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  1. Can’t disagree with the theme - Do or Die run to the end. But for me I think we need to play in the conf championship and win a bowl game. If we back into another bowl against like another MAC school we need an intervention. JMO
  2. What is the forum point spread or expected score - we beat them here in 2018 in a high scoring affair 41-38. Can we do that again ? Looks like QB Perry to WR Wester is the combo we need to stuff as the team has 21 total TDs, Perry to Wester have 7. They avg 32.6 pts a game on 21 TDs We avg 32.2 pts a game on 20 TDs Overall if you look at the top players for each team there is little difference. If you rate difficulty of schedule we played SMU, UNLV and Memphis and they played UCF (got hammered as expected) and Purdue and almost won that one.
  3. The Defense didn't quit and I'll applaud them for that - the short circuits on the Offensive side were horrid and clearly lost us the game. We did show resolve on the D side!
  4. you folks see Boise fired their OC this afternoon -- we don't do stuff like that huh >?
  5. I give up -- that trick snap play on the 3 or 4 yd line is ridiculous
  6. This isn't like Baseball where you have Strikes and Balls -- Balls in football are bad throws and or picks -- we can't do this in Football --- OK in baseball ---- Please explain to Austin as he appears confused !
  7. Is it just me or seems like the change in some player personnel has made some real difference today 🤔
  8. What do they have running the Down's box -- its wrong about 40% of the time
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