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  1. If I were a relative, I would be very athletic, and I can assure you I'm not athletic.
  2. The ones that bring it up are always the most disappointing to their wives
  3. Hey bone head, so you're saying UNT wasn't competitive today? SL is a good coach that works with the talent he can get. Ballers don't want to go to Denton.
  4. Yeah, he has so much talent to pull from. Who worth a crap wants to go to UNT. He's competitive with 2* athletes
  5. SL put them in position to win. Players need to make plays. Y'all are morons to want SL gone. You're a barely mediocre school with a commuter student base. Get real
  6. Touche....enjoy your continued climb from the bottom to sub mediocrity
  7. UNT will never get the players to compete in C-USA. If you are a 3-star and want to stay in Texas, you're going to want to go to any FBS team other than UNT if you get an offer, with maybe the exception of Texas State. UNT has no swagger or name recognition....period. It's a commuter college. I'm not saying it's a bad school. I'm a Tulane fan and I don't think they will ever get to the promised land. But if you ask any 2 or 3 star to choose between Tulane and UNT, I'd bet Tulane would get more votes, for no other reason that they were in the SEC 85 years ago and still have that "cache" that UNT doesn't have. Get pissed, call me an a** Hole, whatever, you're not going to hurt my feelings. I'm just being honest.
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