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  1. In their 12th year of existence, no less. In our best years, we have gotten a few votes to be ranked.
  2. 6-7 would surely get him fired…although I really fear a 6-win threshold gets SL an extension and the AD gets more Lovelace cash to pay bills and bonuses.
  3. We better hope this isn’t true or we are going to the wrong conference.
  4. I read the whole thing...great article. Never mentions one time he's been back here to watch us play in a sport in which he was a letterwinner. Never mentions another penny given to the athletic program. I'm certain that if either has occurred, we'd have known all about it.
  5. I'd love him to be the next member of the UNT 18. Hell, I think he'd stop some of the stupidity we do in athletics. But I am unaware of another penny he has given to the AD since he held us hostage for that $1 million gift unless we named it after Darrell Dickey, a coach who left here with 6 losing seasons out of 9, a 42-64 record that was built almost completely on SBC spares, and a guy who continuously talked down about the university and its fans at any chance he could. He's a great person, a great businessman, and a wonderful humanitarian. But I've never known him to once show an iota of interest in our football program since 2006, which seems very odd for a guy who played here and loves to self promote himself. This place would be his version of T. Boone's OSU Cowboys if he wanted it to be. But obviously, he doesn't, which is nothing new for most of the graduates we have had from the 50's thru the 90's.
  6. The same guy who made us put Darrell Dickey's name on a practice field because we fired a guy who went 42-64? The same guy who hasn't come back here one time for a game at a new stadium that overlooks those wonderfully named fields that he blessed us with? I won't hold my breath on getting him back in the fold ever again. He loved Darrell Dickey, not anyone else here.
  7. Again, Jeff Traylor knows a ton of HS Coaches. He is selling them on a young program that is not carrying decades of suckitude and apathy to these recruits. I remember when we hired Todd Dodge, the two HS head coaches I knew both said that Dodge was gonna find out that he had a much easier job at SLC, with better facilities and support than UNT wouid give him. I thought they were being jealous and petty. Then Dodge tirelessly reminded everyone that he was promised a new stadium when they hired him, thankfully, as these coaches' opinions on UNT came true. Traylor will eventually get hired away, probably as soon as this off season. But I also think that a new coach there SHOULD be able to recruit there fairly easily. That job has major advantages in the G5 that just don't exist at many other places. Like UCF, USF, or SDSU, you are recruiting to major cities with no other schools immediately in your market. Add in no losing history or apathy to fight against when recruiting, it all is a ton easier to recruit and succeed in that environment with the right coach than at many other G5 schools.
  8. That’s what happens when you have 17 people who have bought the Athletic Department.
  9. I’m telling you all that this is nothing more than DickeyBall 2.0. We beat teams that cannot compete with our running game and lose to anyone who can bottle it up.
  10. Well, those schools are the ones that most of Denton follows and care about. Im certain that UT has more “diehards” with UNT degrees than we have.
  11. SL ain’t going anywhere until a 7th loss makes an appearance on the standings. Wren knows he can’t because he already would have if he could. He’s no idiot like the last guy. He knows we suck and have very little support and very little media for the money we spend now. But here at UNT, the BMDs, all 17 of them, have an amazing amount of influence, since they have money and have basically bought the program on the cheap. They like SL, one of them call him “like a son”, and he’s given every chance to “earn” that extension. And make no mistake, a 7-win season against the easiest schedule in our history since returning to FBS is the curb-level hurdle SL has to step over to get another 3-4 years. And the Lovelace Bash will be Lit…
  12. Aune is every bit as spare as McNulty was…ironically, when SL took over here, the guys who couldn’t beat McNulty out for the job were ALL run off and we brought in a backup QB from Bama and found some kid in Oklahoma that was a 2A all state QB, named Mason Fine that nobody wanted. If we are really, really lucky, this exact scenario will play out again in this next offseason.
  13. The final nail isn’t until he loses 7…Lovelace Cash is the keeping agent here.
  14. Highly doubtful. The more likely scenario is SL coaching until a 7th loss occurs.
  15. Absolutely true on UTEP. When they are good, that place turns out for the Miners. Great stadium and strong citizen pride in the Miners when they are good. The problem is that is very, very infrequent. Last time I remember them being good, they got ranked under Mike Price. Maybe about 15-20 years ago?
  16. Since Graham Harrell left Denton, we have gone 14-24 against FBS teams. On the road, we have won exactly 6 road games, against this unbelievable collection of awesomeness: MTSU, UTEP twice, Rice, Southern Miss, and FIU. In 2020, that MTSU team went 3-6 and UTEP went 3-5. In 2021, Rice went 4-8, USM was 3-9 and FIU went 1-11. And, so far, in 2022, UTEP is 3-4. Absolutely nothing suggests we win this game. Hell, very little suggests this game will even be close. But if we do win, SL probably is well on his way to getting his 7 wins and his extension for a few more years here.
  17. They will have a good crowd for us...guaranteed. Look at the boxes this game checks: In state public school opponent Revenge game for ruining their season last year Their Super Bowl Their Homecoming Game is for first place.
  18. That’s much worse than considering UTSA a rival. NMSU is barely FBS… usually with UMass for worst program in FBS. We played in the worst conference back then (like now) and we beat NMSU one year to win that conference. NMSU lost and didn’t go to a bowl. That’s not a rival to 99.9% of the CFB world. NMSU joined the WAC in 2004, IIRC, meaning we shared a conference with them for about 9 years…which is exactly try the same time, so far, that we’ve been in a conference with UTSA.
  19. I just don’t get our fanbase. Until UTSA came around, absolutely nobody in this state cared about playing us…ever. When we beat Tech, Baylor, or SMU, the rest of the state laughed at them for losing to us. Absolutely zero respect or care. And now, we act like UTSA hating us is not a rivalry…because we are so much older than them? I’m still in amazement that we are ANYONE’s Super Bowl. UTSA gives Apathy some competition for our biggest rivalry…that’s saying something. Look, we did this to ourselves. That we are rivals with UTSA is because we gave up in the 80s and 90s, confirming to all of the SWC schools that we were spare and not anything to be concerned with. SMU ain’t never gonna look at us like we look at them until we beat them like they beat us…and even then, TCU will always be their rival. Would SMU care more about us if we could, you know, compete with them? Maybe…but getting our asses pounded before halftime every F’ing year doesn’t exactly create hatred and rivalry. It creates laughter and smugness. Ending an undefeated season or costing someone a championship creates hatred, though. And within that sentence, I’ve seen UTSA ruin our 2013 CUSA West title and we ruined their perfect season last year. Those are both examples of a rivalry, to me. And the Drive will forever be in UNT lore for greatness and for causing much UTSA pain.
  20. This. We won’t slow them down at all.
  21. This will be footage of the Lovelace home if we beat UTSA
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