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  1. I think we’ll see a lot of Guyton against Army. And the unleashing of Wilson. Full assault on the “digital camo” cadets”.
  2. 2018 Matt Gadek RB-McKinney High

    But we’re not interested?
  3. Rhyan England #8

    Unfortunately, some of those a$$-hat leaders were fragged in Nam. By the very men they tried to lead.
  4. Bethune-Cookman (11/16/17)

    I know last year was a "toilet", but damn, only 500-600 showing up for a home basketball game?
  5. New LB Committment Vada King

    Rather have someone for four years anyhow. Bye Mr. King.
  6. Hockey at North Texas? Did I read that correctly? why not baseball first? That seems to be a popular sport.
  7. Rico Bussey Jr.

    I Rico, run.
  8. Attendance Prediction vs Army?

    No extra ticket. I had to by a 3rd ticket so my daughter and son-in-law could attend with me. Should be fun.
  9. Attendance Prediction vs Army?

    I have a feeling there will be plenty of Army fans, both civilian and ex/current Army types. Several Military Reservations in the State of Texas too. Should be a great game day atmosphere. BEAT THE HELL OUT OF ARMY!
  10. Red White and Blue Helmets for the Army Game

    I love the flag decal helmet. Shows respect for the flag and the men and women who will fight for that flag some day. Now, beat the crap out of ARMY! HooRah!
  11. Glad the Athletic Center was built. We certainly needed it. But......... It is way too small. It should have been at least double the size. More money, for sure. But now we have to go back, re-work and re-do the damn thing. Small thinking on our part. Lack of donor money and and UNT vision from the top. And think about it. The field at Apogee has never been named after a generous donor.
  12. Sounds like a helluva party! Glad no one was seriously injured.
  13. Update Rankings

    Fake math.
  14. Recruits Who Haven't Committed

    Never thought about this, but assuming we can tweak Seth’s salary, Fine having two more years at NT could be a factor in keeping Coach Littrell for two more years.
  15. North Texas opens as -2.5 fav over Army

    Home field advantage?
  16. Kansas is who I would be worried about too. Fits the profile of Seth. Arkansas is SEC so I don't think we have to worry about them.
  17. Bowl Projections 11/12/2017

  18. Attendance

    Silver, it's a hard to understand some peoples' feelings for the service academies. First and foremost, I'm a graduate of North Texas and want them to succeed and win every game, in every sport, every year. Period. And, make no mistake, I'll be yelling for the Mean Green to take down Army next weekend. As a draftee, I did my stint in the Army. That is my only affiliation with West Point. Still, I support Army, West Point, and the Corps' mission and commitment to protect and serve our country. READ MY TAGLINE AT THE BOTTOM OF MY OF MY POST. But come Saturday........"BEAT THE HELL OUT OF ARMY"!
  19. Get Off the Hill and Into the Game

    And the crowd for the Army game should be near capacity. Should be.

    Well damn! Don’t I feel stupid! No, it’s emmitt01’s fault!

    Why? Jonus Buckles was one the hardest hitting DBs that I’ve ever seen play at NT.

    Bottom line it! Did you see the field goal or not? And furthermore, UNT is 7-3. And have chance to end the season 9-3. Army will be the challenge.