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  1. If you think it shows stupidity to move from NFL (even San Francisco) coaching to UNT, the guy described in the following link (I found it on the Pony board) might disagree. I suppose some who move from coaching teams with better (at least perceived) levels of competition, pay, status, or locations do so for career advancement purposes, such as to become a coordinator instead of just a position coach, or head coach instead of a coordinator. I'm not familiar with what an "assistant special teams coach" might do compared to a "special teams coordinator", but being a linebackers coach would see
  2. Well, he sounds like he could be a lot of help, since we also need special teams improvement. Does anyone know if he is interested in coaching at UNT?
  3. I thought we lacked pressure against the punting teams in the MTSU and Navy games that allowed them time to "place" their punts where it really hurt us (on the 1 or 2 yard line). The safeties following those punts really hurt us in those games.
  4. Maybe it was really for the best that Jennings decided against coming to UNT. Don't we need someone to coach linebackers since RM coached them? It seems like Deloach has basically coached secondary, as far as positions, both safeties and corners. It doesn't seem that anyone presently on staff has LB experience, playing or coaching. If Deloach was DC and corners coach, the next logical hire would seem to be an LB coach.
  5. I don't really doubt that Deloach could be linebackers coach as well as DC. He's produced training videos for linemen and lbs in the 4-3 system. I've also heard he's sold pinecones for export to North Carolina and during summers while at Howard Payne, went out to the Monahans area to sell sand from East Texas.
  6. You know, SMU has a lot to feel good about concerning their HC hire. Actually, there were several reasons why I, for one, wanted them to go ahead and get someone hired, such as the occasional mention of Todd Dodge as a candidate, the need for a choice of more than 2 schools in the DFW area for students from this area who want to play in this area, and the possibility of an overall failure of their football program creating a bad precedent (such as to those who are reluctant to make the commitment to football, who could use that as an example of why further investment in major athletics is a b
  7. Just got to wondering what had happened to Matt Simon, fomer HC at North Texas. He is now running backs coach for the Chargers, who will be in the playoffs for the first time in 19(?) years. He didn't work out so well at North Texas at that time, but good to see he landed on his feet and is enjoying some success. Where Matt Simon is now And now I'm off to celebrate the Euless Trinity state championship win at the Trinity gym!
  8. I'm not sure you're getting the concept. Euless, Texas has one of the largest number of Tongan expatriates of any place in the United States. About a fourth of the football players at Euless Trinity High School are of Tongan ancestry. Proximity to employment with Airlines at DFW Airport has been a big factor in their migrating here; many were transferred here when American Airlines moved their headquarters from New York to Fort Worth. According to some writer, the Polynesian impact on American style football is in its second generation on the U.S. Mainland, with many of those now playing i
  9. A good point! One thing I like about next season is that ,barring any huge surprises, we know who our quarterback will be, and his name is Giovanni Vizza. Now if we improve our defensive and special teams in 2008 as much as we improved our offensive play after Vizza became the starting QB, we can win a lot more games, and soon!
  10. I guess the thought is that some of Trinity's great players are Tongans or otherwise Polynesian, and Jones having coached at Hawaii, will recognize that great pool of talent, wherever it is located. SMU fans on Euless Trinity By the way, Euless Trinity will be having it's community celebration for their state champion football team this coming Thursday night, anyone living in or around Euless would be welcome; maybe some of us could wear UNT gear and show we care. See the link below. Euless celebrates state 5A Division I 2007 football championship. I guess I am surprised there doesn't se
  11. At least Obama has made statements about the need for improved veterans benefits.
  12. Would anyone really mind seeing WVU run up the score on on zero U?
  13. QUOTE(DallasGreen @ Jan 1 2008, 05:31 PM) Hopefully that long term series deal with SMU has fallen through, otherwise we're hay foder for the Mustangs even worse than in the past. $10 million buys a great coach and staff. Note: He posted that before the Sugar Bowl started.
  14. I know it may be considered poor netiquette, but hey, this link may provide you with some knowledge of Sul Ross and it's beautifully situated campus. You must have never been to the Trans Pecos region of Texas. Sul Ross State University
  15. Thanks for your kind words on behalf of the efforts of these young men to raise money for rings which may be a real treasure for them now and in years to come. Also (and nothing against athletes from the more prosperous areas who have won championships in this and past years), many of the Euless Trinity athletes have accomplished what they have without the type of financial support that so many take for granted. I also find that other poster's replies to be odd at best; however I'm surprised to see you refer to him as a writer (one, I'm only assuming, who makes his or her living by writing).
  16. I voted for 5 wins; that would give us something to build on; looking forward, I see some positives and some negatives: Positives: 1. The offense showed major improvement after Vizza took over at QB, and the progress was steady, except for FIU. 2. Some of the new recruits should improve our defensive secondary, which was a problem from the first. 3. Some very good players were redshirted last year; as a homer, I'll mention Marcus King and Jordan Scoggins. 4. Returning upperclassmen will have actual experience in Dodge's system. Negatives: 1. The offensive and defensive lines both lack depth
  17. Today's Dallas Morning News has a front page special on Chase Daniel that provides some interesting background on his coaching influences, of course including Todd Dodge. I think it's a fairly balanced feature. Check out the link. DMN on Chase Daniel
  18. I wonder, like others, why you'd waste time responding if you really didn't care, but then I hit the return line at WalMart today (actually gave up when I saw it), so may top you as a time waster!
  19. I'm sure anything would be appreciated; you might just call the phone number available by clicking on the link from my original post.
  20. Administrators, please feel free to move or delete this thread if there's a problem with it being here. Many of the Euless Trinity football players, as in 2005, don't have the money to pay for the state championship rings they've just earned the right, if not the ring itself to wear. Yes, we're not the most prosperous city in the area, but are rich in football and fine young people. Also as in 2005, they're offering to work doing odd jobs in order to earn money for the rings. If any of you live in or around the Hurst Euless Bedford area, and need some chores done around the house between n
  21. QUOTE(eulessismore @ Dec 22 2007, 11:57 PM) I like the whole team, but I especially like Samir Baker, who will be overlooked as a recruit by many schools because of his size, but who impresses everyone who watches him play; GREAT cutback runner, IMO. I'll try to make short work of posting this reply, as I have to deal with a plumber coming here shortly. I feel that I MUST respond to the vision, height, and other attributes mentioned by NT80 and others; I CANNOT say enough good about this kid right now! The EulessTrinityTrojans website lists him as 5'6", 177 (they had him as 160 somethin
  22. Thanks for your support, everyone. It was a truly special and uplifting event for fans of the Euless Trinity Trojans football program. It was great seeing the well deserved media coverage of the Trinity program, and especially of Coach Lineweaver in the Friday DMN (I also heard he and the team were featured on Channel 8 news and the Fort Worth Star Telegram). It's really great to see such a wonderful person as Lineweaver achieve this success. Special mention should be made of: Samir Baker, who carried 40 times for 229 yards, helping eat up the clock in a scoreless second half. Justin Run
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