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  1. Mean Green Eagle


    Stockstill didn’t do himself any favors in the 2nd quarter.
  2. Mean Green Eagle


    Watching the game now and there’s a few guys that didn’t add other stickers. 4 minutes in and I’ve also seen a USC guy, an Arizona guy, and a Cal guy without other team stickers
  3. Best of luck to him. Hope he breaks that draft streak (Cody Spencer ‘04) for UNT this year if hires an agent. Think one more year here would’ve helped his draft stock.
  4. Mean Green Eagle

    Jeff Wilson Update

    I saw that. Not sure what he was doing there, but instead of throwing the ball straight ahead to the ref, he underhand tossed it to 9 o’clock and hit the Seattle player in the chest with it. Not hard, and not even sure it was intentional, but it was a costly penalty for SF at the time.
  5. Mean Green Eagle

    Scouting Report: Utah State Offense

    Thanks for posting. Love reading whatever I can get my eyes on about this game.
  6. Alright, alright, alright!
  7. Mean Green Eagle

    Jeff Wilson and the 49ers 12/9 UPDATED

    Glad to see Jeffrey getting a well-deserved opportunity. He’s looking good (outside of a little fumblitits). Talked to his parents briefly at the last home game and they were very excited for him also.
  8. Pretty good chance we’ll be there. Thanks for setting this up.
  9. Mean Green Eagle

    Pix w/players after FAU game

    Very cool!
  10. Mean Green Eagle

    UNT vs UTSA Watching Party - Killarney's in Fairview

    See ya there!
  11. Mean Green Eagle

    UNT vs. ODU Watching Party - Collin County

    Let’s go, Mean Green!
  12. Mean Green Eagle

    Do we have Liquid Gold in the QB Talent Pipeline?

    Definitely exciting to be having this conversation, when in the past we’d not have these choices. I like Pearson, but see Bean as a starter, with Martin pushing him.
  13. Mean Green Eagle

    UNT vs. ODU Watching Party - Collin County

    Awesome, I’ll try to be there for most, but we’re hosting a b-day party for my sis that night.
  14. Mean Green Eagle

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Oh boy, don’t want to see Littrell head to KSU or ECU. Think both could be real possibilities.
  15. Mean Green Eagle

    Ejiya is Special, y’all

    He is a stud for sure, with a nose for the ballcarrier. Absolutely loved when he chased the Blazer down on the sideline, from across the field.