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  1. Fortune.jpeg

    They gave them out at one of the Coaches' Caravans several years ago. (Sorry for the late reply. I just noticed the comment.) It's a paper weight.
  2. USAToday Bowl projections 11/21

    Time to break out the tortillas?
  3. Seems like Seth is not on Tech's Radar

    We don't no.
  4. USAToday Bowl projections 11/21

  5. Championship T-shirts Good idea or Bad Idea?

    Did you notice it also reads “FOOTBALL” on the front?
  6. Let’s turn Houston Green!!!!!

    My first away game was against Rice as well. Unfortunately it was during the Dodgeball era and we got destroyed.
  7. Not gonna lie

    Didn’t consider MF’er?
  8. Rice Uniforms

    Please tell me one is a compression sleeve.
  9. Rice Uniforms

    If we lose another in gray, they need to be burned. To date we are winless in these
  10. We’ve got the Alumni Association tailgate Saturday. Anything special going on Friday night? With many offices closed on Friday for Thanksgiving holiday, I thought there might be a large contingent down there Friday night? Thoughts? Any alumni owned establishments worth hitting?
  11. Team Discipline

    That’s close, anyway.
  12. Don't overlook Rice

    I was speaking of “claims”*. *See Texas A&M’s claims of championships vs legitimacy. 😉
  13. Don't overlook Rice

    We need the win. Don’t let USM or UAB claim to be co-West Champions. UAB plays UTEP next, so they’d likely end with matching conference records with us if we lose. USM has a tougher challenge against Marshall. (Yes, I know this doesn’t impact us going to the CUSA Championship Game.)
  14. Rice Game Question

    I think Wilson’s collegiate career is over. He was visibly distraught on the sideline on crutches in the boot. His dad came down on the sideline to console him. Sad stuff.