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  1. jperg2

    Things we need

    The return of "The Flying Tomato" !!!
  2. North Texas: 33 Southern Miss: 27
  3. jperg2

    UNT Stuff

    the site itself is acting like a storefront, since the details of all items in the result set detail that the items are either sold and/or shipped by other companies/stores/merchandise outlets.
  4. North Texas dropped 19 slots to sit at #50 Louisiana Tech jumped 25 slots to get ahead and rank at #49 SOURCE:
  5. Tease.... come on... I wanna see it!
  6. jperg2

    Official LATech Game Score Prediction Thread

    North Texas: 45 LA Tech: 21 ...earns us a #25 ranking in the polls. Yep!
  7. SOURCE:
  8. jperg2

    Last Big OOC Day for CUSA. Who wins?

    Wow... ODU win is a monster for CUSA. Nice to beat a #13 Virginia Tech team... congrats to them!
  9. Hopefully the weather delay is not a long one and the game can continue. I'd like to get out of there with a W please... need some more Easley, and a little better D when they run up the gut.
  10. jperg2

    Official Liberty Game Score Prediction Thread

    North Texas 52 Liberty 17 ...the following Sunday, the polls give us 8-10 votes.
  11. Good article, and worth the read. Source:
  12. Up to #39... move up 23 slots over the weekend. Source:
  13. No surprise Arkansas lost to North Texas. The Mean Green is one of the better Group of Five teams, and first-year Razorbacks coach Chad Morris didn’t inherit much from Bret Bielema. But a 44-17 beatdown in Fayetteville wasn’t part of the blueprint. The standout moment from that game came early when North Texas’ Keegan Brewer faked out the entire Arkansas team by pretending that he was going to fair catch a punt. When the Razorbacks stopped playing, Brewer took off, having never actually given the fair catch signal, and rumbled for a 90-yard touchdown. It’s one of the great fake-outs ever in football, though obviously embarrassing for Arkansas. But that wasn’t why Arkansas lost. Source:
  14. Best in Texas poll (Week 3): TCU and Texas A&M battle for top spot; North Texas continues to rise "North Texas, the area's lone unbeaten FBS school, saw itself rise in the poll for the second time in three weeks. The Mean Green dominated the SEC's Arkansas Razorbacks in Week 3 for a high-profile road win. After debuting at No. 8 in the Best in Texas preseason poll, UNT has climbed all the way up to No. 3, ahead of schools like Texas and Texas Tech, who each picked up big wins of their own in Week 3 (Texas topped USC while Texas Tech bested Houston in a game with more than 100 total points). Those two schools rounded out this week's top 5." 3. North Texas (3-0) The Mean Green hammered Arkansas 44-17 and captured national attention in the process. UNT had not beaten a "power five" conference opponent since 2011. (Brett Vito) SOURCE: