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  1. DeepGreen

    Dickey to A & M
  2. DeepGreen

    2018 C-USA Media Day Video: North Texas

    Man, that's exactly what I was thinking while watching the interview. Much more comfortable.
  3. DeepGreen

    How Many Yards for Mason Fine?

    We’re going to miss Jeff “the jet” Wilson this year.
  4. DeepGreen

    Loaded FAU will be aiming for a repeat

    That’s what I’m thinking. In many cases, teams that make huge leaps like FAU has done usually means that something is amiss. Baylor didn’t all of a sudden get all their star athletics and jump from nothing to winning football and bowl games just because kids wanted to live in Waco.
  5. DeepGreen

    Honest Recruiting >>>> Used Car Sales pitch

    Where do you think he will land? West-Orange Stark produces a lot of FBS players and not many end up in Denton. However, La Tech sure gets their share.
  6. Can it disrupt the opposing teams backfield?
  7. DeepGreen

    Breaking recruiting update 7/7
  8. DeepGreen

    Please control this board better!!!

    Thought this was going to be a “no chat room” rant.
  9. Welcome to UNT Mr. Roland!
  10. DeepGreen

    Midday fun with an SMU ticket agent

    Leave the guy alone. smut may not have a "safe space" on campus for Connor to deal with this "bullying". LOL!
  11. Football related, but didn't we hire Todd Dodge as football coach, then gave a scholarship to his son riley to play football? BTW I don't agree with what WKU did.
  12. DeepGreen

    Damon West News

    Damon West- Speaker to College Football
  13. Here's to you young Alberding-
  14. Get me 4 or 5 quality defensive linemen and I'll be happy.
  15. DeepGreen

    DMN: Best in Texas Rankings

    Only way U of H can come close to P6 status? #fakeP6
  16. Isn’t that the truth! What ever happened to Ellis Island where my Grandparents, my Dad, and my Uncle came through when they migrated from Sicily. Or, my Mothers family when the came from Sicily through New Orleans? What happened to the “correct way” for people to migrate to the US? I just don’t get it. We are suppose to open the borders for whoever wants to come to America, for whatever reason? Unvetted? I just don’t get it.
  17. DeepGreen

    A sign of my addiction

    Canadian football? Harry, you have serious issues.
  18. Oh, good grief! If I was worried about UNT staining the reputation of our fine University and athletic program through looking away from recruiting violations in Denton, I wouldn't have suggested moving the thread. Fact is, to my knowledge, we have never even come close to sniffing a violation. Other than a possible Bret Vito, Athletic Center parking violation! Remove those down votes.
  19. Moderators, can't you move this to the Eagles Nest? Nothing to do with UNT Football.
  20. I say Mason makes the cover. Uh, next year.
  21. DeepGreen

    Literal Buy-In

    A $25.00 annual donation to UNT Athletics by every living teacher that earned his/her degree at North Texas would bring in some sizable funds.