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  1. I mean, I like the concept, but the furniture at least looks extremely dated already. I'm sure it's functional though, and certainly nice for their players to have. It just doesn't have the "WOW" factor that you often see with college facilities.
  2. We have to change strength and conditioning coaches.
  3. Uh, yes, a Baseball stadium could be financed via debt, but that is just a portion of the overall cost for running a baseball program on a yearly basis. The rest of the funding wouldn't appear out of thin air unfortunately. J'Powell is not an alum. My point is that they're not mutually exclusive... They are going to have very different avenues of funding, and if the donors step up in the right way, both could be done concurrently. But I just don't see that as likely to happen.
  4. This is a weird baseball vs basketball arena conversation. But, I'll weigh in regardless... I would imagine that a basketball arena and starting a baseball program are funded in very different ways. Basketball arena is likely to be funded partially by donors, partially by bonds, and partially by sponsor naming rights. A baseball program is funded by.... Probably not by debt... Therefore, I would think that if donors wanted to step up to create a baseball program, the Athletic Department is probably waiting for that to happen. My guess is it hasn't happened, and probably won't happen.
  5. Not sure, but irrelevant because I didn’t mention those games in my post. IMO if the game plan is right, if the play call is correct, yet is poorly executed by the QB, that is on the player, not the coach. Yes, you can argue that the QB should have been developed more, or with a better coach wouldn’t make mistakes, but let’s be real here, we’re not working with five star athletes. Players are going to know the call and just fail to make the play. As a coach, there’s only so much you can do. I’m not going to get my panties in a wad over this loss. The season is actually a bright spot considering where we were. Would I like to have won? Yes, of course. But sports aren’t life, and I really consider this just a bonus game anyway.
  6. Eh, IMO the loss isn’t really on Seth this game. We had two really bad plays from our QB, both in the red zone, that could have completely changed the game.
  7. Try clicking "Try Again", and it will take you to the proper link.
  8. Red section = sold out Blue sections = not sold out
  9. Yep -- IIRC we were the "visiting" team in the Heart of Dallas bowl as well.
  10. Littrell deserves credit for how the team performed in the back half of the season. We were 1-6 without much more hope then to beat FIU and Southern Miss to end the season 3-9. Some were even predicting double digit losses. Credit him for not letting the team quit, and getting better every week. Both on offense and defense the team has executed better and better over this winning streak and has played with more discipline. I do hope that Littrell is back for the sake of continuity on defense especially. That and quite frankly I think he deserves it. Most on this board predicted 4-8 or 5-7. The early losses were very painful, but it seems as though we’ve been able to learn from the losses as the season has progressed, and that is a sign of good coaching.
  11. Alec Morris was decent. I would say Dan McCarneys staff was equally as bad though.
  12. Why are our guys always injured? This reflects poorly on the strength and conditioning program/coach.
  13. Well he did mention the offense was the worst he’s seen since he’s been here. Otherwise it was typical post game loss interview.
  14. It was definitely on the radio. 95.3 FM in DFW
  15. I’m sure there is a stated mask policy, but it is certainly not enforced.
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