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  1. UAB game recruit visits

    Love for you to post some feedback from the recruits. What did they think of their overall "game experience".
  2. DRC: UNT's 2013 team to receive bowl rings

    It's certainly a good way to get ex players back on campus, keeping them engaged with UNT Athletics. Kudos to whoever made this happen.
  3. Beat the hell outta UAB!
  4. Fouts Demolition Delayed... Again

    "14 million project includes the demolition, addition of parking spots and new bus transfer station." 14 mil. That's a lot of money. Were they talking about saving the sports/athletic plaques on the exterior of Fouts? Can't remember the actual name for them.
  5. Sun Herald CUSA Rankings

    I attended the TCU-smut game game. Although they did compete for a good portion of the game, SMU just didn't have enough effective firepower. I keep my eyes on Cortland Sutherland the entire game and he was a non factor. As the game wore on, I could see a big difference in TCU depth and athletism compared to SMU. And you know where that puts UNT.
  6. DRC: Five things UNT fans should know about UAB

    Boola, boola. UAB. Pffftttttttttttttttttttt!
  7. Conference USA Week 4 Matchups

    Maybe. But when you apply my highly scientific, and highly mathematical algorithm to the match-ups this week, those are my predictions. Highly accurate. You'll see.
  8. Boycott Kentucky Fried Chicken! Colonel Sanders has got to go!!!!
  9. Conference USA Week 4 Matchups

    My Picks: UNT by 25 VA Tech by 35 South Carolina by 21 GA State by 8 FAU by 17 MTSU by 17 WKU by 21 FIU by 14 UTSA by 25 NMSU by 8
  10. New Mexico vs Boise State

    Watching the game, looked at the on-line rosters of both teams and see that many players come from Texas. It would be interesting to see how many other Texas players are on the other MWC teams. Boise State - 9 Texans New Mexico - 17 Texans Why isn't UNT an option for some these players? MWC? UNT losing?
  11. Watching Arizona @ UTEP right now

    I really like UTEP's uniforms tonight. I can see UNT with light grey pants and green jerseys with grey numbers, stripes, CUSA, and UNT logos logos. Green helmet.
  12. Typical "pre-game", David vs Goliath boilerplate write-up.
  13. My Adopted Player, Andy Flusche, Was Robbed

    If that was an AAC officiating crew, I swear those officials were wearing P6 patches on their sleeves.
  14. A good sign of reconciliation

    Rebuild that relationship with Mattress Mac. I like it.
  15. Basketball (men's) non conference

    Who is North Texas State? Did someone not send a memo out?
  16. Official Iowa Game Score Prediction Thread

    North Texas 41 Iowa 35 Now, where are my green tinted glasses and my meds?
  17. The Truth seems to be in the middle for me

    Check the SMU highlights. Bet it shows what you're looking for.
  18. "This tells me all I need to know about this list and the person who came up with it. Pure vomit!" Rick, how did you feel about UNT's uniforms? Seriously.
  19. My Adopted Player, Andy Flusche, Was Robbed

    Clearly a terrible call.
  20. Should be interesting to see SMU and Sutton against the Frogs this weekend. I'll be there.
  21. Love the Unis

    Win or lose, those were terrible uniforms used against SMU.
  22. Food for thought- At what point will all Al Jolson movies be banned or destroyed?
  23. The Problem.

    The smut players that we couldn't block or tackle. Those guys. And I type this as I watch Boise State tied with a ranked Washington State team. BSU just seems to re-load every year.