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  1. Texas A&M Announces 2020 Nonconference Schedule
  2. jperg2

    Houston, You Have A Problem

    Yea... Major Applewhite. 😭
  3. jperg2

    New Mexico Bowl Shirts

    Those are awful...
  4. jperg2

    #24 In the Coaches Poll....

    I was thinking the same thing when this came out... definitely a missed opportunity.
  5. jperg2

    UNT Teams With Affinity Licensing

    BUT... can we finally get a decent "replica" or "gameday" jersey for the fans!?!?!?!
  6. jperg2

    Things we need

    The return of "The Flying Tomato" !!!
  7. North Texas: 33 Southern Miss: 27
  8. jperg2

    UNT Stuff

    the site itself is acting like a storefront, since the details of all items in the result set detail that the items are either sold and/or shipped by other companies/stores/merchandise outlets.
  9. North Texas dropped 19 slots to sit at #50 Louisiana Tech jumped 25 slots to get ahead and rank at #49 SOURCE:
  10. Tease.... come on... I wanna see it!
  11. jperg2

    Official LATech Game Score Prediction Thread

    North Texas: 45 LA Tech: 21 ...earns us a #25 ranking in the polls. Yep!
  12. SOURCE:
  13. jperg2

    Last Big OOC Day for CUSA. Who wins?

    Wow... ODU win is a monster for CUSA. Nice to beat a #13 Virginia Tech team... congrats to them!
  14. Hopefully the weather delay is not a long one and the game can continue. I'd like to get out of there with a W please... need some more Easley, and a little better D when they run up the gut.