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  1. Even in the blowout losses, the defense is not what killed us. Our offense has taken a significant step backwards in terms of passing abilities and it's kept the defense on the field A LOT more than they probably wanted to be this year. If we have a Mason Fine (I know, just hang with me) on this team we probably go 9-3/10-2 or so. I love Aune so much and he is worthy of our respect but if this team had a QB who could really get the ball moving.... man I don't think we lose a couple of those early games as badly as we do.
  2. Aune is likely the starter headed into next year. I have all the respect and admiration for him as a person. He is an easy dude to root for and the team loves him. But we are not going to eclipse any success here with him at the helm. We need to hammer the transfer portal hard this offseason.
  3. Houston is far more legitimate than UTSA and would probably beat us pretty soundly. Dont like saying that but it is true. Would much prefer a more level matchup. Not to disrespect ourselves either but if I was Houston I would be pretty disappointed with that matchup, given the state of the two programs and their seasons.
  4. (I just wanted an excuse to post this in here and have more laughs at nUTSAcks expense)
  5. Bruh he just beat an 11-0 top 25 team with basically no QB and no WRs
  6. I'll be there! Probably going to develop a cold but oh well. Worth it.
  7. If you can't understand the sentiment of what he's expressing you don't know ball.
  8. I feel like 2 of these things coming to fruition gives us a good chance. McCormick isn't going to run for 244 yards again.
  9. Thanks for using a single post to let me know to never talk UNT ball with you in person. What an absolutely pathetic and selfish mindset. My view of success is cheering for a North Texas victory every Saturday they take the field. Never cheer for the good guys to lose. GMG
  10. Also, not to jinx it, but we have not allowed a single sack since the Liberty game
  11. I've seen a lot of people say Aune makes or breaks this game for us. While we desperately need a statline outside of his weaker performances (~150 yards, 0 TD 1/2 INT), I don't think he needs to be anything better than just okay. I know people are tired of the over commitment to the run, but we need to HAMMER it Saturday. They are a front seven that has barely allowed 100 RYPG, but UAB rushed for 220 yards and literally gave UTSA that game. I'm not trying to take anything away from UTSA (yes I am, who am I kidding) but UAB wins if they go for it on fourth and literal inches instead of cowardly punting it away. Western Kentucky (one of the most efficient offenses in college football) were able to spread the ball out and still rush for 147 yards against UTSA and lost by six. Illinois rushed for 150 and lost by 7. My point is, we need the RB core to go nuts on Saturday. QBs like Bailey Zappe, Dylan Hopkins and Artur Sitkowski have been able to exploit their secondary. But we NEED three separate 50+yard rushers. We need to wear them out on defense. Our defense has been phenomenal this year. Phe-no-me-nal. They've allowed 380 total YPG (which is pretty good) and that's largely inflated due to how quickly our offense has given the ball right back to opponents since week one. If we can show up, establish any sort of running game, prevent turnovers, and keep our defense off the field as much as possible, folksd we have a chance. WKU played their game and hung 46 on them. They needed miracles to beat Memphis and UAB. They struggled with Southern Miss, who we destroyed. This team is beatable. RUN THE EFFIN BALL.
  12. If we lose, an entire fan base full of egotistical assholes who have been dogging on us all week get to celebrate and mock us further. If we lose, we don't get to go to a bowl game. If we lose, UTSA will have a winning record over us, a perfect season (we have zero), and - assuming the score is true to prediction - a blowout victory over us for the second year in a row. You should absolutely be upset if we lose Saturday.
  13. This is correct. Nothing you said is untrue. But we never ever EVER cheer for the Mean Green to lose.
  15. People can downvote me all they want but his offense has consistently ranked in the top percentile in FBS. He is the reason Mason Fine developed into what he did. He had repertoire here.
  16. Graham Harrell is the best candidate to take this program over.
  17. Seth just won his first game against a team with a winning record since 2017, and he was inches away from blowing it. Goodbye.
  18. Good. As they should. SMU, UTSA, UAB have every right to dog on us. It sucks but it is true. Seth can't beat any of them so they can keep talking.
  20. Erect a statue outside of Apogee for the Murphy twins and their performance this year.
  21. Just a reminder that Graham Harrell is ripe for the taking from USC and was the main catalyst behind the driving players of our success from 2016-18 Just reminding yall we can afford him and he can get us back to relevance
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