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  1. Actually, cartels do manufacturer more than marihauana, including meth.
  2. The funniest thing about that is the level of give up towards the vey end.
  3. Congrats! I just hope their aren't any missing Baylor player's interest and federal interest.
  4. National championship games

    Come out and say what? I've already said it pretty clearly. They moved his family to Alabama as a part of his recruitment. Pull your head out of the sand.
  5. National championship games

    Wow. I guess you think schools like Aledo and Southlake are just lucky enough to get kids moving to their school district from all over the country, too?
  6. National championship games

    Yeah, because it's normal for a family to completely uproot their entire life and move across the country with their kid to play college football, while they have another kid in high school who is also a prospect. Anyone with half a brain can see what happened.
  7. National championship games

    Did anyone else catch when ESPN inadvertently announced Alabama's recruiting violations? When they were slobbering all over that freshman QB, they mentioned that his whole family moved to Alabama from Hawaii, and that his little brother is a prospect.
  8. National championship games

    Let's not forget calling the Georgia player for facemask when at the very same time, the Bama ball carrier had his hand on the Georgia player's facemask. On the punt return leading to a Bama TD, an obvious block in the back. And the clear winner, #48 throwing a punch and only getting a penalty, not ejected. On the very next play, another Bama player making a tackle, then shoving the Georgia player's head to the turf, no call.
  9. National championship games

    I understand that, but at some point you have to say that's it. Where would the "red line" for you be to not support them?
  10. National championship games

    How could you root for a program which actually killed a G5 program?
  11. Todd Dodge to UT

    Most of us aren't saying "he wasn't so bad".
  12. Todd Dodge to UT

    Rice got to see his coaching in person... I NEVER left a Dodge game thinking how fun it was to watch even though we lost. It looks like you forgot to post the results of 2008. Are you serious? It's blasted everywhere, INCLUDING this very board, by people who know less about how to do his job than you think he knows about football.
  13. It's not different. I can't say too much, because of the civil lawsuit, but an officer I know was in a shooting. The individual lived. There was no doubt it was justified. It still went to the grand jury. Just because the news doesn't broadcast it, doesn't mean it didn't go to the grand jury. Also, I've seen the dashcam and body cam footage. Even knowing the outcome, it was still shocking how quickly it all unfolded.
  14. Home Opener Against SMU

    No way RV was worse than Helwig.