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  1. It would cost too much to fire someone after 1 year of a longer deal, even if Morris isn’t highly paid. This ain’t SMU where alums can write checks to get rid of coaches, get into conferences, and pay for players. If you want to get the best idea going forward, it’s for the program to honestly see if it can do anything in the next 3 years under Morris and if it can’t, like we are Dodge 2.0 again and we win like 6 games in the next three years, I think we need to seriously ask ourselves if FBS is in our best interests. We moved up in 1995, not because we wanted to win, but because we could make more whoring out ourselves. Then, as the university grew and we could get students to pay for the stadium and majority of the program’s funding, we moved up budget-wise to a nice G5 program. But it just doesn’t translate on the field. 6 winning seasons out of 28 seasons. Maybe FCS in today’s environment would just be better for us.
  2. Apathy is a cancer…and it’s all over the organs of the patient.
  3. Yep. Remember that Cerebus showed a graph during the RV days that Wren Baker also showed in his days as AD that UNT alums don’t give in any decent way, like 2% at most give back to athletics. I’d imagine it’s that way for the rest of the school, too, to be honest. I’ll be interested to see how things are here in the 2030s and beyond, though. Our alumni since 2011 have seen us at least try to have a legitimately funded program. And Denton has turned into a place where students do want to go instead of settling on going there because it was cheap and close. Maybe that will help with giving from alumni in the next 5+ years ahead?
  4. Remember when Chico used this exact philosophy in our season ender against UTEP in 2015? He let Josh Greer play at QB since it was the last game of an abysmal season and he threw a Pick Six (shocker) that ended up costing us the chance at actually winning a game…
  5. The only thing that keeps me from going to quit football is the naive notion that college football here gives young men a chance at a free education to hopefully better themselves with in the future. Literally, it’s the only thing. But it’s a damn big one.
  6. We are now 128-205 since we moved up to I-A (FBS) in 1995. That’s with 7 head coaches, 4 conferences, and 2 stadiums. In the end, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. We have 6 winning seasons since then. We have won 9 games in 4 seasons as our best record and we have had 1 year with 8 wins. That’s it. Sad, but it’s our truth.
  7. Rice beat a Dodge team 77-20, when they scored that in three quarters and just gave us mercy after that. Rice will murder us this year.
  8. Littrell is also laughing with his buyout we gave him… We know Morris will be here for at least 2 more years. It’s gonna be a tough ride if he is indeed Dodge 2.0.
  9. There’s nothing wrong with that. Wichita State hasn’t been hurt by leaving football behind..
  10. Is ACU bringing a few thousand fans? Because there won’t be 5k in butts in seats for that game.
  11. This really is reminding me Of Dodge’s first season. Get drilled by a P5 in the opener, then follow up the next week with a huge defensive letdown even though we scored a ton. Im sure the next 4 years will go better…right?
  12. Dodge and Dickey both only coached at decrepit Fouts. And Dodge’s teams inexpicably outdrew Dickey’s teams during our SBC run.
  13. Dickey and DMac both had similar offenses, which was have a running game and a bus driver for a QB. If that bus driver was good (Scott Hall, Derek Thompson), they tended to do well against conference foes. When we didn’t, it was just awful football. Same could be said for these Air Raid offenses, where a legit QB makes the entire difference, but offense puts butts in seats, which is why we drew better under Dodge than we did under Dickey, why Littrell’s teams outdrew McCarney’s even after our HoD win. Boring won’t work here, but we go the polar opposite route and then can’t stop anyone and lose big too.
  14. That Portland State game did us no favors. Don’t care if it got DMac and eventually RV canned. Losing by 59 points, at home, to a FCS school, on Homecoming, was as embarrassing a moment as any school has ever had. Was getting SL and Wren Baker worth going thru that? Not to me…
  15. I don’t read newspapers anymore. But I do know that the sports talk guys and their DFW media guests from the newspapers and Tv stations all act like SMU deserves to be a power school because of their money and name recognition. Very annoying.
  16. The SWC bit just floors me. That conference ended in 1995. It’s 2023 and people act like SMU should be included. I’ll tell you the truth. They deserve what Rice has become. Same situation as Rice, but their culture is surrounded by paying for football success, while Rice lets academics to the talking. Rice, Tulane, Tulsa, and SMU are all the same. But the SMU Death Penalty is some kind of romantic ideal to the CFB media. It shouldn’t be—Pony Excess showed it perfectly. They flat out cheated blatantly worse than anyone else and their pissant school was the perfect piñata for the NCAA to bust into pieces. That anyone makes that time some great penalty for SMU didn’t live here during those days. We all saw firsthand how crooked it all was. And in perfect societal fashion for the US today, they get rewarded for it.
  17. I started following the program in 1990 when I came for a visit and then chose it in 1991. I had admittance at UT and TCU, but UNT offered a huge scholarship and I was the first in my family to graduate. When I graduated in 1995, I was certain that we were finally going to make our way upward to being a legit program to be proud of. Helwig was the AD, Simon and Jankovich were the head coaches when I graduated and just thought we were going to make things happen. But I quickly found out that nobody in Denton or that had UNT degrees really gave two craps about our athletic program. When your circle of friends are Longhorns, Aggies, Red Raiders, Sooners, Horned Frogs, and Bears, it got to be really frustrating Those fans on here that do care, for whatever reason, find out that nobody in the state that has played football before 2010 in the FBS cares to be associated with us, which also causes frustration. It just gets to be embarrassing. And with no school spirit at all to embrace, alums that somehow graduated and still care just get looked down at by our OWN alumni, much less other schools. One of the most embarrassing moments I ever had was being at a neighborhood party by in 2007, as OU annihilated us 79-10 in Dodge’s first game and a buddy said that if we all had to play UNT in a Marching Band Contest, we’d get our asses kicked like y’all do in sports. It has never gone away, as that moment just gets relived over and over, for the most part. What I’ve learned to do is just enjoy the rare winning season that rolls around and take it all in. We have two bowl wins and they were amazing. The NIT Championship was really neat, but nobody really cares, if we are being honest. We have absolutely no media interest or care, which follows the sad reality of what Denton has festered for so long. I’ve got a son who is a senior in HS and when it came time for him to apply to colleges, he applied to TCU and Oklahoma State. I asked him why not UNT? And his answer was simple: I like sports and they don’t care. If a 17 year old knows that, what do you think those in their 30’s and forward think? It’s just an unending cycle that gets worse as we watch teams like UTSA surpass almost everything we have ever accomplished in a fraction of the time. And if Texas State keeps improving, we are gonna then start wondering when Sam Houston will surpass us. It’s just a really tough reality to face, year after year.
  18. I mean all the sports talk shows all say the same thing about SMU belonging. Literally nothing suggests that makes any sense if you look at SMU over the last 40 years.
  19. Listen or read the DFW media and they love the SMU deal to get into the ACC. Ok, since they used their money and political clout to get in over there, they pulled off a move that nobody else in the G5 has been able to do. But what just galls me is hearing all of them say that SMU should have been in the Big 12 this entire time, that if TCU and Baylor or in, then SMU should be, too. And I have no idea why they always say this. SMU has never shown an ability to compete in a league of power schools since the Pony Expre$$ day$. They have no decent following. They don't produce sports journalists, They have no recent winning history to sell. Just Death Penalty stories, days of SWC glory in the Doak Walker days, and a ton of cash. I truly don't get it.
  20. UNT has never done this, as you mentioned...and they never will. The university uses Fine Arts and Music as its primary window to the university. Always has, along with providing a value to commuters and working students. The Denton voices in the community would wail for years if they changed this view to what you mentioned above. Of course, the problem for guys like us is that we like sports, especially football and basketball. And the university and town don't show us that they place a value on this, at least anywhere near what would make guys like us want to fund stuff, from as little as season tickets and MGSF donors, to being a UNT 17 level donor. The 1-AA debacle back in the 80's and 90's literally nuked any meager following we did have. It killed off potentially big donors that should be funding buildings and scholarships at a level at least in the ballpark of what UH has. When we came back to 1-A in 1995, we did it because the powers-at-be saw that by whoring out our money programs, we could make more money. Once we built Apogee, we at least signaled we wanted to have a football program at this level of play. And those money games have basically dropped to a level that is acceptable for a G5 program. But none of that helps you with recruiting players and hiring coaches who know our history of apathy and bare minimums of support. Ask TX HS coaches about UNT Football--that alone answers a lot of questions. And then ask them about UTSA...and I'm truly afraid that Texas State is ready to step up in their eyes, too.
  21. It sounds like you aren’t too far away from that, based on your anger at this place. Not saying it’s not deserved, but you want to see success here and that’s just not been our bit for decades.
  22. We were so glad you came and we reciprocated by making sure you didn't have to feel any stress (other than heat) all game long.
  23. Littrell took over the worst team in FBS and immediately made us better by seeing that Mason Fine in HS was still way better than any QB we had on the roster he inherited and who he could get as a transfer. That led to his demise, though, when he couldn’t find a replacement worth a damn. Watching UTSA zoom past us after their Benford hire sucked is just more salt in the wounds, obviously, by MGT above is right. Littrell left a team that should at least win 4 games with what he took over—and that’s being Uber conservative. Morris isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, even if we won 2 or less games, but make no mistake about it, SL left this place light years better than how he found it. He deserved to get fired, no doubt, but what he did in his first three years here is damn near miraculous to do. He has 2 of our 4 9-win seasons since Fry left after 1978…
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