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  1. I agree. They didn't even have the screens showing the game. A good idea with terrible execution. Is it really that difficult to do?
  2. We just got back from the game. If any of you wonder why Denton doesn't support this team, tonight should be the answer. Nevertheless, here are two gripes: 1) We walked straight into the UNT merchandise store ready to buy, and all they had were some golf shirts, a few hoodies, and some t-shirts. My wife says, "they don't even have any women's wear." WTF? The selection was absolutely pitiful for a gameday store. It's not "supply chain" issues either, it was this bad last year. A stadium full of customers but no compelling merchandise? Only at UNT. 2) I had to wait for my wife, so I sat at Alumni Pavilion around 6pm. Not a soul there. Some folks walked up and said, "It looks like nobody uses it." After the game . . . completely dark. For the life of me, I don't know why UNT doesn't use this great facility. It's got a good outside seating area and is in a great location, but it's completely under utilized. Why not light it up after the game and invite folks to come on in and have a drink after the game? Maybe invite some alumni over? Nope. Once again, UNT doesn't exploit opportunities for a better fan experience. Sad.
  3. As you can tell from my name, this is sad news. Although jazz is certainly not popular, the jazz programming at KNTU was a unique and quirky characteristic of UNT. Sadly, these unique characteristics are disappearing quickly. This will be the beginning of KNTU chasing/changing formats every few years searching for that elusive young radio listener that no longer exists. It won't be long before it will be just like all the other generic FM stations that no one listens to or appreciates.
  4. What are the plans for tailgating before the game? We've never attended a game at Toyota stadium. Anyone have an area they've already checked out?
  5. Let's just skip to colleges sponsoring minor league teams, and get rid of the entire idea of a "student athlete." Colleges get simply pay the athletes, and the athletes can pay for an education if they want to.
  6. Thanks for the responses. We'll be there for SMU.
  7. Hello everyone, what was the tailgating scene like on Saturday? We really enjoy tailgating a couple times every season, but between the masks and max attendance levels, we're concerned that there isn't much going on before the game. Any comments comparing Saturday with a typical game day?
  8. I'm a professor, and in the last few years when I mention football, even pro football, I get more and more blank stares. Of course, there is still a percentage of students who "connect," but there appears to be a growing number who do not. Maybe this late millennial generation cares less about football, like prior generations have cared less about boxing or baseball.
  9. I like Chik Fil A but not to the point of puking. :) I'll be in 206 row 5 seat 22!
  10. Huge thanks to everyone who has offered their tailgate scene to me. I will make it a mission to stop by and hang out with each of you. My name's Aaron, and I'll be wearing all green (including shoes) and my lucky cowboy hat. I'm really looking for to this game, and I predict great things!
  11. I'm a long-time lurker here, and the wife and I attend a couple of games every year. Unfortunately, this year the wife is out of town, but I can't miss the UTSA game, so I'm flying solo. I'd like to take the opportunity to check out the tailgating scene before the game. If anyone has an extra seat on their tailgate, I'd be grateful to hang with a crew. I'm your generic middle aged white guy who listens to the Ticket and loves beer. Thanks!
  12. The longer this deal went on, the shakier it got. If there's a demand, and the resulting profit, for convention space, someone will build it. Why involve the government at all?
  13. Yes, the UNT Library system was partially funded by the state, and it should have been funded only with student fees. The UNT library, which is grossly underfunded and showing it, had nothing directly to do with the shortfall. Funding is determined way above the paygrade of librarians or even the dean.
  14. I just bought some UNT shirts and hats at the Walmart on 288. They offred two or three designs. Not a wide selection but plenty of stock.
  15. The provost's letter is a direct response to public outcry. Believe me, he would have never responded so quickly if there wasn't a growing movement. Nevertheless, the Provost never states that the cuts aren't mandated, they are, it's just a question have how they will affect the library. Right now, it appears that the administration is beginning to muddy the waters so the PR damage can be minimal. I know this topic isn't football related, but you folks know better than most the hurt that comes with supporting a university that appears not to return that support.
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