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  1. This is to the rest of the board. My complaining about Judy being terrible as a CUSA commissioner has everything to do with her choosing poor teams to join the league, thinking off brand networks to show the league’s games, and for connecting with bowl games that are often ridiculous to be aligned with (Hawaii and Bahamas) are the reasons. Saying that no man is going to lead the charge to replace the first female commissioner of the worst FBS conference for years has everything to do with the MEN not wanting to get the scrutiny/removal that would occur from those upset at a FEMALE being removed, since she’s the first one. That’s on the MEN, not the WOMAN or WOMEN. I apologize for making anyone think differently of my opinion. As a married man (to a woman) and having a daughter, I wouldn’t ever think less of anyone because of how God created him or her. Im also gonna plan to leave this place. I’ve become what I always said about UNT90, that this place drives people crazy, and it’s apparent that this is now happened to me. I’ve decided it’s time to find something else to follow, after 32 years. I’ve enjoyed some great times and great people. And I thank Harry for this board—but it’s just got to the point where I spend too much time here being mad at my alma mater and some of its posters here. That’s just not worth it to me anymore.
  2. That’s an insult to my wife and my kids, not to mention my friends and family. I think you’ll find plenty of content that talked about RV, a male, being here for way too long as the AD. Yet he finally got fired for sucking at his job, rather obviously, but there was no pressure to protect him anymore. My belief is Judy McLeod hasn’t been fired because nobody in leadership is taking on the task of firing the first female commissioner. That’s a great way to get called out by the media and the university’s female leadership and faculty for being sexist. Never mind that she’s been terrible at her job for CUSA in almost everyone’s opinion. Believing this doesn’t make me think anyone who thinks differently has some kind of weird sex vibe. That’s rude and should be beneath you if you have any character.
  3. That’s odd…I only have female employees and they are the best at customer service in our field. it’s almost as if my professional career allows me to make a call on when someone sucks at their job, no matter the sexual reproduction they have. But then again, I’m not one to care about that, either, unlike so many folks like yourself.
  4. It’s a terrible, terrible conference. And has been for quite a while under the wonderful Judy McLeod. And it’s about to be infinitely worse…like way worse than the original Sun Belt in 2001.
  5. Be careful, Ben…people get mad when you mention this with freaking Judy McLeod. Imagine this reaction with one of our alums…
  6. I’ll be shocked if Rice is even close in this game. Our running game should dominate their defense. Rice is not good—at all. These are the type of games SL thrives in. And it gets him to 7 wins and the CUSA Championship game. My bet is we win big here.
  7. I just can't see Cal keeping UCLA from moving. But I believe the B1G is trying to kill the Pac slowly, so I expect that Oregon, Washington, Stanford, and Cal are also gonna go to the B1G in the years ahead, too, as they conquer the West to keep up/ahead of the SEC. If the model becomes two major conferences, 24 teams each, the SEC will wait out the ACC to add in Clemson, Florida State, Miami, UVa, Va Tech, UNC, NC State, and Duke to get to 24 teams. Then, the B1G will add in the those Pac teams that I mentioned, as well as AAU brands in Kansas, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona to get to 24 teams. ND will stay independent. The remaining leftovers in the Big 12, ACC, and Pac will be the third level, still considered FBS, but with much lower payouts.
  8. The Mean Green are flat out intimidated the moment we see a Mustang. The Green Wave is not.
  9. Be careful...this line of questioning upsets some posters on here--especially ones that post as if Judy McLeod is great at her job.
  10. I was clearly told on here that money was there and that was not the reason SL kept his job...even though one of our biggest BMDs here loves him "like a son". It's almost as if it was rather obvious that this was wholly a money decision, which is not what others want to believe here.
  11. It’ll be the same way here. There’s no doubt that SL will leave this place about a 100 times better than he found it.
  12. 3000? There probably weren’t 300 people there and that included the band.
  13. Look, I want to be wrong and for you to be right. I just think 7 wins gets him his extension if it’s before a bowl game. If it happens after a bowl game, I think that would be peak UNT to keep him around, but I don’t want that to happen. I’ve been very clear about that. But I know how money works here and we don’t have a lot of it. If we can avoid a buyout, while keeping the BMD that calls SL “like a son to me” happy, that usually wins out here. Maybe it doesn’t this time and it’s different, but if it was different, I don’t think SL would’ve gotten this year to prove himself.
  14. I’m not sure if I thought there would be a chance of us being in the CUSA championship game, which would give us that extra loss, but I’ll stand by the idea that 7 wins gets SL an extension. This Rice game is the biggest game in SL’s coaching career. It’ll be interesting to see how he coaches it and if we are loose or tight for this last regular season game at Apogee, in front of a packed house on Senior Day in the Saturday after Thanksgiving in Denton.
  15. I see you post on here…and you’re the biggest pussy on this site.
  16. In case you hadn't noticed, she sucks donkey balls at her job. Yet, she has stayed in that job since 2015, with great moves such as showing games on Facebook, for aligning us with bowl games in The Bahamas and in Hawaii, and for getting Jacksonville State, Kennesaw State, New Mexico State, and Sam Houston State into her conference. I wonder why?
  17. And Judy gets to continue being the First Female Commissioner in College Football History!!!!!
  18. And there’s nothing La Tech can do about it, as they host Jacksonville State on a Tuesday while little ol’ ULM is playing Appy State on a Saturday…that’s karma
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