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  1. Damn, it's almost like Wren Baker is a really good athletic director and knows what he's doing.
  2. SMU doesn't have to approve jack. It doesn't require unanimous approval.
  3. Absolutely. Get to keep the rivalry with UTSA going, Tulsa and Tulane are geographically close and we have history with them, SMU can get bent hahahahahha we're in a conference with them FINALLY LMFAOOOOOOOOO This is huge. This is gonna boost attendance at Apogee. The only schools I'll genuinely miss are La. Tech and USM. We got out of the gutter of college football. At least temporarily. Lastly, I don't know this adds up but I hope the timeline works out that year one in the AAC is with a new coach in his first year. Start completely fresh.
  5. Damn that's crazy. Anyway when is Graham Harrell's plane landing?
  6. We have money, but I don't believe we have enough money to lure Dykes or Traylor away. They will have FAR better offers than North Texas on the table very quickly.
  7. Hey y'all! First of all, if this kind of post is not allowed (didn't see anything in the rules) then please please PLEASE don't hesitate to take it down. For those of you who don't know me personally, my name is Carter. I graduated from UNT B.A. class of Dec '19. Over the summer I was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism. Early diagnosis believes it is from COVID, because 24 year old guys don't get pulmonary embolisms rarely ever. I have started a gofundme if anyone wants to help me get rid of my medical bills. I live on my own, have a dog, and work full time, but I was completely blindsided by these medical problems this summer. Because of blood clotting in my lungs, I've had a lot of physical and neurological issues the last few months that have been really hard to keep up with and combat. Since June, I've had an MRI, two CT scans, multiple rounds of blood work, an echocardiogram, and other assorted medical treatment to make sure my blood is flowing properly. I do not expect, nor am I directly asking for help. Even keeping me in your well wishes or prayers means the world. I love the UNT family a lot and just figured this was worth dropping in here. But I am dropping a gofundme link below if anyone wishes to contribute. I am expected to make a full recovery, but I'm still on blood thinners and getting medical treatment to get my blood back to normal. I'm very fresh out of UNT and still trying to navigate my way into the "real world" with my job, and any financial help will help me get through a stressful holiday season by helping me get rid of medical bills in the thousands of dollars. I am a very humble person and hate to ask for help, so if this kind of post is not welcome in these forums please, again, feel free to let me know. As I said, even just keeping me in your well wishes is more help than y'all will ever know. I've been pretty active on this site for a few years now and my UNT fandom and love for UNT/Mean Green alums are a huge part of what have helped me get through the last few months. Thanks a million. https://gofund.me/76dbf192
  8. A 3 and Out coach would mean he'd have gotten us to new heights as a coach. Look at UCF, Boise State, Cincinnati, Baylor, etc. All have maintained, if not improved upon, the success that their young hot coaching candidates brought them. It's much better to hire a new coach after losing the one that gets you wins than it is to hire one after whatever cluster F this season ends up being
  9. I agree with literally everything you said. However, yes our offense was inflated by Darden, but we weren't losing BECAUSE of our offense. Once again though, there wasn't a logic behind firing him in 2019 and you can't fire a HC who made a bowl in 2020.
  10. Nobody was getting fired for making a bowl during a COVID year. If UNT goes 4-8 in 2020 with normal life circumstances maybe you let him go. But we were one of the best offenses in college football last year and made a bowl during a pandemic. There's just no justification for letting a coach go with that at the time.
  11. His current contract expires after 2022. He makes $1.2 million a year. We can afford to get this dude back in Denton and pay him handsomely to get NT into the limelight. He has been nothing but successful as an offensive coach and he knows how to develop talent. 2009 - Oklahoma State (Offensive quality control) - 28.4 YPG, 367 YPG. Nothing crazy, but still notable. 2014 Washington State (WR coach) - 477 passing YPG (1st nationally), 3.8 passing TD per game (T-1st nationally), 3 of the top 33 WR's in CFB in touchdowns per game 2015 Washington State (WR coach) - 389 passing YPG (1st nationally), 3.2 passing TD per game (5th nationally), 2 of the top 15 WR's in CFB in touchdowns per game 2016 North Texas (OC/QB coach) - gonna redact 2016 as it was a rebuilding year and we went back and forth at QB. 2017 North Texas (OC/QB coach) - 35.5 points per game (2nd in CUSA/19th nationally), 456 YPG (2nd in CUSA/24th nationally), 6.2 yards per play (2nd in CUSA/32nd nationally) 2018 North Texas (OC/QB coach) - 34.6 points per game (2nd in CUSA/28th nationally), 460 YPG (2nd in CUSA/20th nationally), 6.2 yards per play (3rd in CUSA/28th nationally) 2019 USC (OC/QB coach) - 32.5 points per game (3rd in Pac-12/35th nationally), 454 YPG (2nd in Pac-12/20th nationally), 6.5 yards per play (2nd in Pac-12/15th nationally) 2020 USC (OC/QB coach) - discounted because of COVID but USC was still top 50 in YPG and points 2021 USC (OC/QB coach) - as of Oct 18 USC ranks 27th nationally in YPG at 448.2, 42nd nationally in PPG at 32.2 and 41st nationally at 6.1 YPP. He can't stay sitting as USC's OC forever. He's clearly succeeded offensively everywhere he's been. Guys he was linked with here (Joel Filani, John David Baker, Tashard Choice) were all great position coaches and have high regard and respect. He (and those he would bring) has Texas roots and can establish a legacy here. It's a low risk, high reward situation for both schools. Graham Harrell is far and away the best choice to coach North Texas into a new era of conference realignment and success. Disagree? Debate a wall
  12. He's had years? Seriously? So you're saying we should have fired Seth after 2019, fresh after back to back 9 win seasons? Should we have fired him after making a bowl, yes even despite the circumstances, in 2020? When exactly during the last six years do you think it would've behooved Wren Baker to fire the head football coach? Genuine question. You are correct that we shouldn't have expected much from SL this year. That is true. We're going to lose games regardless. This team isn't doing anything much better than 2-10/3-9 at best. As I stated in the OP, Wren has a history of carefully choosing the right avenues of success for literally every sport at NT. There is no track record of him failing at football leadership here or anywhere during his career. Give him a chance to play his cards and get the train back on the tracks, and if he doesn't, then criticizing WB is valid. Right now it is not.
  13. This is literally the most important point of the entire post. People just downvoting me because they're mad we're losing. I forgot Wren Baker was our offense quality control coach. Christ. You have to literally convince some fans that WB didn't hire Littrell. He hasn't made a football head coaching hire. It's ridiculous how quick people are to jump the gun and blame him before he even gets the chance to fix things.
  14. Huh, did my math wrong then. Even then, the success of our athletic department outside of football speaks for itself.
  15. Since September 22, 2018, North Texas's longest win streak is 2 games, a feat they have accomplished a mere 3 teams. Since September 22, 2018, North Texas is 14-23 with three 2-game win streaks. That's it.
  16. Hilarious that he says "We're not going to lay down and give up" when that is exactly what the team does every week in the first half. 35-12 loss to SMU 30-0 halftime deficit to UAB 24-0 deficit to LA Tech in the first half 31-7 halftime deficit to a very meh Mizzou team 42-7 halftime deficit to a very average Marshall team Did the team not "lay down and give up" when they lost the 2017 CUSA championship by 24? Or the 2017 NOLA Bowl by 20? Or the 2018 NM Bowl by 38? Or the app state bowl by 28? Did the team not "lay down and give up" when they trailed 34-7 to SMU at halftime last year? Did the team not "lay down and give up" when they lost by 21 to Houston in 2019? Or when they lost by 35 to Louisiana Tech the same year? All this team does is lay down and die.
  17. Seriously. Enough. Just because Seth isn't winning, don't blame his boss. Every single sport at UNT that is school-sponsored has won a championship in CUSA since Wren took over except for football. Is football the most "important"? Yes. But he has given us a new practice facility, top of the line uniforms, MASSIVELY improved the Apogee gameday experience. Stop blaming Wren Baker for extending Littrell after back-to-back 9 win seasons. Anyone in WB's shoes would've done the same thing. That was not a stain on his tenure here. Seth Littrell is going to be gone very soon. The team is only going to get worse if we fire Seth mid-season. They're going to lose regardless. It makes no sense financially or for team morale to can a head coach midway through a season. None of the candidates who we could hit a home run with are going to abandon their teams mid season. We all want better. We all expect better. I'm tired of seeing people saying Wren is a bad athletic director. He's one of, if not the best, among G5 ADs. There is absolutely no reason to assume he won't take care of the football program and get us steered straight in the very near future, but please can it with the "I'm not going to the game because of Wren Baker" garbo takes.
  18. It is objectively a good job. We could go 0-12 for a decade straight and it would still be a good job. Massive tier 1 university in DFW with a healthy alumni base. Proof that people care about us when we're good. Rich history in our own way. Relatively new stadium. The same things that are going to save us through this conference realignment are what make the job "good"
  19. The AAC, MWC and Sun Belt all have mega million deals with ESPN for broadcasting. CUSA doesn't. That's the only pro that matters. Get into a conference where people can watch our games.
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