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  1. No blocked field goals from line drive kicks. Word on the street is that Noah has some arc. Too much of a stretch?
  2. Wilson with a post season TD.
  3. Word on the street is that he misunderstood something from the rumor mill and thought he was getting kicked off the team, so he made a preemptive strike and went into the portal. Things cleared up once he saw that Littrell had been fired, then Latrell withdrew from the transfer portal. #justkidding
  4. Don’t forget… Mean Green Nation Podcast: https://meangreennation.com The Green Room Podcast: https://youtube.com/@thegreenroom5005
  5. Speaking of which, I’ve seen the following flag pop up a couple times sold as a flag as well as on some merch. Not sure who thought this was a good idea, but it needs to be buried before it appears on anything else.
  6. They were unranked coming into the season. Despite their history, I think the Cinderella story tag is acceptable. Now treating this as the stuff movies are made of, as one of the game commentators had mentioned, is a little over the top.
  7. This video gets me a little excited about the direction we are heading under the new leadership. A few good name drops in here too.
  8. It appears that has been the only post from @SBEagle , who joined 2 days ago.
  9. He’s also the one that threw the shifty jump pass touchdown in the bowl game.
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