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  1. Dickey did a great job of playing physical football. So did DMac. The problem for both of them was that their offenses were really, really boring and usually got us nowhere against a decent team. But our defenses would hit you hard, until they were spent. What got to be problematic for both Dickey and McCarney was finding talent to run their offensive game plan that TX HS football coaching had dropped for running the spread. And when neither could get even decent QBs, the losing just piled up. But it’s been the exact opposite with Dodge, Seth, or Morris, where a hard hitting defense never came close to materializing. I will still say that the two best UNT teams I’ve seen here since 1990 were the 2003 and 2013 teams, both of whom won 9 games, while pounding you physically, and having a QB who was smart and made solid throws when necessary.
  2. You’ve said this before, but those ADs and coaches are always looking for their next gig up the totem pole of college athletics. Disturb that apple cart and you never get to have the chance to eat the apples. And that’s exactly why the division ended up happening. All of this has made me think that the places that have cared about sports and funding it, only to watch people bigger than them leave, are the biggest losers in all of this. Say that you’re a Tech alum or you went to Baylor. You’ve been ranked in the top 5 in football and basketball (men’s and women’s), as well as making trips to Omaha. You built up a program that often surpassed the Texas, Oklahoma, and Aggie triumvirate. And it meant nothing because those schools have all the money, t-shirt fans, and TV markets covered. Sure, they benefitted greatly from getting to play them in the first place, but their political strength and appreciation of sports got them there to the SWC/Big 12. And now, they both might be left behind. We got what we deserved for never caring about sports enough and for not using our location and size to make us better. We went arts and music and cheap tuition and got hundreds of thousands of alumni who won’t give back or go back to Denton. This Split should help us to at least stay even with a lot of teams and programs we should always be peers with, even if most of them have zero interest in being associated with us. If we get left behind again after this is done, somehow being stuck behind SMU, TCU, and UH, amongst others, I then think it’s time to close up shop. But I just don’t see that scenario happening again.
  3. Trust me, the teams that will "barely" miss will be conference champions of midmajors that lost in their conference tournaments or the 2nd place teams in non-power league conferences. It'll mean 4 more teams from the Big East, ACC, B1G, SEC, Big 12, and maybe a team from the A-10 or the WCC.
  4. Its the best thing that could ever happen for fans, players, and coaches of G5 schools. It remains the only level of football, from pee wee to the NFL, that doesn't ever have a championship team. Its blatantly unfair...
  5. Its just so sad to see greed make college athletics all about 50 schools in football, basketball, and baseball.
  6. We are already there, The CFB media admits they spend 95% of their time and coverage on the Power Teams, who pay their bills.
  7. No, the real world is that we are ranked 23rd against our legitimate peers, not NFL-lite programs with tens of millions more in revenues.
  8. I think they have two possibilities to stay a Power school--the B1G and SEC are the Powerful 2, but the Big 12 survives as a league of the best of the rest and gets to keep a Power status, even though they make much less. Or the B1G expands, continuing its march into the MIdwest and West, adding more AAU schools that includes KU and Mizzou. Then the SEC says they want some exposure in the MIdwest, and they add in KSU, which would fit in fine with them academically. Or they get left behind, as you mention above. I just could see the politicians in these states, that are full of graduates of these big state schools that aren't directional or names after a city, being able to get the K-State's, Iowa State's, Texas Tech's and Mississippi State's of the world to stay at the top level. At least int he first iteration of the schism. But if that schism means that UNT gets to play in a level of competition and a conference with the sparer SWC schools that also includes other regional AAC teams, I'd feel like UNT really won in that setup. A new school SWC, with Tulsa, SMU, TCU, Baylor, UH, Rice, UNT, UTSA, UTEP, and Tulane. That would be incredible for us. But if that new competition ended up being the teams I listed, but not UNT, because SMU, TCU, and Baylor team up again to keep us away from them regionally, then it would depend on if we are able to at least still be playing at that same level. If we are, but we are playing Texas State, NMSU, and other SBCUSA schools, it'll suck, but at least we would still be able to play at the same level. But if the current power schools that get left behind all create some new level of play and just add in a few current G5 schools that doesn't include us, we need to immediately understand that football here just was never meant to be greatness and act accordingly.
  9. K-State football is an interesting team to mention. They only have a capacity of 50k, but has finished in the top 20 in the AP poll 15 times since 1993. They are a program that could easily be left behind in a breakaway by the top programs. Their academics are not great, as well as the fact that they are clearly not delivering a huge TV pull. But they do have a history of being a solid program since Snyder got there and started building them up and they have a history of travelling well. Public schools like those in the Big 12 now are all in danger of being left behind, too, but I bet they won't be in the first schism, just for political reasons and because they are still bringing in bigger numbers by a large amount than the G5s. But the private schools in the Big 12 and the lesser brands of those city schools/directional schools in the conference are probably left out, similar to SMU, Wake Forest, Syracuse, and Boston College in the ACC. The question for us is if UNT would be able to be in a division setup with these schools. If so, it would be still a huge plus for us. If not, then it's a gigantic negative.
  10. Yeah, at UNT (and most places), there are two sports that matter to fans. Football and men’s basketball. Anything else is gravy.
  11. This is great news. Get these NFL-lite programs away from the rest of us that want to watch amateur college football again. We don’t need to be playing teams that draw double or more our capacity for games, those who have budgets that make ours look like couch money.
  12. You may very well be right, but I figure that the first iteration of a minor league CFB division will include more of the power schools currently than less. But it could be just 24-32 teams, too.
  13. Bob Tyler was probably why we went to 1-aa so easily. The administration had been ready to pounce, and he gave them the opportunity. Hayden Fry was the anomaly, as we have seen now for the past 45+ years. I wish we would've tried harder to see if Gary Patterson wanted to coach and still live in DFW. Maybe he didn't, maybe he knew that UNT would never be a place he'd want to coach, or maybe he's done with CFB now that NIL and the portal are at play. But he represented the same recipe that we used to get Fry and it remains the only time in the last 50 years where we have been ranked in football.
  14. Oh, I'm sure he will do a ton for the College of Music, College of Arts and Sciences, and the College of Business. And tell us that enrollment rising is the key to our future. Basically, the same recipe we always see.
  15. All it will do is make the coach get fired sooner...at places that can afford to buyout tens of millions of dollars to make sure a coach never coaches their school ever again
  16. I think that McCarney’s exit just burned the decision makers here to ever pay for a name coach with actual experience as a successful FBS coach from a previous stop. Like I’ve always said, this place needed a head coach that would galvanize the entire UNT Family. Make us want to follow him because we have seen that he can do something. Make us believe that we aren’t just some spare place on the CFB map, like most media and fans think outside of gmg.com. But the portal and NIL sort of burns all of that up now. When you can’t keep talent because it can be bought away at any time, the coaches at a place like this can’t afford to miss on recruiting, development, or coaching hires. It makes it really hard to build momentum in any fashion, knowing that your players and coaches are bought the moment that a Power School calls.
  17. For our situation, they are just not helpful to grow your fanbase. Obviously, there are exceptions, as SFA is a decent OOC game because they bring people and UNT fans know SFA friends. But playing Nicholls State, Portland State, Bethune-Cookman, Grambling, Texas Southern, Prairie View, incarnate Word, Abilene Christian, or Tarleton State just don't bring enough eyeballs to the stadium. And while everyone wishes that people would come to games to watch us play as the only reason, the reality is that Denton doesn't work like that. They show up for games we play teams that they have heard of or care about. Otherwise, they don't care.
  18. You are not even close to being correct. The anti-trust lawsuit you are talking about would have already been tried if it could even come close to working. Hint, it can't. The legislatures and justices are dominated by the grads/fans of these power schools, which fund a ton of stuff in their states. That ain't SMU, pal. There are 24 major CFB brands: USC, UCLA, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Penn State, Notre Dame, North Carolina, Clemson, FSU, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, and LSU. Add in any of these brands that you want: Stanford, Arizona, Arizona State, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Kansas State, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Arkansas, Mizzou, Iowa State, Indiana, Purdue, Illinois, Minnesota, Kentucky, Louisville, WVU, Pitt, Maryland, Virginia, Va Tech, NC State, South Carolina, Georgia Tech, Miami, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Syracuse, BC, and Rutgers. All 32 of these brands will not make the cut. So, add in anywhere between 0 to 24 teams to that final list. My guess is that its 48, just to be able to get the major institutions with lots of eyeballs.
  19. If you think you or Tulane are gonna be included in a power setup among the top 24-48 schools, you need to use your $$$$ towards psychotherapy
  20. I agree with you. But I guess my question is whether a different, higher level would exist in the non-power setup. IOW, are TCU, Baylor, SMU, UH, Tulane, and others creating a level of play that wouldn't include schools like ours? I'd seriously doubt that they could do that. Maybe they wouldn't let us play them and keep us from being in a conference with them, but I'd think that we would be able to play at this hypothetical scenario. Maybe our conference setup would be with other regional teams outside of Texas' old SWC teams again, but I'd imagine we would still be on equal footing with those schools.
  21. Well, NFL team fire coaches after losing season, why wouldn't their NFL-lite programs? When these top 24-48 teams breakaway, my guess is that they will reorganize around geography again and have 4-8 divisions that play a wildcard playoff system like the NFL does. For those that don't make the playoffs, the other bowls will setup games for these teams to play each other in a traditional ending for many teams. Sure, A&M may schedule spares now, but when the breakoff occurs and they play Texas, OU, Arkansas, LSU, Ole Miss, Alabama, and Auburn as Division mates every year, while playing Washington, Michigan State, and Virgina Tech in OOC, their fans might get mad at 7-5, but the university will make so much more because all of their games are ones that people will pay to go see, networks will pay hugely to broadcast, and the players from HS up to non-power level college will drool over the payments and attention that they will get, which would dwarf anything we are seeing even today. They don't need G5/FCS wins because teams today are opting out of spare bowl games because they know the players don't want to play in them. The CFB world needs an enema, badly. It got way to fat, both at the top levels of the sport, as well as in the sheer number of FCS schools who moved up to FBS just to get paid more by playing more OOC games, which fans of the big schools and their networks absolutely hate with a passion.
  22. The question that runs thru my mind is what happens to schools like ours for football and basketball? I mean, its very clear that the top levels could have as few as 24 schools up to 48, if you are only considering football. Add in college hoops and you'll add in some Big East schools and Gonzaga. So what happens below this? Does another level get created? Is it a level that is based on money, TV markets, school size, or all of them? Do SMU and TCU preclude UNT from being in this level of play again? If they cannot, do we finally get to be in a situation that is full of regional schools that we have always wanted to be aligned with in a conference? If they do, should we fold it up like so many have wanted in Denton for so long? That's what I am most interested to see what this future holds for our athletic teams. Let's face it. If we had the support that a school of our size should have had all of these years, then we don't deal with any of these issues. But we have not had that, as the strong majority just flat out doesn't care about our teams at all.
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