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  1. MeanGreenFury

    2015 CUSA Men's Basketball Tournament

    Really? I understand conference comradery, but the ODU argument has no credence because they played in a terrible CUSA when those other schools put together a better body of work by playing in more robust basketball conferences.
  2. MeanGreenFury

    2015 CUSA Men's Basketball Tournament

    CUSA is going to have one team in as a probable 15/16 seed. Getting two teams in is a pipe dream.
  3. MeanGreenFury

    NYE vs Texas A&M

    I can't take credit, but if the shoe fits...
  4. MeanGreenFury

    NYE vs Texas A&M

    75-38 Final.
  5. MeanGreenFury

    NYE vs Texas A&M

    A&M 35, NT 18 at the half. The rout is on, plus Shanice Peterson got T'd up.
  6. I ran into a lot of people wearing North Texas gear during F1 weekend last year. We represent well at COTA.
  7. MeanGreenFury

    This Ref is a giant d bag

    It's Randy Crystal. He has a long history of helping his favorite team throughout the years.
  8. MeanGreenFury

    Give me DAJON

    We've got nothing otherwise. Put him in!
  9. Absolutely! That A&M team beat Arkansas, who just beat #13 Kentucky. So, by proxy, we should totally be in the top 25. Someone get the contract extension ready.
  10. MeanGreenFury

    BB radio show to begin Jan 13th

    How many room substitutions can we expect tonight?
  11. MeanGreenFury

    I just realized something

    Really? Because I was at that game, one section up from where the drunk future pizza delivery drivers decided to throw a huge metal goal into a bunch of fans who could not really protect themselves. If I recall, a number of people got hurt. So yeah, it was absolutely hilarious. Just because you don't like a school doesn't mean you should condone seeing their fans get injured.
  12. Welcome to the forums MeanGreenFury :)