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  1. I thought they were the Angels? I guess they're the same group that, at the old Fouts, we sat behind and told us were were what's wromg with the University.
  2. We need more bling on our helmets. #MWC
  3. New CUSA TV Deal

    I don't mind streaming games, as long as it's not some shitty scoreboard feed. Do it right with a production and announcers. The problem is that it limits our exposure. Who is going to just stream some random school's games? No one. The only people who will stream it are those who have a vested interest in the game. And it's not like you can just roll into your favorite sports bar and have the waitress turn on the NT game. Thus limiting our exposure and atmosphere even more.
  4. Mercer (3/19/18)

    The T-Rex just didn't have the wingspan to swat those shots into space.
  5. Mercer (3/19/18)

    The Meteors blew the Dinos out of the gym.
  6. Star Telegram Sh*ts All Over UNT

    Careful, we should all abide by the forum rules, unless you're one of the exceptions.
  7. Star Telegram Sh*ts All Over UNT

    The star telegram is still around? Hmmm. Learn something every day.
  8. Fair catch the ball at the two, get it at the 25...Everybody wins.
  9. Rangers are going to have a long year. I don't think many will come, regardless of what college their featuring.
  10. You kind of like the conference whose bowl tie ins meant our best option was the New Orleans Bowl? The same conference that has a terrible TV deal, forcing us to watch our games via shitty streaming, for the most part?
  11. The AAC already has a place in the DFW market, the MWC doesn't. And I understand the travel aspect, but the MWC is not the Big West.
  12. We're not going to the AAC. We need to focus on the MWC.
  13. I hate all Kalifornia teams. But, let's get the slump over with now before the run to the playoffs. On a positive note, USA Women won gold tonight!!!!
  14. DRC breaking news -- UNT fee vote passes

    Here's to all you anti athletics dolts who want to keep NT down: