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  1. 2018 March Madness Thread

    #16 UMBC destroyed #1 Univ of Virginia
  2. 2018 March Madness Thread

    I think Shaka Smart is gone. But really, who cares?
  3. Tragic Accident at FIU

    Just heard on the local news that someone(worker, contractor??) reportedly called in to (installer, builder?) to report a crack in the structure, left message on voice message recording. Hard to believe. We will see if this is true.
  4. Kermit Done at Middle

    You have to respect Hermit for staying on through the NIT. Benford would never, ever have done that for UNT.
  5. Tragic Accident at FIU

    Good info, and thanks. Tragic accident, nonetheless.
  6. Tragic Accident at FIU

    Is “self cleaning concrete” as strong as regular concrete that has been used in bridge construction forever? Sure hope this wasn’t some new, “environmentally” safe concrete that was used.
  7. South Dakota (3/14/18)

    1348 in attendance.
  8. South Dakota (3/14/18)

    And after all these years I thought you were only the designated tower lighter graphic guy.
  9. South Dakota (3/14/18)

    Did I hear that correctly? Tonight was only their second loss at home all season. Like my Polish friend says, tough schitski.
  10. South Dakota (3/14/18)

    Nice ad. Kelly stewart is HOT!
  11. Heart of Dallas Bowl Under Fire

    Yeesch! That’s sad.
  12. Heart of Dallas Bowl Under Fire

    Refresh my memory. Who played in the last HOD bowl game and what was the attendance?
  13. South Dakota (3/14/18)

    Road trip? Anyone?
  14. Congrats Marshall

    Knock off Wichita State and CUSA gets some good PR. Like we use to say back in the day, "PULL THE SHOCKERS BY THE ROOTS!" I know, catchy.
  15. MGN: Final Thoughts on The Venue

    Watching the WKU-Marshall. On TV the venue makes it all look bush league. Sorry, but I call them like I see them.
  16. NT Women vs. La Tech

    Just read the game writeup on Mean Green Sports. This is hard to believe- "The victory is the Mean Green's first against the Lady Techsters all-time (1-12)."
  17. Star Telegram Sh*ts All Over UNT

    University of Houston- Athletics fee is buried in the Student Service Fee. My guess is that most of the fee goes to Athletics. Athletics is an organization, right? Oh, and that’s “per semester”. Edit- U of H SSF will increase in 2018. Here’s a link to how the money is distributed. Athletics and band get a chunk. Student Services Fee $255/sem The Student Service Fee supports various campus activities and organizations dedicated to student life and its enhancement.
  18. The guy is a beast!
  19. Nice article on Kelvin. Mr. Versatility
  20. One can get kicked out of Texas for dissing What-A-Burger. Damn near treason.
  21. It probably is a pipe dream for anyone in the G5 conferences to move up to the a Power 5 conference. However, why not strive to be the very best G5 program in the country. Strive to be up there with the Boise States, UCF, and others from G5. But it's going to take winning CUSA championships in all sports on a regular bases, and knocking off some P5's in football and basketball on a regular basis. We can do this with our present leadership.
  22. La Tech will certainly have a nice contingent attending the tournament. That is, until we knock them out in the first round!
  23. UTEP (3/3/18)

    Where are Smart and Draper?