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  1. Thanks UNT86 for the OL information! Looks like all the 290-320 lbs guys are running the OL- but all of these guys are 6-1 to 6-4. I remember how small our OL and DL looked as compared to the Miami of Ohio line players in the bowl game. I believe our small size against the huge Miami players put us in a disadvantage all game long.
  2. UNT86 - Thank you for your game or showcase report. Like you said the game plan was vanilla. I would like to know which players are the number one OL. Can you list these players for me? While you are at it, who were the starting DL players ? Again thank you for your report!
  3. I hope there are good programs available that lists the players number and name! Please!
  4. Dalevon Campbell had his official visit to North Texas this past weekend. I certainly hope he liked what he saw! Campbell is a 6-4 , 215 lb speed WR from a Big 10 program, and he is from Texas! From watching his highlight videos, Campbell is a baller! I hope the staff can land this player! With our top 2 WR’s still nursing their season ending injuries from last season, I would feel more confident in the passing game with a WR like Campbell on our team!
  5. Congratulations on your scholarship to North Texas! Your family must be proud of you and your work to earn the scholarship! You will be at home at North Texas! PS - I am a SOC grad too!
  6. Thank you Silver Eagle for your report! I appreciate your first hand views of the players and the plays they make. GMG!
  7. In the bio about Bryce, it mentions the North Texas Junior Day event. When is the Junior day event? I might like to go to see that!
  8. Todd Thank you for organizing the tribute to Garry Lumkes at the Allen Americans Ice Hockey game last night! Great job! I hope another game can be set up for next year! Great way to honor a good friend and big North Texas fan! Thanks again!
  9. Outstanding! Big time win for the North Texas Basketball team! Way to Go Mean Green Basketball!
  10. The “North Texas 9” - sounds like a whole new class to me! Coach said the NT9 will be portal/transfer players only. What positions will be the target? More OL or DL? DB’s? Any early names the staff is recruiting now?
  11. I read that Southern Miss has 5 transfers from Mississippi and 4 from Mississippi St.
  12. The NFL finds you. You do not find the NFL.
  13. If there was any tampering from other schools coaches to recruit our players, is there any legal action that can be taken against the coaches?
  14. IMHO, Kason never got a fair shot at playing. I often wondered why Kason was not even getting mop up duty! Kason was a much better QB available when the team needed a leader that could help the team to win. I hope Kason can hook up with a good team and win games like I know he can! Good luck to you! You are a good football player!
  15. Maybe he has committed to the Mean Green! Thanks green miner! Looks like the staff are targeting the JUCO’s more than the portal?
  16. Has this guy committed to the Mean Green?
  17. Congratulations! Good work in the bowl game! Way to go! Go Mean Green!
  18. At least the offer is public. What about offers made under the table and not made public?
  19. Outstanding! Congratulations! Way to go Jordan! Go Mean Green!
  20. I would prefer a team that North Texas could have a good chance of beating!
  21. I will be there with 4 out of town friends, possible additional 2-3 other fans too.
  22. Graham Harrell to be Sonny Dykes OC at TCU? Interesting! How about being our OC again!
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