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  1. Guys, Big Gamer Boomer is mostly a troll account. The lists mean nothing. It’s all BS with no research behind it. Its only purpose is to generate clicks.
  2. Graduate transfers shouldn’t exist. None of these guys care about getting a graduate degree. It’s all being done to get a NIL bag. To prevent these mass exoduses, transfers should work something like this: First transfer: No penalty. Second transfer: Miss 6 games. Third transfer: Miss season.
  3. DCTF released their All-Texas Teams today. Great to see Chandler Rogers recognized on the second team after being snubbed by the AAC. Only big complaint is Frank Harris winning "Best QB". Quinn Ewers, Chandler Rogers, and Preston Stone all had better years. Probably should have gone to Stone or Ewers since they both had great seasons and led their teams to the best finishes in the state.
  4. At least do DCTF the courtesy of posting the link... https://www.texasfootball.com/college-power-poll/?ref=subnav
  5. Technically against forum rules to post links to articles that require a subscription to read. Just saying…
  6. 0% chance this is actually the case. There's no way Frank Harris tied for best QB, while Rogers got zero votes. This was orchestrated by the conference to make sure certain guys were awarded for their careers rather than who was the best in 2023.
  7. Definitely some back door politics going on. Stone, Hennigan, and Rogers all deserve to be above Harris. Rogers not even making the Honorable Mentions is super sketchy. Seems like the AAC was more concerned with honoring careers rather than what happened this season.
  8. We’ve been underwhelming the last few years. Of course attendance is going to suffer. What’s SMU’s excuse? String of solid seasons, moving to the ACC, chance for 10 wins, and spot in the conference championship and yet maybe only 12K show up? Really screams P5 material.
  9. Clear you were leaving? Y'all were denied by the Big 12, ACC, and Pac 12 before the ACC got desperate enough to finally allow you admission if you played for free. P.S. SMU fanbase really showed up to support the best season in decades on Saturday 🙄 maybe when the last home game is against Boston College people will finally care *sarcasm*
  10. He won't risk it. UTSA will be rebuilding next year. Good chance they don't even make a bowl. Traylor will take any P5 job he finds mildly attractive.
  11. 1. The defense was 100% a rebuild this season. I don’t have the exact numbers but we lost 5 or 6 of our top tacklers from last year’s already bad unit. Can’t really argue with the grades though. Hopefully, a lot of guys are told to enter the portal the next couple weeks. 2. Most people had us wining 5 to 7 games this year. Giving Morris an F grade for finishing on the low end of what was expected is unjustified. No one thought we were going to contend for a conference title, so for you to now say we should have been in the hunt is just an attempt to justify your harsh grade. That said, I agree, we should be a bowl team. The FIU and Navy losses were unacceptable. I’d give Morris a “C+”. The offense exceeded all expectations and we closely competed with the top teams in the conference. I don’t expect that to change next year. With a revamped defense, I expect we’ll take a step forward. 3. IMO, your WR and OL grades are too generous. OL had massive protection issues all year. Especially, against the blitz. It’s what cost us the Navy game. And our WRs had way too many drops to get an A+. Outside of Maclin, the rest of the room is average. I’d give the OL a “C” and WRs a “B+”.
  12. I think Traylor is good enough to win without Harris. That said, he's also smart enough to see big rebuild UTSA is heading for next year with the departure of Harris and about a half dozen other key starters. He doesn't want a 5-7 season to hurt his stock. He's going to do everything he can to get out of San Antonio this season.
  13. It didn't seem to hurt their recruiting...Kids aren't going to care what their HS coach thinks about a program when that program's boosters are giving them a massive NIL bag. He's getting fired because he runs an outdated offense, couldn't win on the road, and wasn't competing for SEC titles.
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