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  1. What does any of that have to do with our game down there next year? We're miles ahead of Texas State. Also we walked into a 72,000 seater last year (albeit, not full nor fully energized) and did just fine.
  2. The reason for no uniform post is because we've known for a while now it's gonna be a whiteout. UAB, FIU, WKU and Charlotte all wore them tonight so I guess we will too.
  3. Just saw the highlight. 4 Bucs touched him and not one of em knocked him down. Way to go JG!
  4. I think the defense maybe gives up a couple big plays but overall gives us one of their better performances we'll see from them this season. Gimme UNT 48 ACU 17
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong but last year's first episode didn't air until the thursday after the SMU game. I'm pretty sure it used to be a twice a week thing now boiled down to one after every game.
  6. I've been hearing Shorter had a phenomenal off-season. I'm excited to see what he does in games.
  7. So instead of applauding him for focusing on his health and safety we're going to criticize him for not deciding to give up the game he's dedicated his life to sooner? This is an atrocious take.
  8. Mason Fine isn't even getting thought of in the same sentence as "Heisman" unless we go 14-0/13-1 and Clemson and Alabama and Georgia all have disappointing seasons. Not to be the fun police, but the coaching staff is well aware that the push for him as a Heisman candidate from the school is merely for publicity and image. Which is good! But I promise Reeder has not a thought in his head of padding stats in his first year as a division 1 OC.
  9. The fact that I'm seeing so many people on Twitter with actual anger towards Luck is both appalling and disgusting. The opinion that he "quit" on the Colts is apparently widely held, which is despicable, and he got booed out of Lucas Oil tonight. Awful.
  10. The weather was pretty awful at the USM game as well. And if I remember correctly it rained a little bit before kickoff at the FAU game but maybe not. There couldn't have been more than 7 or 8,000 in their seats for kickoff at UIW/USM. Kinda sucks when a third of your home games' attendance in a season are dampened by storms, so let's hope for better weather this year!
  11. The Solid Verbal is hands down the most well-informed, committed college football podcast. I learn a lot about players and teams from it because I can only watch so many games every Saturday. The Shutdown Fullcast is the drunk uncle of college football podcasts and is plenty fun to listen to for a good laugh. Also, some people find him annoying, but I really do love Bill Simmons' podcast work at the Ringer. He has fun guests on and I get a good kick out of the B.S. podcast.
  12. Loren Easly with a comeback season we can tell our grandkids about. I hope he can stay healthy and get a full season of dominant tackle shedding in. 200 carries 1,200 yards 12 touchdowns
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