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  1. I mean, yes but also no? They went 6-26 after losing to us before this season started. So if you're asking if I'd rather my team be 4-0, yes, but yeah.
  2. I know we're all trying to figure out the best way forward with our football team's HC but I don't know why we're ignoring Nick Saban as an option. Depending on who you ask, he's one of the more promising coaches in the country and I think we should consider him. Even though his plucky Alabama squad looks beatable I think we should give him a shot.
  3. I have to imagine Bennett would interim but the most likely scenario is we win 2-3 more games and SL is relieved at the end of the year.
  4. The Arkansas win propelled a LOT of hype for that team, but yeah their other 3 wins were a not good SMU team, Incarnate Word, and Liberty. And Arkansas was beyond terrible that year. So yeah, it really does not take a ton.
  5. It's gonna be a fat reload after losing a lot of talent, but our coaching staff is A grade and we've recruited well. We may not repeat as conf champions (we might!) but I see no scenario where we arent playing postseason basketball
  6. He is 8-24 against teams at or above .500, nah we are WAY past that. Be cordial and respect his humanity while being critical of his job performance? Yes. Coddle him and his staff and pretend everything is fine in the meantime? No.
  7. Who do you suggest interims for 9 games?
  8. WB has exceeded any and all expectations I had of him during his tenure here. Not only did he make a home run hire in Grant Mac for hoops, but he’s overseen improvements to facilities, game day experiences, uniforms, outreach/marketing, etc. He is seriously one of the best people we could have doing his job. Whatever happens I trust he’ll make the right decision.
  9. Because Baylor made probably the greatest turnaround hires in the history of college sports with Matt Rhule and Scott Drew. The people who gave/give Baylor and schools like them flack will come for North Texas HARD if Briles is hired here.
  10. I don't know if you read my post a few days ago but Saturday night was literally, and I say this with no UNT bias, LITERALLY the worst sporting event experience I've ever had. Their parking sucks. Their PA sucks. Their gate entry lines were like a mile long. Their fans suck - okay that is the bias slipping through, but it's true. Lol. Their bleachers are uncomfortable. So are ours but I have season tickets and cushions so teehee. Everything about GF sucks. It's an awful college stadium and I genuinely hated my experience there regardless of my fan affiliation. I don't LOVE Apogee but it's miles better.
  11. They're 14-7 in their last 21, including a promising 2020 season.... and they opened this year beating a really good SJSU team.... am I missing something? I get that's not dominance like USC expects but what a weird time to fire a head coach.
  12. What on earth has Wren done that you think he needs to go? He's been far and away one of the best AD's in the state. He did not hire Seth Littrell.
  13. Wren Baker is an excellent athletic director. If we move on from Seth I trust WB 10000% to make the right hire.
  14. We can achieve Briles level success with a coach that doesn't bring Briles history. There are plenty of candidates elsewhere.
  15. Art Briles cannot coach here. He just can't. We cannot let that happen. I know it sounds tantalizing. He boosted Houston and Baylor to soaring heights. He is an offensive guru. He gets us to G5 elite status, and quickly, if all goes according to plan. But man, the negative PR is just. Not. Worth it. It's one thing to be irrelevant and meh. It's another to be irrelevant and meh and be nationally hated. You risk universally being disliked across the CFB landscape on the offchance you win, not BECAUSE you're winning, which is different. We all know and saw what Briles did for Baylor. It's tempting. But we can't do it.
  16. I covered TAMUC football for the one semester I went there in 2015 before transferring to UNT. Coach Carthel is the real deal and a swell human being. I'm not 100% on the move on from Seth train just yet but if that's the move Carthel is absolutely a guy we need to eye.
  17. I'm glad you had a good time! I hope most UNT fans did! Like i said in the OP I do not want to generalize and lump all SMU fans together. I talked to and met plenty who were more than cordial and respectful last night.
  18. This annoys me but I don't really care. From a football perspective I'm hardly upset after last night compared to how pissed I am from the behavior of the clowns in the front row of my section. I even tweeted about what I saw and I have multiple SMU fans in my mentions saying stuff like "Save some girls for the rest of us". It's absolutely disgusting. SMU can win 100 games against us for all I care. It's not about football. I don't want to see cheerleaders getting cat called and air humped at SMU, North Texas, or any school. Those are 18-22 year old boys and girls passionately supporting their school and they do a damn good job of it. Nobody deserves to be sexually harassed, least of all by 40 year old drunk bozos at a damn football game. It's embarrassing and I'm ashamed that those 4 individuals may return to GFS and continue that behavior. Anyway.
  19. I thought I would enjoy tonight's game as long as UNT stayed competitive. Unfortunately, football was the last thing I could focus on. Parking sucked. No signs to direct where to park after 5 pm. Had to park 20 mins away from GFS and stand in a line for 35 mins to get in at Gate 6. The guy sitting next to me chanted cee-UNT in the second quarter while it was 3-0. Okay. Same fan called our players "P***y boy" when they would go down with injuries. His friend banged on the benches every time SMU was on defense, causing the kid (prob 3-4 years old) behind me to cry and scream half the game. Worst of all, and I do not say this lightly, I was subjected to four drunk SMU assholes at the front of my section harassing our cheerleaders. Cat calling and doing jerk off motions, reprehensible behavior. There were kids and families from both teams sitting around me and they were never told to stop, so they didn't. I tried really hard not to swear and I will refrain from doing so but I am livid. The worst sporting game experience I have ever had. I do not intend to paint a broad brush stroke on SMU fans with this post but I am absolutely appalled with what I saw tonight. I do not take the gameday and fan experience at Apogee for granted.
  20. You walked past us at the NSU game and my mother, I kid you not, said to me "That is the most adorable baby I have ever seen". So, good job!
  21. I'll play the GB songs/cheers on my phone and bring a bluetooth speaker. Section 121 bout to go nuts
  22. Hank said during the coaches show tonight he and Dave were recording interviews for BTG today. Has an episode aired yet? Does anyone know if we’re getting it this year? I miss it a lot.
  23. I won't be happy with the result, but I can live with a 10-14 point loss. Long as we're competing, I will be content. Anything other than being down 28-6 in the second please.
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