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  1. This is one of our games on NFL Network, isn’t it? Should be a great tailgate and crowd!
  2. I don’t think Barefoot Denton exists any longer. Options are pretty limited for a battle flag shirt unfortunately.
  3. SDSU isn’t going to trade to play a team in their own conference.
  4. Man, the amount of bitching in this thread is hilarious. What bowl did people think we “deserved”? We didn’t win division, we didn’t win conference, yet we still get to play a great, ranked team from the MWC. Yeah, travel sucks a little bit because of how close it is to the announced date, but CUSA doesn’t exactly have the most awesome bowl tie-ins. I’m glad we’re playing a recognizable opponent with a great record, within a fairly reasonable drive.
  5. If I recall correctly a few years ago I ran into him at Randall Noe dealership in Terril. He was selling cars.
  6. He was listed as a game time decision yesterday (foot injury)
  7. http://www.espn.com/watch/player?id=82df4473-551c-4424-97dc-3d175abc35c6&categoryId=0f8e3d42-fa27-3f60-9e8d-276e4892f50e
  8. That’s silly. People were having a great time and they’re not obligated to go to the game. Myself, I even didn’t get into the game unti10 minutes into the first quarter because there were still so many people hanging around my tailgate. A couple of things to help attendance: 1) Schedule games at sunset (nobody wants to tailgate in the dark) 2) Have better more clear parking/shuttles. I wore my UNT polo to church a few weeks ago.. had a guy come up said he took his nephew to the SMU game; they had such a great time they came back for the LA Tech game but the lots were full and nobody had any information so they ended up turning around. I’m sure he wasn’t the only one.
  9. Based on the current seats sold I believe this will be a sell out.
  10. Yes, had we won that game and were 7-0, I wouldn't be surprised if we were ranked after today's win. Unfortunately for G5 teams, there is no such thing as a "quality loss" like there is for P5 conferences. No benefit of the doubt is given for G5 teams.
  11. We won't get into the Top 25 unless we go undefeated the rest of the way, including conference championship game. But even at that point, I put it at 50/50 shot. If we do that, AND win bowl game, then I definitely see a Top 25 ranking.
  12. I wish they would go ahead and announce a delayed start until like 4pm. Don't really want to drive up there, get into the stadium, then sit through three hours of delays. Why not just delay the start until 4pm when the vast majority of the thunderstorms are set to be over?
  13. Just wanted to quote myself and say that I heard from my wife that the A&M grads had such a great time, we’re really into the game, and they are likely going to attend at least one more home game this year. I think a lot of the doom and gloom about how we lost in front of a record crowd we’ll be back to 21k attendance is a little over blown.
  14. Curious to know why so many people are in favor of eliminating the wing in favor of making it a bowl? With a bowl you would be just as far if not further from the action. Why would anyone find this more appealing? The current wing does not fill up because people have some lack of desire to sit there.... it’s because there are always empty seats else where. To me, removing the wing zone and making it a bowl just seems like spending money for the sake of spending money.
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