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  1. Is the UNT vs Rice game on TV? My app says “ESPN CE” which I have never heard of.
  2. Perhaps the drills they run in practice aren't close enough to in-game situations. Therefore you can have someone that practices well and performs poorly in games, or practices poorly and performs well in games.
  3. I'm fairly certain the coaches are putting out the guys that give us the best chance to win. There would be no reason not to, especially considering everyone's eligibility is preserved this year. I seem to recall there was a situation a few years ago in regards to the Quarterbacks on the team.... People wanted other, younger or transfer players to play meaningful snaps, and when the coaches finally gave in after desperation, everyone realized why they hadn't seen the field yet. Point is: The depth chart shakes out the way it does, 98% of the time due to on-field performance.
  4. Benford is much, much worse than Seth. Benford completely flushed the program down the toilet while Seth has at least had some success here. I remember as a student I was so hyped going into Benford’s first year as head coach. It was immediately apparent how bad he was. I somehow watched almost every home game that first year, but haven’t been back to watch a BB game since. That’s how much damage Benford did.
  5. We had how many false start penalties on offense? 5?
  6. Blue shirt means he's sitting this season, and enrolling in the spring, correct?
  7. I think a better way to look at it is a count of total male athletes compared to the count of total female athletes. Because all athletes on the football team (100ish people) are all male, you need more women sports (I.e. women athletes) to match the number of men on the football team.
  8. I completely agree w/ going back to the 3rd down chant. It was a great way to get loud on 3rd and 4th down. Now I feel as though less people yell on 3rd down.
  9. What’s the point of this post? To tell a fired coach “I told you so”?
  10. Interestingly, I talked with a former NT coach a couple weeks ago and he mentioned exactly this scenario. We were talking about how we expected the UNT-SMU game to be much closer than it was. He drew parallels between how after June Jones thought he was going to Arizona he was no longer fully invested and believes the same thing is going on with Seth Littrell after K-State.
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