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  1. As a Bucs fan, I was hoping they would draft Brooks, Hambone, and Darden. Seeing them draft Darden was super awesome and then having them sign Brooks and Hambone later in the week is so cool. It will be tough for Brooks and Hambone but hoping they can both make the team. Luckily those are the 2 positions that they lack depth in and they tried out Brooks a few times this past season so they obviously like him.
  2. As a life-long, die-hard Bucs fan and UNT alum, I love the move. They have the best WR core in the NFL (truly five deep before Darden) but was still hoping they’d draft him. Arians has a history of using and loving smaller speedsters. He will definitely get the first opportunity to be the PR and KR as that is really their only weakness currently. He will definitely have to fight for playing time as he will come in as WR6, but they will definitely scheme up ways to get him the ball. Arians said that he has been talking to Tom about the draft picks and that Brady is already really excited about
  3. Yes and no. The senior bowl is definitely the premier game and every player that is invited to both will choose the senior bowl if they go to either. However the shrine game is usually the week before and a few players from the Shrine game that have the best weeks usually get “promoted” and invited to the senior bowl as well. Obviously not the case with no practices and game for the Shrine bowl this year, but potentially a player could get hurt or opt out of the Senior bowl and Darden could get an invite.
  4. That’s stupid to say. He played hard here and had some great years. If he stays at UNT he is going to have a young QB that has basically never played in college determining his NFL future. He would probably max out as a 4th-5th round pick with everything going perfect here. He has a chance to be a 2nd round pick or so if he has a good year at a P5. I don’t want to see him leave either, but people also have to be realistic. This is a family decision to potentially set them up for years to come. I love UNT, but anyone that would put a school above doing what is best for his family an
  5. I remember him being knocked for making TOO many tackles in college and that they thought he couldn’t make plays at the LOS because of that.
  6. Fine measured in at 5’ 9 3/4”. That is probably about the worst thing that could’ve happened for him. Really needed like 5’ 11”. Stupid to think that 1.25” would make a big deal but the NFL has a track record for being stupid.
  7. As I don’t follow Kansas at all, I honestly have no clue whether or not he is a good hire. The thing that gives me pause is that he was the DC/S coach here in 2011 and then almost a decade later he takes the same job again. Obviously he seems like a loyal guy so that may play into it, but if he is to be a great/good DC you’d think that he wouldn’t be taking the same DC job at the same CUSA program a decade later and would instead be moving up the ladder... Obviously I hope that he works out and wish him nothing but the best, but I can definitely see how it would be hard for some people to
  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/247sports.com/college/north-texas/Article/North-Texas-football-staff-promotions-Tommy-Mainord-Jeff-Koonz-Luke-Walerius-129392701/Amp/ “Luke Walerius, North Texas' director of recruiting, will continue overseeing all of the Mean Green's recruiting efforts. However, Walerius will also take on the title of Chief of Staff, which will involve him directly assisting head coach Seth Littrell with day-to-day duties within the football program.” To me it seems like they could be grooming Walerius to be the next HC if Littrell leaves in the next coupl
  9. Im not sure if it’s already been mentioned but if Riley is coming on board as RB coach like was mentioned previously, then Nichol almost makes too much sense. Looks like he coached under Littrell as WRs coach at Arizona for 3 years and coached with Garrett Riley for 3 years at East Carolina. Would make a lot of sense relationally and schematically.
  10. The deadline was January 14th so he’s locked in and can’t come back. Hopefully he can catch on with someone, though I’d say at best he was the third best receiver at UNT so not super likely. I’m guessing with all the young talented guys coming up he figured his stock probably wouldn’t increase more and since he already has his degree might as well try now with his high school pedigree and his CUSA newcomer of the year more recent.
  11. He signed custom ”Mean Joe” cokes this year at the scholarship event honoring his late wife.
  12. I agree. It seems like Harrell and Littrell put together a good game plan but then Harrell sticks with it even after the defense adapts. I think he just needs to learn to better adapt and have confidence to deviate from the game plan.
  13. I think that Harrell is a great QB coach as evidenced by Fine’s growth. The problem is that unlike being a QB coach where he can directly use his playing experience, play calling takes time to develop. I think he has a lot of potential as a coach but I think the frustration stems from his play calling not developing as fast as many fans would like. The offense has been good but has left a lot of points on the board from suspect play calling at times.
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