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  1. Victory Bell Rings: Penn State Football offers former North Texas defensive end Grayson Murphy. https://victorybellrings.com/2022/01/29/penn-state-football-offers-former-north-texas-defensive-end-grayson-murphy/
  2. This game was miserable to watch, glad I didn't waste $$ on a ticket. Aune's turnovers cost us, as did the penalties on both sides of the ball... very undisciplined team. I think another factor was not having our RB Torrey to shoulder the load, with him out I don't think the others backs helped much. Plus not scoring after that "gift" of a completion call in the 4th Qtr hurt too, and certainly was the nail in the coffin for this game. Ugh... we need some change, but at thins time I do not know if Littrell is "the Guy" to get us where we need to be before we hit the AAC.
  3. We are the "Mean Green", and we're gonna wear ALL WHITE? I just don't understand why we do this to ourselves. Jeez! 😖
  4. Safeway Bowl @ Apogee in Denton, Texas SMU to get a bowl bid ... this way the NCAA forces their fan base to drive to our house... EVERY. YEAR.
  5. Wonder how this make the ND players feel when they hear this... does it give them "bulletin board material" and make them better players for the next game... or do they keep it in the back of their minds and let is fester.
  6. How 'bout a Coach Speak/Slogan Forum, consisting of threads for the following: • Simon ==> "Safeway Bowl" • Dickey ==> "Dickey Ball", "The Buick" • Dodge ==> "Mendoza Defense" • McCarney ==> ??? • Canales (aka. Chico) ==> "Lock the Gate", "Hit 6" • Littrell ==> "At the end of the day..." ...feel free to create others as needed.
  7. The Pewter Plank: Buccaneers: Surprise roster change shows new team direction. https://thepewterplank.com/2021/10/18/buccaneers-roster-change-new-team-focus/
  8. After watching the first two possessions and having gone backwards due to stupid undisciplined penalties, I QUIT on this team, changed the channel, walked away from the TV and had a drink... it was over before it even started.
  9. What, how does Alexa know that? Very nice to whomever taught her that nugget of info. 🙂
  10. Darden made the 53-man roster: https://www.buccaneers.com/news/bucs-initial-53-man-roster-reaction-2021-training-camp "Darden appears to have beaten out Jaydon Mickens for the return job, thus securing the sixth spot."
  11. Projected to make the 53-man roster with Bucs... https://bucswire.usatoday.com/gallery/nfl-tampa-bay-buccaneers-roster-predictions-week-1-regular-season/ GMG!
  12. https://www.insider.com/tom-brady-mentoring-bucs-rookie-receiver-jaelon-darden-2021-8
  13. Jeff Wilson might not have been playing... but Jalen Guyt0n was... as I heard his name called a few times. https://www.chargers.com/video/easton-stick-jalen-guyton-completion-49ers-preseason-week-2-2021
  14. Darden is NOT one of the WRs cut this afternoon by the Bucs... https://thespun.com/nfl/nfc-south/tampa-bay-buccaneers/the-buccaneers-cut-3-notable-players-on-sunday
  15. when your under the gun then you take it on the run
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