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  1. steve1983

    The Wheeler hit was not intentional

    Not only was it not intentional but there should NOT have been a penalty flag thrown. Really a BS call.
  2. steve1983

    Online ticket sales to HOD Bowl closed

    I don't know why they don't have an option for printing your tickets online? I do that for almost every event that I buy tickets to.
  3. steve1983

    Best Albums of 2013

    KXT (91.7) is the only station I listen to for music. They have very eclectic playlists and feature a number of local bands. It is listener supported so there aren't any annoying ads or over the top DJ's. They do have pledge drives but I can tolerate that. I have discovered many new bands on that station.
  4. Wow! UNLV. That is out of left field. I never had them in the mix. Oh well, it's all good. GMG!
  5. I would like to see either Syracuse or Pittsburgh. They are both big, physical teams that can wear you down but I think we could hold our own against either. Pittsburgh has been in a lot of good games with quality opponents so it would be a major challenge. Same with Syracuse and they beat up Tulane pretty good. Hopefully our speed could neutralize (somewhat) their size. Looking forward to the game whoever the opponent is. Just glad to be in a bowl!
  6. steve1983

    Anybody else lose power?

    Yes, I keep my trees trimmed as well. However, my mature Sweet Gum tree did not fare well in the ice. No amount of trimming would have prevented the issues of nearly an inch of ice overnight. Time to consider cutting it down. Laser beams of branches raining down all over! My front lawn is a sea of branches, leaves, etc. On a positive note, I am looking forward to the bowl and hope it is HOD.
  7. steve1983

    Anybody else lose power?

    Yeah, I had a nice big tree branch break off and smash in my car's back window! Funny, I called the insurance company and they told me they can be out by noon to replace it! Seriously? Obviously the call center is not in DFW.
  8. steve1983

    DT up next on the ticket

    Not a huge fan of his show but the exposure is invaluable! The interview was well done and DT was awesome!