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  1. Really? I understand conference comradery, but the ODU argument has no credence because they played in a terrible CUSA when those other schools put together a better body of work by playing in more robust basketball conferences.
  2. CUSA is going to have one team in as a probable 15/16 seed. Getting two teams in is a pipe dream.
  3. I can't take credit, but if the shoe fits...
  4. A&M 35, NT 18 at the half. The rout is on, plus Shanice Peterson got T'd up.
  5. I ran into a lot of people wearing North Texas gear during F1 weekend last year. We represent well at COTA.
  6. It's Randy Crystal. He has a long history of helping his favorite team throughout the years.
  7. We've got nothing otherwise. Put him in!
  8. Absolutely! That A&M team beat Arkansas, who just beat #13 Kentucky. So, by proxy, we should totally be in the top 25. Someone get the contract extension ready.
  9. How many room substitutions can we expect tonight?
  10. Really? Because I was at that game, one section up from where the drunk future pizza delivery drivers decided to throw a huge metal goal into a bunch of fans who could not really protect themselves. If I recall, a number of people got hurt. So yeah, it was absolutely hilarious. Just because you don't like a school doesn't mean you should condone seeing their fans get injured.
  11. Welcome to the forums MeanGreenFury :)

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