a corner at the next lvl?? UNT still interested in him? @GMG24
  9. Recruits This Weekend

    @GMG24 is Gibbs off the IR and playing football now?
  10. C-USA Games Week 11 - Nov 11 2017

    @UNTLifer he said upset LOLOLOL LaTech may make a game out of it with FAU
  11. UHM.... Looking Past Army

    Everything that I am reading has us just breezing through the remainder of our season and meeting up in the conference championship game at 9-3. I understand, hypothetically 2 of the 3 remaining games should be cupcakes. I am still not 100% sold that this team has the ability to show up every game and play 4 quarters. Am I the only one that feels this way?
  12. Austin Ogunmakin- WR (ALIEF HASTINGS, HOUSTON)

    Looking at his offers I hope we win.
  13. SL Press Conference - LA Tech

    i have been screaming for the pooch kick since game 2.. our special teams coverage is AWFUL. So lets just take that worry out of the game. Give them the ball on the 30 or 35 and just start from there.