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  1. Rudy

    DRC: UNT hires new softball coach

    Didn't know we had to find a new coach. What happened?
  2. Rudy

    Darn The Ponies...

    In the words of Dennis Eckersley, "Eh. F**k em."
  3. Rudy

    Top Jerseys: Look Who's #17.

    I tried to read the article but I couldn't tell if the were talking good or bad about the uniform. Who was the author? Vito?
  4. I used to do that, when we were in the SBC 10 years ago. Now, I can stream it on a tablet, so it's a little easier. #progress?
  5. Rudy

    In honor of Cinco de Mayo

    If you have to ask someone to respect your pecker, there's a problem. I'm surprised they haven't come on here to tell us it's how you use it.
  6. I bet there'd be no issues if it was a TAMU or tu branch.
  7. Rudy

    Mean Green Rangers night

    First 2,500 People? I'm not sure that won't be the total number of people there.
  8. I didn't realize he was an Alum. Rest in Peace.
  9. This is like an intentional 2nd base.
  10. Can't make it two below. Someone might get offended. Trophies for everybody!!!!