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  1. Heard the announcers say that 5 of his 11 INTs this season have been returned for a TD. Yikes.
  2. Anybody have an extra GA ticket they don’t need? @bebobobo
  3. Glad my Titans shut him down yesterday. 15-35 rushing is not good.
  4. Not sure the Cowboys would trade for him, but looking over the depth charts I could see these teams taking a chance on trading for Wilson. Arizona - lots of injuries. Could use a consistent runner to help Kyler out. Atlanta - Patterson and Allgeier split, and Wilson would be an upgrade. Denver - with Williams on IR and Gordon III and Latavius Murray splitting carries, they could use a RB boost. Houston - Pierce could definitely use some help even though he’s 6th in the league in rushing. NY Jets - would have included them for sure until they traded for James Robinson 6 days ago. Didn’t include Carolina because I’d imagine they would have asked for Wilson if they weren’t rebuilding.
  5. Yes I was thinking this was more the actual number.
  6. More kid-friendly pre-game activities outside. Inside bring back more bounce houses, basketball, football, soccer inflatables under the wing. A few more TVs near the concessions wouldn’t hurt. Better merchandise choices in the store. Hire a new replay person that will actually show replays.
  7. What a great game! Really picked it up in the 2nd and have kept it going in the second half.
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