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  1. you're obviously not getting the point.
  2. Who watches football on TV for the fans in the stands?
  3. MAC does get 2 Days of Games starting Tomorrow on ESPN. This has been their time to shine for a couple years. Never a bad thing to be the only games on during the Weeks
  4. I've always thought the plain Green Hoodies that just said North Texas on them were slick.
  5. As an out of Town Fan, I was really surprised seeing Nobody sitting in the Endzone stands.
  6. Tom Jurich would be the first call I would make if a A.D. position became available.
  7. Can I give you all my take away, from an out of town fan. I have only been a fan of UNT for the last couple of years. I've always liked the color Green and the name Mean Green just sounds Cool. But I drove into town for the game, I live in Ky. I am a Die Hard Louisville Fan. And came away Very Very Impressed with Everything. The Facilities are Great, The Stadium is absolute Beautiful. The Fans that I spoke too were Great. And I can see the potential of what UNT could be. With the recruiting state you are in, and seeing the scoreboard light up like it was last Saturday. If that continues, Recruits nationwide WILL take notice. And I believe Offensively that won't be a problem with Coach Littrell. Just need to figure out the other side of the ball. BUT UNT has everything in place right now that a student athlete could want. Just a word of advice, from experience. If UNT starts Rolling, which I believe can happen really soon. Don't expand the stadium. It's perfect. Cardinal Stadium has 61K capacity. While having the available seats is nice. It takes away from the feeling of connection with the Team. When we were at 42k capacity and it was jam packed every game, Everything was Better. When I walked into the stadium and looked around, I fell in love with Apogee. What a Great Stadium. That is just my 2 cents. The potential is there to be a Monster indeed.
  8. Thanks guys, I went and walked around the stadium when I got here. Got some swag and Wow what a beautiful stadium. The brick parking lot is unique.
  9. Is the Orange lot for anybody going to the game? Says online you need a pass? Any recommendations is appreciated
  10. Damn you google maps! I've been viewing images and it is still there on google maps
  11. Is it possible to get an pictures of Fouts Stadium or do they have it closed off? I'll be taking plenty of pictures. I've been looking forward to this for a year.
  12. I'll be making my first trip to Apogee from out of state for the UTEP Game. How is parking?
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