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  1. I don't get why calling UTSA a rival is bad but acting all bent out of shape when SMU doesn't call us a rival is good...
  2. I bet they will get close to it…
  3. I bet we could see statements of how much SL thought of Frank Wilson, too…while their program imploded.
  4. To go even further, it’s not out of the realm that we could’ve been the top G5 program that year if we don’t lose that game. If we pull that out, it’s possible that we are playing in a BCS bowl game that year. Not saying it would’ve happened, but I doubt we lose to Old Dominion. At UAB was always gonna be tough that season and it turned out to be their welcome back to the CFB world. But that LT loss was a gut punch—one we really haven’t recovered from.
  5. This is how most fans outside of the usual homers look at our situation. For decades, a big win involves beating some team with a weird directional name or that sounds like an airport. One of my history professors once said we play Semi-circle Louisiana this week, drawing laughter from the room so loud that you’d have thought Seinfeld was performing IOW, playing teams that don’t move the needle won’t get people out to Denton to watch—-UNLESS we have given them a reason (see wins over SMU, Tech, Baylor, Arkansas, even Army). The students and faculty take no pride at all in our program because we don’t play or beat anyone for them to care about. It’s why the SMU game has become our season, basically. Then we get crushed, the students don’t come back to watch, and the circle continues. Lather, rinse, repeat. What does amaze me on here is just how many people think it’s gonna change around here with the level of commitment we don’t have here. It cannot change unless you get a charismatic coach who wins here. That’s why Gary Patterson is the shining hope for me. Like Hayden Fry, a fired SWC private school gave him his credibility and he could come here and make things happen here like he did when he first started at TCU. But he has to know a commitment is there to take this on. And he may look at this entire situation and say, “Nope—not for me, thank you”, but it might also just be the perfect place for him to finish out his coaching career, too.
  6. Wanna make people care? Beat someone they care about…like SMU or any other SWC team that we can get to Denton besides Rice. Then, after that, beat the teams in conference and get a bowl victory. Most popular teams we have rolled out in 45 years beat teams like Texas Tech, Baylor, Cincy, Arkansas, and SMU. It’s achievements like this that get people to finally come watch a football game at Apogee. Getting drilled by those same teams just reinforces that we are spare.
  7. I’ve been told by many that Denton and UNT are completely different these days from the past that encompassed so many of the exact same issues that have plagued us for decades…it’s almost as if some people just want to wish things were different than they really are.
  8. Can we start with actually competing with them? I mean these games are almost always over by halftime.
  9. In before several homers and younger alums so this is Old Denton and that there is just no reason we can’t win here, too, and be ranked, just like Boise State, UCF, USF, UTSA, Appy State, Coastal Carolina, James Madison, Georgia Southern, Louisiana, Troy, Marshall, WKU, and any MAC team that has gotten ranked while we have knocked the ball out of the park at .382 winning percentage since we made it back to FBS in 1995.
  10. I just want to PA system and video screen to work…that’s literally all I ask for at a game. Not concessions, not parking issues resolved, not even souvenirs. Just make it to where the fans there can understand the PA and the stats actually match the game we are playing.
  11. TCU is ranked and were playing another ranked team for first place. At a place that is expected to win or they will fire you…they fired the guy with a statue in front of their stadium because he was slipping. We have nothing like that. Our coach looks out everyday at the practice fields named after a coach who got eventually got fired with a 42-64 record. Our students are basically told that football isn’t important here. And they’ve been told that for decades.
  12. It’s just more and more obvious that he’s stuck between a BMD and a budgetary problem. The old rock and a hard place. When you don’t have the funds or the donors, you gotta stick with what you got.
  13. I mean, it’s the truth. She’s completely incompetent as a commissioner and she’s kept her job without a hint of media or administrative criticism.
  14. If your scenario played out, I’d be all on board for keeping him…he’d have shown improvement and an immense amount of buy-in from the locker room. And that ain’t happening. When we played SMU, UNLV, and Memphis, they all had more talent than we have, while also being much better coached. UTSA, WKU, and UAB are all in the same vein as the three OOC opponents we got beat by, two of whom murdered us. Look, today was a very solid win at home for us. La Tech is rebuilding and we have left them behind to stew in their own CUSA backyard of poop. Same with UTEP. And we won at home against FAU, which again was a solid conference win. I suspect we will get two more against FIU and Rice. That will get you 6 wins and a bowl berth against some MAC or MWC team again. If we win it, you’ll get to enjoy SL for at least 3 more years here. And probably get VIP tickets to the Lovelace Party. And then watch us go 3-9 as AAC members, with an automatic SMU ass kicking annually to continue.
  15. Don’t forget that it’s their Super Bowl, too, while playing at home.
  16. Fine was one tough (and clutch) SOB…that last play was one that many QBs couldn’t have made and would’ve been out for multiple games after a Hit like that.
  17. FIU might be the worst team in FBS. UTSA will murder us next week.
  18. I’ve enjoyed your posts over the years, but this is dumb…real dumb. Nobody has heard of Kennesaw State. It sounds like a truck driving school. Charlotte has a long tradition in basketball and people know who they are, even if football is fairly new.
  19. They can't do anything. Not one of the Presidents of the CUSA schools is gonna ask to have the first female commissioner fired. Not one media member is gonna ask her if she sucks at her job. As soon as you do, you are a misogynist and hate women. She's bullet proof. Glad to get away from her.
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