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  1. Good leaders know when to get out of the way. I think Mac knew Hodge was ready and given he had his own great opportunity, this made sense for all involved. Excited for Hodge to lead the Mean Green!
  2. Are we getting money from WVU? I presume Wren also had a buy-out clause in his contract.
  3. Does anyone know which Denton bars will be showing the conference championship game tonight? (Particularly on or around the Square)
  4. Sorry, he's not going to get fired when he's tied for second place in the conference.
  5. If the game isn't on network television, the kickoff should be in the evening. Period. If we're not getting national television exposure, the focus should be making the in-person fan experience as good as possible. Seeing that ESPN 3/+ can broadcast as many games at a time, I don't see why this isn't possible. 92 degrees, facing the sun, and standing on top of metal bleachers will turn a lot of people away. There were pretty decent student turnouts for SMU and TX Southern. If the weather is <80F for the next few home games student attendance should be okay.
  6. Hi all, It's been a few years since I've thrown a tailgate but am planning to for tomorrow's game against LA Tech. I'm seeking to understand the best ways to get my equipment on / off the hill. In years past (2019 was the last year I tailgated), the situation was that you could temporarily park your car in the highlighted lot to unload your gear, then walk it over to your spot on The Hill. Is this still the case? Is there a better / more efficient method? Secondly, when it comes to retrieving tailgating equipment after the game, if I recall correctly, this lot was very difficult to get back to as the south bound service round was not accessible from Bonnie Brae. (UNT PD has it blocked off for traffic management.) Is this still the case? I recall having to go all the way down to Oak St to get on the Frontage road to make it back to the highlighted lot. If anything has changed, please let me know. Thanks all and looking forward to a great tailgate and win.
  7. I'll just echo what others have said: 95.3 FM broadcast is incredibly weak. I listened to the pregame show on my way home from Southlake (to Oak Cliff) last night and multiple times it lost connection or switched to another radio station occupying the same airwaves. Really disappointing quality... I'll also mention, it took quite some time to find. I first listened to KNTU, then tried all of the local sports stations, then finally manually went through each frequency until I finally found it. Not a good user experience at all.
  8. No. Absolutely not. Scott Frost has only had ONE winning season, though it was a VERY good one. The other 6 seasons he's been a head coach, he's had a losing record. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scott_Frost#Head_coaching_record) The sample size is big now, he's not a head coach worth hiring. It's worth mentioning too, that the 2017 season likely wasn't even with his own recruits. Absolutely not interesting in Scott Frost.
  9. The cameras were really pathetic. Each one had different exposure. What appeared to be the "middle" camera had a dirty lens the whole game and was just by far the worst quality of the 3. It was honestly sometimes difficult the track the football when it was being thrown through the air the compression was that bad.
  10. It started in 2017, even though we won 9 games, many were by the skin of our teeth. Same thing in 2018. Since then, we haven't gotten the lucky breaks, and at best we are a .500 team. The sample size is pretty big now, there's no more excuses. Littrell must go.
  11. Saw several posts leading up to this game about how we hadn't heard much from the promotions department for this game. Obviously now, we know why. You don't waste your political capital trying to get the public to come watch a bad team. There's little point in hyping or promoting a team you don't believe will do well. Unfortunate, but if you hadn't learned your lesson prior to this game, I'm sure you have now. On another subject, Littrell obviously has proven he can't compete in the AAC. 1 win against AAC opponents in his 6 years. At this point, I don't care if we win the CUSA championship. It doesn't matter, because we've proven we can't compete in the AAC. Time to cut the loses and move on. Thank you and goodnight.
  12. Totally half-assed and an utter disappointment. One "bar" with only 3 types of beer, and a few liquors for very basic mixed drinks. You can't even leave the area with a mixed drink. Honestly, why bother? Was this an idea that was hatched on August 20th or something? Extremely poor execution and an embarrassment to the game day experience.
  13. Opening game attendance, during the Seth Littrell Era: 2016: 24,718 (vs SMU) 2017: 19,592 (vs Lamar) 2018: 29,519 (vs SMU) 2019: 23,057 (vs Abilene Christian) 2020: 7,611 (vs Houston Baptist) 2021: 18,716 (vs Northwestern State) I predict somewhere around 23,000... There's been lots of talk about freshman going home during Labor Day... It's true. Why? Not sure. It's just what they do!
  14. Only 4 seniors starting on Offense/Defense... Pretty young team.
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