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  1. They don't care about you. Sorry to break the news.
  2. ChatGPT gave this: "The poster respectfully disagrees with a mindset that presumes everyone wants to play in the NFL, highlighting the subjective nature of personal values in contrast to the NFL's attempts to establish a D-League. They argue that athletes have diverse aspirations, such as pursuing careers in professional wrestling or exploring opportunities in various football leagues, emphasizing the need to consider alternative paths beyond the NFL. Additionally, the poster criticizes the overemphasis on the value of a college degree, pointing out the decreasing worth of degrees in the current educational landscape and advocating for exploring unconventional career paths."
  3. Cal has 1.2M in their NIL bank that only got there from a matching donation of 500k. They are not swimming in fan money and they are certainly not paying a 5 time transferee from North Texas for one year of service the big payout.
  4. It's so to heavy with a small number of players getting the 7 figure deal that it skews the numbers. There's no way they make that money. Ethan Miner, !?!
  5. They will see a QB that hadn't had any success at the four other schools and in a Morris 'system' put up some good numbers. He wasn't all conference and we didn't make a bowl game. No one is paying him a million dollars for one year on their team. He isn't a national name that is going to make a splash for any program to put butts in seats or will sizzle on TV.
  6. If you go look at his stats here, he wasn't *truly* the world beater everyone here likes to think. He is like Maclin, had a good season. Yes, I think he should have stayed here, but IMO it doesn't hurt his potential earnings since Auburn has more WRs in the league and has more opportunity to get in front of scout eyes.
  7. Rogers is really fun to watch. Aune destroyed my QB will. Rogers has healed it.
  8. I think the other team always thinks they're up big enough they can start passing. UAB will start running again now. Just my layman's eye
  9. Are we here to talk football or just practice your rally cries? If I were their fans, I would be upset with the OC and HC. That's all I said.
  10. They averaged 4.3 a carry. They needed to keep carrying the ball with that average and control the clock. Ole Dickey ball. The best defense against us is to keep our offense on the sidelines. They ended up having to pass more (and thus be ok and still score 28 points) because they didn't run the ball on first downs. They kept trying to get cute because they thought they had a gunslinger on their hands who was ready to make a statement.
  11. Tulsa OC called a moronic game. They needed to run on first downs and just keep running. When they passed on first and it was incomplete, then it setup a situation where the biggest weakness of our team was not exposed. In obvious pass plays, we don't worry about the run and we have a fighting chance. Tulsa could have beaten us badly had they just called the obvious game plan against us.
  12. Definitely a great game to get 800 recruits in front of all the empty seats and echoing soundboard.
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