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  1. If we are winning, you're correct. But besides SMU, UTSA, and Navy, I'm not sure we will see a big attendance bump from playing Tulsa, Tulane, Rice, UAB, USF, ECU, FAU, Charlotte, Memphis, or Temple. This lineup is light years better than the current CUSA, but we do get decent crowds from UTEP and La Tech fans coming here. My point is that the only chance we have to take advantage of this is to win, obviously, but if we bring back SL, with our current budget, we might win about 3 AAC games in a year. And with the NIL money these AAC privates and big city public schools have, that winning will be even tougher if we cannot get something better going. Trusting RV to do that is not exactly something many of us would recommend after watching him oversee the AD for 15 years.
  2. The correct answer is to classify programs by their budgets and their real attendance. This would not be hard to do in the world we live in today--drones can easily tell the NCAA that SMU and UNT got half of what they reported as attendance. The top 50 programs have no business playing the next 100 programs. They have so many more advantages than the current G5s and FCS, it's like saying libertarians or the green party can compete with the GOP or the Democrats. We know that they can't and it's a waste of time to act like they do. The G5s' fans, players, and coaches have every right to play for a championship, like every other level of football. From Pee Wee to the NFL, every level of football gets a champion crowned at the end of the season--except the G5s, who just accept crumbs because they get their AD budgets covered by games at the P5s. That isn't sustainable.
  3. Completely agree—want nothing to do with them.
  4. I agree completely--but this isn't a conservative school that would let anyone think that women's rights wasn't being taking seriously, like they did at Baylor or at Liberty.
  5. You have to remember that UNT is a liberal campus. We aren't hiring anyone associated with rape...
  6. Well, we do make it pretty easy for them to do...
  7. Neither of those will ever get hired here...ever
  8. Its still the same ol' SMU. Entitled, acting like their money ought to buy them into a P5 conference, but showing to be nowhere near as good as we make them look every year. Our entire university acts like the SMU game is the biggest game every year, Then, as soon as we see that Mustang on a helmet, the whole team goes into a complete panic, pisses down their pants, and we get clobbered, making the non-diehard students walk away for the season. Rinse and repeat...
  9. There is no doubt that you are correct about that last part--absolutely no argument. All I'm saying is the fairly obvious point that UTSA doesn't have the issues we have with corporate NIL deals and media coverage, as well as not having the apathy and losing to deal with like we have. Their advantages will make up for the administrative and alumni support in the long run, as it has already shown when they have momentum. Look, they had their Tony Benford hire in Frank Wilson, who took over a program that had high expectations and just crushed it into the ground. They eventually fired him after we were pounding them and they went and made a very good hire to combat that. They've jumped ahead, nothing more, nothing less. But my point is that winning there SHOULD be easier than it is here, for many of the reasons I've stated. What SL accomplished in 2017 and 2018 is much harder than many people on this board want to admit or recognize. We have won 9 games in a season 4 times since 1979. Doing that in back-to-back seasons in Denton is basically amazing when you put that into perspective. Now tell me how it should be different because of Apogee, the AAC, funding increases, size of Denton, Denton County, and DFW to draw from, and that we are a sleeping giant...
  10. Ignore me if you want. You aren't exactly a ray of sunshine to me, either.
  11. They are talented players enjoying some nice cash and better coaching at a big P5. Imagine that…
  12. You chose a picture of a the stadium’s home opener against a ranked in-state opponent to show that Denton supports us? Thank God that UH brought fans or wouldn’t have even been remotely close to a sellout…which we have never had. Look, UNT winning big would draw people. There’s no doubt or argument about this. But the problem is that we don’t ever really do that. And DFW doesn’t care a bit about us, so we get no coverage of any decent level. UTSA doesn’t deal with this, which is what this is all about.
  13. They will be the next UH if they keep it going.
  14. Don't forget this PS--getting to a bowl game has become much than it ever was in the previous century...so also don't act like this is a big deal for what SL has accomplished here.
  15. This wasn’t surprising news…I’m just amazed at how some of our fans just can’t handle the realities of UTSA having a location perfectly made for NIL and corporate sponsorship that we don’t have in Denton. Some people think I exaggerate this difference—exact opposite in reality. We don’t have the advantages that UTSA has for their school and program. And it isnt exactly hard to see that. Is it tough to recognize that? Of course it is…but it’s all a part of what separates us from the other FBS programs in this state. UTSA isn’t selling a program that breeds apathy and loathing from its hometown. And they have media outlets that cover them closely, which we don’t. We have the DRC and the NT Daily, two entities that aren’t exactly known to be the biggest fans of UNT Sports.
  16. I wouldn’t limit this pathetic expectation to just football sportswriters in this state…hell, there are NORTH TEXAS alums who think like this.
  17. It was a Thursday night game, too…
  18. I sure don't--he's light years better than anyone we have had as an AD in many decades.
  19. Would you do that if you were getting paid that much? If you say that you'd quit, you're not telling the truth.
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