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  1. Has anyone told Seth his battle flag is hanging upside down?
  2. LaTech might lose their land to LSU. However, what I expect to happen is: 1: LSU claims Alaska/Washington from Auburn 9/15 2: LaTech claims Alaska/Washington/SE Louisiana from LSU 9/22 3: NT claims Alaska/Washington/NW-SE Louisiana/SW Arkansas from LaTech 9/29
  3. It makes me sad that for the next 24 hours I will have watched more SMU football this season than Mean Green football.
  4. We've lost 2 in a row. This is a must win.
  5. How does everyone feel about playing Liberty?
  6. Athletic Director reassigned. This is where TD or Lineweaver end up.
  7. The people running the tournament are probably a good source for this info: CBI Website
  8. Throwback uniforms for the game?
  9. To make me feel better, I’m telling myself it’s all to maximize ticket sales, interest in the bowls and wins for the conference. Neither us nor USM is going to move the needle of the casual fan for the Independence Bowl. FSU is doing all that. Ticket sales, again neither of us are going to outdo the other significantly there. That leaves potential wins. I think we have the better win probability against Troy. This is also why FAU is playing at home. Ticket sales. Poor bastards.
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