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  1. The amazing thing about this follow up quote is that is even more self aggrandizing than his original thread to talk about how much he knows! I applaud you sir well done! 😂
  2. I am happy for more options and that we are getting more licenses and companies to get us more gear. However I agree with some others have said. These are prints and the stuff I didn’t want to buy when I was in school. I am not excited about any of these old school designs. I also want the new stuff and current gear coaches are wearing. So we are making progress but not exactly what I want.
  3. I bet he will do great at Incarnate word in a year or so…
  4. When I get that all too familiar text asking me if I want to buy tickets to the bowl game. My text response will be not until the Athletic Department or President fires the HFC!
  5. Going solo. Sec 137. Will be going to tailgate with alumni assoc. I hope I can find parking close to the tailgate.
  6. This is the picture I took of the Lot just before I went in the game. We tailgate on the bottom grass area for every game. They could have easily allowed for a much smaller reserved ADA section. “We can do better”
  7. Park in this area every game and we were not allowed in. They told me it was for ADA only but when I walked by 10 minutes before game time it was an empty lot. Frustrated we couldn’t park in our usual area.
  8. I am surprised nobody has brought up Zach Orr recently. I would love to see him in consideration. To me biggest negative is No college coaching experience. Positives- 1. Nobody works harder and studies the game like he did for UNT 2. Loves the school, big promoter on social media and one of our UNT legends 3. Local Desoto-DFW football connections so recruiting should not be a concern 4. NFL connections Zach has everything from a leadership perspective that we would want to see for this program.
  9. He makes 900k and has Gameday at their stadium tomorrow. Our coach makes approximately double that and can’t win meaningful games. to quote Wren “we can do better!”
  10. Well if Wren does leave maybe he will take his football coach with him.
  11. Most of us thought Aune was the better passer and more accurate with his throws and Bean was clearly the best runner and was not as accurate. What we have all witnessed is...Aune is not that accurate and has not held on to the ball. Bean came in today and showed us his speed and he is as accurate as Aune’s arm. In my opinion since Bean won the job at the beginning of the season and from his performance today he should be the guy for the rest of the season. That can obviously change in this crazy year and we made need Aune again but I am excited to watch the rest of the games again.
  12. He should be fired at the end of the season if we continue this downward trend. The inevitable part of his departure is just being delayed and a turnaround is even further out the longer he stays. *see Benford No energy on this team from coaching staff to players and keeping Seth only leaves North Texas stuck in the mud. I have seen enough. Bring in a new up and coming coach and let him grow at a lower salary. Don’t waste the momentum this program has modestly gained by keeping a coach that just isn’t living up to his salary and the results on the field. rant over...gmg! And still hoping for some good wins.
  13. Same as recent was pushed out of my 105 seats on the 50 to section 106.
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