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  2. Well, I think you and the Thompson's have the right to react the way you see fit. But just because the two of you have that reaction does not mean that everyone will. So, I would respectfully disagree with your assessment.
  3. Wow, is this like that scene from Star Wars when Obi-won tells the stormtroopers (paraphrasing), the droids you're looking for are not here?! It's amazing that you know exactly how I would react in a given situation!
  4. Look, I'm not denying that there isn't an inherent risk when it comes to playing football. There are inherent risks in playing other sports as well. Players take on those risks just like someone driving a car. But I believe one of the goals of football leadership in this country (and this includes Division 1 football programs And head coaches of said programs) should be player safety and the minimization of those risks. And when I see a young kid getting beat to a pulp for no reason whatsoever, I'm going to speak up.
  5. At the start of the 4th quarter the score was 43-23. With 4:07 left in the game, the score was 50-23. It was never a two-score game. Also, Fine was not the best quarterback on the team at that point. As mentioned before, the guy could barely get back off the ground. And finally, "it is football and some games just go that way" is exactly the attitude that needs to change in this country so that football players don't turn into vegetables when they reach 50 years old. I'm not saying that is going to happen to Fine, but with the overall damage he has taken, not only this year but last year as well, he has a much higher risk.
  6. This topic has nothing to do with bad officiating. Nor am I referring to any other game this season. I'm talking specifically about the New Orleans Bowl. And I refuse to complain about officiating. I'm talking about getting your starting quarterback killed. The head to head collision on Fine, late in the 4th quarter, never should have happened because he should not have been in the game. There was no point in him being in the game, not to mention that he could barely stand up at that point. He was getting rocked all game, and at some point this coaching staff needed to say enough was enough. If I were his parents I'd be appalled.
  7. It was irresponsible and dangerous on the part of this coaching staff to allow Mason Fine to play in the game for as long as he did. That is all ....
  8. I'm all for it! In fact, I think the G5 should go a step further and completely boycott playing P5 schools. Can you imagine the reactions of P5 athletic directors and head coaches?! After their collective large, bulbous, heads stopped spinning, smoke would poor out of their ears, and then they would internally combust like the gremlin stuck in the microwave. "What?! You mean we would actually have to play even competition for every game of the season?!" In the words of Marlon Brando from Apocalypse Now: "The Horror."
  9. I believe he's referencing every North Texas fan's favorite line: "UNT is a hard place to recruit to."
  10. Exactly what I was going to post IF we made it to a bowl. Nobody wants to admit it, but you have to give McCarney credit for this bowl invitation, if one is coming. He may not have recruited the most talented athletes, but he did recruit smart kids.
  11. First time I'm trying this, so hopefully it works. Denton_Record_Chronicle_Sun__Sep_12__1971_.pdf
  12. The whole defense deserves a game ball, but I want to give some particular love to Mr. Eric Jenkins. He was getting eaten up pretty good for the better part of the second half by Marshall's #7. But he didn't let that bother him and came up with a huge play when the team really needed it. Congratulations young man!
  13. In order to get it to work, I had to sign up under a different account than the one I previously used for Bethune. I've got video but still no audio.
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