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  1. jperg2

    New Mean Green Sports Website

    Might have to change your resolution to allow those selections to be available. If not, click the "hamburger" next to the "Menu" in the top left of the screen.
  2. jperg2

    Alumni Pavillion Expansion Update

    With the number of alumni that might attend (or we envision eventually attending) on game-days this does seen that the space allotted for the pavilion is still a bit small. I've been there numerous times in the past and the existing building/structure was packed. Granted it needed to be larger to begin with, but the design provided in the brochure/PDF seems that it will still lack the space needed to accommodate our alumni fan base on game-days. DESIGN for reference:
  3. jperg2

    Wilson Signs 3 Year Deal With 49ers

    LINK to story LINK to roster
  4. jperg2

    ESPN3 / TV Question

    Use a Chromecast and cast it to one of the screens in their establishment.
  5. jperg2

    Lance Dunbar video

    Here's to Lance getting a shiny new piece of jewelry this season.
  6. jperg2

    HOD Uniforms

    Bottom right photo... looks like chrome lids, green jersey.
  7. jperg2


    OMFG! Those are awesome! I've gotta get one of those!
  8. jperg2

    2 FREE TICKET TO S. MISS??? Not Free

    Noticed this when I purchased two tix to LaTech. Decided to chose the print option for getting tix and found it to cost an additional ~$4... in a separate transaction no less. Not cool... NOT COOL!
  9. jperg2

    Terrible Refs

    I thought I was the only one who noticed this. Glad I was not the only one who caught this.
  10. Just curious as I have not been in a while... Is there a cost associated with access to the Alumni Paviliion, or is it open to all Alumni? Was there before the game and went inside, sat a spell and watch some of the games on the TVs and a beer. As we were leaving I noticed folks getting wrist bands, and others inside were wearing them... I did not have one. So, I wondered how one gets a wrist band... is there a cost requirement, donation requirement, alumni requirement, or none of the above?
  11. jperg2

    Terrible Refs

    Yep, have to agree here... worst officiating I've seen in a long time. The targeting that was not. The incompletion that was. And to many other calls that weren't, and other no calls that were. Made for a pissed off me, and a reason my voice is now gone.
  12. jperg2

    Bowl Projections Update

    Anyone see this one? (apologies if posted already)