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  1. That's correct. Even Seth Littrell called it a "free season" during his most recent media show.
  2. First, allow me to preface my comments by stating that I don't think North Texas should fire Seth Littrell this year. Personally, I don't think any college coaches should be fired this year because of the whole COVID thing. Too many unforeseen circumstances have played havoc with this year. With that being said, the performance of the team both last year and this year has been nothing short of horrendous. Let's delve a little deeper. According to the USA Today coaching database (https://sports.usatoday.com/ncaa/salaries/football/coach), Seth Littrell is the sixth highest paid head fo
  3. Had to dig in the archives for this one ... Scott Hall's first start was as a true freshman on September 16, 2000, at UNLV. Stat wise, it was a less-than-stellar performance. Hall was 9 of 17 for 78 yards with no TDs and no INTs. He rushed 8 times for 21 yards. Richard Bridges and Spencer Stack also saw action at quarterback. North Texas lost 38-0.
  4. Allow me a moment to be clear about why I say the season's over. I've been around since 1998, my freshman year at UNT. So I've been through plenty of shitty seasons at Fouts Field. Personally, I think anybody who has made it as long as I have should receive at least a participation trophy for putting up with so much crappy football over the years. But that's just the point. The Mean Green doesn't play in Fouts Field anymore. And they've been in Apogee Stadium for almost a decade. The athletic department has more resources than it has ever had in the history of the school. And yet, this t
  5. At least for me it is .... I can't keep going through this year after year. If UNT can't even be competitive with SMU then there's nothing this team can do to impress me the rest of the season. I can't even bare to watch next week against Houston.
  6. This guy begets this guy ... I'm not worried ... North Texas 51 SMU 48
  7. Completely agree!! This game is NOT "just another game." And the players should feel pressure to win this game. You think the players at the "bigger" schools don't feel pressure to win against their rivals? This is what the players signed up for when they came to North Texas. If they don't want to feel pressure to win then in the words of former coach Dan Hawkins, "Go play intramurals brother."
  8. That's too bad. I appreciate a guy who speaks his mind and tells how it is. In response to the possible C-USA/Sun Belt merger nonsense from earlier this year: “Well, let me just be very frank and very direct — there is no conversation at Conference USA, nor is there any interest. And I think that’s – I don’t know how direct, I can be with that." Conference USA needs more like him.
  9. Ouch! But hey, at least UNT is considered the best of the worst (as someone pats me on the back) ...
  10. The season - as always in my opinion - comes down to one game: the September 19th meeting with the little cheating school that thinks they're on a hill even though the elevation of Denton is 92 feet higher (look it up). If North Texas beats SMU at home I could easily see this team going 7-4 or maybe even 8-3. If they lose, well, for me it doesn't matter what their record is because the season would be over. Go Mean Green!
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