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  1. They can kiss the lower behind of my posterior. Seth is 4-0 vs Dimel. 17 point loss with most of our key contributors returning? Come on.
  2. Who cares? Houston is going to smack them around.
  3. Don't care what our record is but if we lose to Smu AND Utsa AND Memphis AND don't make/lose a bowl, I will be ehhhhhhh very upset
  4. I want AA to be great with every ounce of my being. We also heard that Ruder was blowing people away in camp last year and look how that turned out. I also know that Aune threw 0TD/2INT and went 15/32 in his last game. I can't shake. 16-31 for 121 yards and 0TD/2INT against a very meh Marshall team. 8/21 for like 60 yards and a goose egg against UAB. He was the QB for one of the bottom 20-30 passing offenses in FBS last year. He's one of the hardest working and most lovable teammates on the roster, and he has my support if the coaching staff believes in him and he's out there taking snaps as my alma mater's QB, but man..... enough talk. Let's see it.
  5. Yeah man baseball hasnt proven it can advance any TX programs, just look at Rice, or Texas, or Texas Tech, or DBU, or TCU, or A&M, or
  6. I will still be in attendance at games but I certainly am not spending the amount on season tickets that I have in recent years. In recent years I've skipped weddings (not important ones lol) and all myriad of personal stuff in the fall curating my schedule around MGFB but i just dont have the patience to do that this year for a team I know will finish 6-6 ish. Not to beat a dead horse but barring drastic improvements we're looking at probably a hefty loss to SMU, Memphis, and others. And I really hope I'm wrong. But the track record is there. I wouldn't even call it fence sitting or frustration, I just feel... jaded? I still care and will be present but I don't care like I did a few years ago (i'm 25+recent grad)
  7. No one is going to like to hear this, but we can barely get 10k to a game on a good day when the program isn't at soaring heights. Let's worry about winning and steady, consistent competitiveness before we open an expansion thread for the 300th time. Respectfully!
  8. He should give himself a good birthday present by winning 10 games this year
  9. "You group of five schools" Either a really poor troll joke or blatant lack of self-awareness.
  10. Almost like we don't have a winning culture/staff established here and that's been evident since late 2018 and we should've done something about it by now.
  11. So ready to get out of this garbage conference. 0 night games after Memphis and 0 home night games after Texas Southern. Cannot wait until we get nice Friday night/Saturday night games on ESPN once in a while and can actually rewatch them later without cable. I haven't been able to rewatch a NT football game in full in years because they get lost in the ether thanks to Judy's inability market her product. See ya, CUSA!
  12. Big Game Boomer has about as much credibility as Amber Heard Plus KD a top 5 LB in CFB don't @ me
  13. Beating UTSA and getting a top 25 rank and a conference championship sounds even better.
  14. And we're getting Oscar back this year. We're gonna do it to them again lololol
  15. The talent is there. I don't know what went cataclysmically wrong with his confidence last year. Maybe it was the slow ass tempo. I don't know. I'm not particularly interested in getting excited for another 1-6 start and another bowl loss and another season of getting smacked around by rival schools. If Ruder is the guy he has to be THE guy.
  16. According to Roach's twitter, UTEP is his only other FBS offer at the moment. Are you aware that our 2022 class ranks ahead of only FIU, FAU and UTEP in CUSA on 247's system? Our 247 average class rating is at an 82.01. Lower than every FBS school in Texas except for UTEP. You'll forgive me for being trite but this is really frustrating that we are seemingly the best option for a lot of D2-level guys while the rest of FBS collects transfers from each other.
  17. Wow, very reassuring to know we're beating out West Texas A&M and Pittsburgh State for recruits. Yawn.
  18. The same SMU that has beaten us by a combined 73 points the last 3 years?
  19. We've lost all five of those bowls. 4 of them by at least 13 points, 2 by 35+. I'm sorry to be that guy, but we should have higher expectations of our program. You can argue that historically this is better than we've ever had it and yeah, that's probably true, but I'm sorry, I don't see 0-5 in the postseason and a 3-14 record against SMU/La Tech/UAB under Littrell as anything worth saying "Well, at least we have this!" over. TCU can have 10 win seasons and championship contention. SMU can get ranked and have success. UTSA did it this year. I don't understand why expecting more from North Texas is frowned upon. I don't fundamentally disagree with what you're saying. It is the best and most optimistic era of NT football we've ever had, but complacency is just going to keep us where we're at. We are not one guy away from 9-10 wins next year. Are we all of a sudden going to figure out how to beat the Ponies? Louisiana Tech was awful this year and they still beat us. I just don't understand why wanting more and not being complacent is a bad thing.
  20. I know what expectations to place and not to place on this program. But as someone who gives to the MGSF, is a season ticket holder, etc., I am truly finding it hard to care about the upcoming season. I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars per seat for me and my family to watch us get the tar beat out of us, and that's the likely scenario. I've done it for six years (which is nothing compared to some others on this board lolololol). Southern Miss was probably a shoe-in win for us this year at home, and that game will be gone now. SMU is going to kick us up and down the field once again. UTSA is not going to bend over and take it in San Antonio. They HATE us and will want to get payback. What can be done to generate hope and higher expectations? Because I really do not feel like giving hundreds of dollars to the program this year, but I do not want to back down from my unwavering support of this team.
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