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  1. @greenminerif we have the money, why didn’t we use it last year instead of making this a make-it-or-break-it year with the easiest schedule we have ever played? We had three straight losing seasons after last year, with a cumulative 11 wins against FBS teams. We have gotten prison-raped by SMU for the last 3 seasons, now 4 which I know you know, and who is the biggest game on our schedule every year by a mile. Outscored in those three games, a future AAC opponent, by only 149-74. Doesn’t count this year’s 48-10 beatdown, either. You can call it eeyore all you want, I’m just saying that $$$ is always the number one priority here for athletic decisions. We were not gonna use $2.7 million to buyout SL, while also costing us a huge BMD. That was never gonna happen. Obvious to anyone who wants to see it… Again, maybe I’m wrong and SL blows this chance. But I’ve said all along that 7 wins will get him an extension. And this schedule is the easiest one we have ever had to do just that. That’s probably eeyore to you, too, but it’s again obvious. I’m of the belief that SL coming back is a done deal. And I don’t believe that is in the best interest of the 15k Mean Green football fans that follow our program closely.
  2. You can get tons of sway around here and be in the UNT 18!!
  3. How much of that is yours that you’re waving out there?
  4. I’ve followed this place since 1990. The only time I have ever seen us make an opportunity cost change at the head coaching position before the buyout was under a year on the contract was the moment Dan McCarney got fired on the spot after losing to Portland State on Homecoming. He got $2.1 million dollars in a buyout, which was a lot of money here at UNT. And because of that, we had to keep our basketball coach for his final year of his contract, which kept us from having any buyout. We didn’t do that this time, as SL got to stay, probably due to a factor of major expense here + risk of losing a BMD(s) who are all in on SL. Again, that’s expensive here and we always have run the athletic department on a known cost basis. Maybe this doesn’t continue…maybe we look at the situation and ask what it would take to actually hire someone here that could get butts in seats that match the attendance we claim each home game. But the track record is why I’m of the belief that SL will be here as coach with a new contract that gets him another 2-3 years added on to next year.
  5. We have done it before…our practice fields are named in honor of a guy we had just fired, after going 42-64, including 5-18 in his last two seasons. Interestingly enough, we had a BMD walk away when we fired Dickey, which was why he got his name on the plaque outside the practice fields. But we needed his million dollars so badly back then that we let it happen. Today, it’s very, very possible that the firing of Littrell could cost us a BMD again. But I’m really doubting that he’s gonna get fired. Those 7 wins he needs to stay here are there for the taking. Remember, SL staying means the AD saves another $2 million by not paying any buyout of any coaches. And that will always be a player here in any discussion.
  6. Auburn, except for pay, is the worst job in the SEC, to me. BMDs run that place and all of them hate each other, trying to hurt the other BMDs to look the best. And you have to play Alabama and Georgia every year. Good luck with all that. They fired Gus Malzahn for going 6-4 against an all SEC schedule, being one of 5 SEC schools to finish with a winning record, this after two SEC West Division titles, while being in a division with Alabama and LSU, who won or played for national titles every year basically every year Malzahn was there.
  7. I doubt he's firing him with 7 wins...
  8. The better question is would WB extend him that long? Again, Wren is gonna be dealing with: A coach who would've won at least 7 games 3x in his tenure here--that hasn't happened here since Dickey was leading the program in 2002-2004 in the old SBC. Said coach's agent, who runs college football coaching and usually gets what he wants for his clients. Sexton is the Scott Boras of college football coaches' agents. BMD(s) that treat SL as a "son" and have major sway around here. And by accounts, WB really likes SL as a person, just like most everyone does.
  9. I will be shocked if 7 wins doesn't get him 3 extra years here...championship game and bowl game win or not
  10. I don't know...i still feel like it'd be tough recruiting portal transfers to a place where a coach can be gone within a few weeks of the season starting...
  11. As soon as that coach left, his interest in the program (and dollars) left. Not saying that’s wrong, but it’s the true outcome of MM and DD becoming pals. Not to mention he claims to be a former UT player and not a former NT letter winner.
  12. It may sound ridiculous, but convincing anyone to come here with a coach in his last year of a contract would do two things: 1.) As soon as there is any adversity in the season, the team will quit on the coaching staff, knowing he’s gone at the end of the season at the latest. 2.) Rexruiting will look like we are fighting Austin College and Texas Wesleyan for players. Nobody being recruited by anyone else would come here. It’s not gonna matter. As I predicted, if SL gets to 7 wins, he is here for 3-4 more years with a new contract. And this schedule is very conducive for those 7 wins. We have beaten UTEP, Texas Southern, Florida Atlantic, Louisiana Tech, and Western Kentucky. We will clobber Florida International at home and probably beat one Rice to end the season here. That’s 7 wins. And that gets him his extension.
  13. I believe we did…but when UH came calling, he went their way
  14. This is the new toilet bowl of FBS now that Fouts is gone
  15. If I was at Georgia Tech or Auburn, Deion would be on my short list. SE schools and lots of talent around him to coach up.
  16. One thing I’ll always appreciate about him was that he constantly spoke up about being promised a new stadium when he got hired. He kept it in the forefront of the fans and administration to do something.
  17. Speaking of BYU, they got pounded last week at Liberty, who then gave Hugh Freeze an 8-year, fully guaranteed $40 million extension.
  18. I wouldn’t call Odus Mitchell our “standard”…I mean he’s basically our Bill Snyder, winning here when nobody else but Fry has been able to accomplish. He must have been a damn miracle worker compared to almost everyone else after him. I don’t know who is the “standard” here, but since 1995, SL seems to be the standard bearer for what we all hope is a baseline and not a ceiling.
  19. I did admit that I never thought RV would leave back when he did--back when I thought we had made an awesome hire in Seth Littrell, too. Want me to admit it again right now? I never thought I'd see the day that the UNT 17 would get tired of being fleeced and that he would get fired in the way he did. We made a solid hire with Wren Baker, I know that. I think that if you find me insufferable, then you should ignore my posts.
  20. Staying beyond 2018 is lifetime to you? Because that is what you claimed above. Imagine being so mad that you went back and researched posts from 6 years ago to try and get someone? Internet posting is serious business apparently. If I ever do that, I'll know that I should go ahead and end it all.
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