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  1. Like it or not, athletics are possibly the largest window to universities. There are plenty of schools that are smaller than UNT that provide an education that can’t hold a flame to UNT, but have better name recognition than UNT. When these kids are looking for jobs one day, anything they can do to bump up their resumes helps. Investing in athletics is investing in the value of their degrees. Good athletics is good marketing.
  2. UNT Rap

  3. I’m not thrilled about the name change. I was proud to sport my Mean Green Club polos, license plate frame, and window decals. I don’t really see me doing that for the Mean Green Scholarship Fund.
  4. I guess it depends on what is meant by “wanted”. http://www.tulsaworld.com/blogs/sports/johnehoover/john-e-hoover-lg-s-mason-fine-gets-preferred-walk/article_e48236ea-8784-5cdb-b155-12b352ab76f1.html
  5. Craig Robertson and the Saints advance

    Eh, if it’s good enough for meangreensports.com, it’s good enough for here. http://www.meangreensports.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/010818aaa.html Seriously, if student athlete alumni do well post college, it’s good for the university and relevant. (Fired coaches doing well does nothing for UNT.)
  6. Exciting last half of the game as the Saints thwart off a Panther comeback. Craig got a lot of camera time and mentions in the first half. I never heard them mention that he went to North Texas, but they did say this was his first time in the playoffs and that he never even went to a bowl game in college.
  7. Something I HATE

  8. 2018 UNT Athletics New Years Wish List

    Complete the mission.
  9. @UTSA (12.30.17)

    Due to unfortunate budget cuts, I no longer have CUSA.TV access. I'm enjoying this one through the commentary of Dave and Hank. Exciting 2nd half.
  10. Something I HATE

    Haven’t seen answers to this question from the folks that think sitting out is okay. I’m curious too. If the bowl game isn’t worth anything to the player, what is at the college level? Is it okay once they clinch the conference? Bowl eligible? Does anything really matter to the player if they think they’ll be drafted?
  11. The number is 9 now

    4. An opponent that is recognized by the spare to fair college football fan (no offense to Troy) 5. A date post-Christmas
  12. Prosper Dicks Sporting Goods

    Rally House in Fairview is several miles further from Denton than Prosper or the Star and they manage to keep UNT gear in stock.