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  1. Most of us thought Aune was the better passer and more accurate with his throws and Bean was clearly the best runner and was not as accurate. What we have all witnessed is...Aune is not that accurate and has not held on to the ball. Bean came in today and showed us his speed and he is as accurate as Aune’s arm. In my opinion since Bean won the job at the beginning of the season and from his performance today he should be the guy for the rest of the season. That can obviously change in this crazy year and we made need Aune again but I am excited to watch the rest of the games again.
  2. He should be fired at the end of the season if we continue this downward trend. The inevitable part of his departure is just being delayed and a turnaround is even further out the longer he stays. *see Benford No energy on this team from coaching staff to players and keeping Seth only leaves North Texas stuck in the mud. I have seen enough. Bring in a new up and coming coach and let him grow at a lower salary. Don’t waste the momentum this program has modestly gained by keeping a coach that just isn’t living up to his salary and the results on the field. rant over...gmg!
  3. Same as recent was pushed out of my 105 seats on the 50 to section 106.
  4. Reffett should have been fired last season. I think most will agree his time has run out. However, please do not lose all of our focus on one guy. Lanston is equally inept at coaching the offensive line and has let the best QB we have ever had be destroyed for far too long! #firelangstontoo
  5. 3 in the party. Staying in SF. Thurs-pier/ trolley all regular SF tourist crap (see map) Fri-Sonoma-Napa maybe Muir woods Sat- bus to Berkeley drink - whip Bears arse- drink more Sun- more SF crap (see map) Yes there is a 💩 map!
  6. 90 - Kendall Hall - aka sweatbox 91-92 Gazebo apts 93-slum apts off Bryan st. 200 a month all bills paid- 94- raintree apts with future wife and still with her!
  7. I see you found the article I was referring to in my walk on reply. 😂
  8. A relative sent me an article that Caden Fedora is walking on as a qb. Yes his uncle is Larry Fedora.
  9. 2 of us driving and leaving in the early morning.
  10. Appreciate the efforts on the planning but unfortunately to late for me as everything has been booked for us. A little fast turnaround by leaving right after the game but will be a fun excursion for those that take advantage of this.
  11. I take it this is not going to happen for the alums. Great for the students though.
  12. Hope that bank account Brint Ryan was talking about is ready for a fight.
  13. Yes was using phone yesterday and tried computer today. Still didn’t work for me. Ticket office said they were having glitches. Bought them over the phone and didn’t get the 2 dollar service charge. So for the hassle I saved some cash. 😀
  14. Very happy they are doing their best to bring “Mac” back into the fold. We need all the big wallets we can get to keep this ship going in the right direction. Plus he he is just a good humanitarian.
  15. In my opinion. He is the best at promoting UNT and our football program on social media. I love that he predicted a perfect season and stays so involved. He seems to be willing to do whatever is asked of him to sell Mean Green football. I hope more former players follow his example.
  16. I am sure it’s been said a million times already but can someone tell me what SOW stands for? I know it’s the 🦅.
  17. 100% agree. Seth is not winning the big games but this is a lot better than where we used to be. Action items from here on or next year for me would be... 1. New OL coach gotta change things up 2. Consider moving on with Graham as play caller and let Littrell call the plays
  18. I thought the defense looked bad. Virtually no pass rush and seemed to be out of position and gave up lots of big plays.
  19. I was there when the Mean Green beat La Tech at home last year? Does that game count?
  20. I am a die hard Football fan and never miss a home game since the Dodge years. I go to as many away games as I can as well. My wife is a UNT alum and we met on campus. She knows I will be watching any game that’s on tv for football or basketball and knows to get me Mean Green gear for any occasion and I wear it almost all the time while I am at home and when I can at work. However she could careless about UNT athletics and hardly ever attends games with me. She is happy if we win but has no emotional attachment. She is like the vast majority of our alums and it drives me nuts. #GMG
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