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  1. Yeah, as a diversion from COVID... the Summer of 1980 in Texas was the worst... my Junior High football team (Graham, TX) started practice a week late, and practice times were very limited. I imagine it was the same for many High Schools and Universities. It was so hot... that the blacktop asphalt road in front of our house would bubble and pop in the middle of the afternoon! 117 degrees in Wichita Falls that year. Brutal......
  2. I'll be there ... drinking heavily while UAB bends us over a barrel ... but you can't ask for a better student-athlete and ambassador that Mason, so will be there for him and Hambone. Will be tough watching half-ass Harvey jog behind UAB's WR corps all game, but it is what it is 😐
  3. Agree 100% ... but I don't see it happening. Now we have 3+ years of mediocre football to enjoy before the next regime change. Wash, rinse, repeat at North Texas. Being bad really gets old........
  4. We're officially a bad team... again... this is terrible
  5. I love this look ... although a little weird to wear non-white on a road game as Rudy mentioned. Also, please, please burn the dishwater greys - they should never see the field again! 😎
  6. Guys, afraid we're looking at a 4 or 5 win season at this point... Someone HAS to be held accountable for this mess. One of the worst defenses I can remember with no apparent upside for next year. New DC, new defensive position coaches, and a heavy dose of Juco might at least make next year tolerable.
  7. I always liked the 1983 - 1994 logo with the NT circle and the Eagle. Too bad it will always have the I-AA stigma attached to it. Overall I think our branding today is best: Mean Green and SOW 😎
  8. We have a pretty good chance at 6 wins... but no margin for error... Losses: La Tech, UAB Wins: Middle Tennessee, Charlotte, UTEP, Rice Although (assuming we would get a bowl bid), I fear we would get another serious bowl beat-down since we have one of the worst defenses in arguably the worst FBS conference. But if Mason's healthy, at least he would get to add to his stats and say he played in 3 bowl games.
  9. UH and SMU showed us the wide gap in talent between the AAC and CUSA. Both teams were simply much bigger, stronger, faster than our guys. To play with those teams, we really have to recruit at a higher level. The 2019 class was good and 2020 looks good to this point. There's only so much you can do when your OL and DL are getting pushed around all game - and your opponent's WR's look like speedy giants next to your entire defense. We looked like we were playing in quicksand...
  10. Strange thing is that, after 3 games, I still really don't have a good read on this team. Below average defense that plays well in spurts, with a really bad secondary... offense that sputters but has big play ability and now has Mason and Rico hurt (hopefully both will be ok). I honestly have no idea what to expect from this point forward 🤔
  11. My biggest fear is that, after 2 games of seeing our O-Line and D-Line struggle, we'll just stick with the same schemes and have a very rough season. For whatever reason (recruiting, strength and conditioning), our guys on the lines truly seem smaller and weaker than our opponents. Typically that means you have to modify your scheme to be successful (quick passes and roll-outs, zone coverage - basically use your speed to offset a size/strength deficiency). You can't simply put 30 pounds of muscle on linemen during a football season. Anyway, I hadn't realized how far behind we were in developing guys on both lines until this year 😞
  12. Unfortunately, our offense can pretty much be stopped because our O-Line is so bad and our receivers can only get opened if they don't get touched. Plus our defense is terrible. We'll win some games, but 6-7 wins looks realistic. Honestly, we struggled in the 2nd half against an average Southland team.
  13. This a million times ... and our "vaunted offense" wasn't even close to the task of keeping up with any of these teams. We're paying a lot of money to this coaching staff to get curb stomped in most every big game............. extremely disappointing
  14. Being able to convert on 3rd or 4th and 1 would be nice 😎
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