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  1. It’s truly sad to see our entire team just curl up in the fetal position when a Mustang logo shows up anywhere near us…we get out asses kicked and watch the huge majority of students that are all fired up to see us play SMU then leave for the rest of the year. Maybe SL will have us ready to play them in the AAC—because we have looked pitiful against them in OOC play for the strong majority of his tenure here.
  2. I'm fairly certain that this has been the B1G's plan all the time...they cam just take their time and make the other 4 schools take a lesser deal, if they want to. And, yes, the Four Corner schools would be a huge pickup for the Big 12. Never imagined in my life that the Big 12 would be the league to survive and thrive over the Pac-12. But if they get those 4, and add in Gonzaga for hoops, as was previously mentioned, that league becomes THE premier league for hoops.
  3. I do find it very interesting that Leavitt has never been a head coach again. Seems really weird, like stuff you don’t wanna know about is holding him back.
  4. Not really…he got three years, IIRC and got fired
  5. Ironically, this may be the year we finally beat these guys—by doing what they’ve done to us. Every year, UAB just beats us into the ground upfront. They pound us on both sides of the ball. This year, that has become our MO. I think we win this one, which gets SL a guaranteed extension after the regular season, if not after the game.
  6. They have really, really fallen since they fired Jim Leavitt. Just seemed to kill their program’s upswing.
  7. Yes. exactly. He hasn’t underachieved at all. In fact, based on the fact that we have won about .382% of our games since 1995, I’d say he’s incredibly overachieved.
  8. You think? That’s really hard-hitting…
  9. I actually think this will be SL’s year to break the streak and win a bowl game. He’s about to get his extension of 3-4 years and the pressure will be a lot less. This team plays hard for him, too. I suspect that this is where the gorilla finally jumps off his back.
  10. What amazes me on this board is how many people are surprised about this or act like this is not who Denton is… This has ALWAYS been Denton. The towns’ people don’t care about or just loathe athletics at UNT. The university’s administration and faculty have made that even easier to do for the Dentonites, too, as well as the student body they influence. Look at Vito and his columns. He expects us to be thrilled with .500 and a bowl game every year, since we’ve usually sucked. Never once asks what it would be like if the town cared more or if the university made winning its main priority…why? Because he knows the constituency for whom he writes for…it is what it is.
  11. It doesn’t work like that. TWU claims they are overlooked as a mostly female college that is much smaller. The DRC grabs those complaints and runs with them, saying TWU is being mistreated. What Denton politician or social leader wants to run into that hornets nest? Nobody. Hence, TWU and UNT are treated equally by Denton, when they are not. But it’s like CUSA being stuck with Judy McLeod…not one college administrator is gonna say that she sucks ass at her job, knowing full well that he will be fired for sexism ASAP. Same goes for Denton leaders with TWU. UNT is held back by Denton—always has been. And we can’t do a thing about it.
  12. Because there is no “New Denton”…it’s something that homers and newcomers want to believe in…the culture doesn’t want this to be important here, so it’s not…unless we beat schools people have heard of and care about.
  13. Never has been…that’s why 2% of the alumni give back to the athletic department.
  14. Oh the problem is that it is very acceptable…accepted by 98% of the university.
  15. My gracious, that conference would be so tough…Kansas, Baylor, Gonzaga, Houston, and Tech have made the last three Final Fours.
  16. Well, I guess his former players know he’s gonna be here for the next few seasons…
  17. I was told clearly by @greenminerthat this is New Denton, that Old Denton is gone…that’s just weird.
  18. We win this one very easily--48-20, Mean Green The SL Extension gets closer to a reality.
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