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  1. Can someone who actually played football tell me how you don't cover the draw and screen when on defense against a 3rd and 20? Seem like that'd be kinda a priority to account for.
  2. Anyone remember that Southern Miss bowl game? How Michael Boley and the Smiss defense figured out our zone-running scheme? And it was never the same afterwards? Yeah... getting that same feeling here. I mean... I hope I'm wrong, but it just feels the same.
  3. The liability for knowingly hosting events in a structurally unsound facility is enormous. Stuff like that can even bypass some kinds of immunity and open up to damages, which is where things really start to get painful. If true, the administration would be much better served shuttering the facility and having games in the gym next door. Since that's not happening, I'm assuming (hoping?) the structural concerns are either not significant or not valid. If the data is solid, though, whoever the source is owes it to the people who frequent that building to gather their proof and make it an is
  4. For the record, I 100% agree with this sentiment. However, from my perspective, I thought the WRs inability to create separation was just as significant an issue. I saw a number of times where Fine had 4-5 seconds to sit back and pat the ball and none of his receivers got open. Or times where the protection broke down and he's sprinting to the sideline, and no receivers can even work back to the ball to give him places to throw. I would defer to experts as to whether this is a speed, strength, or technique issue, but if you go 4 wide and give your QB 4 seconds to throw, one of the guys sho
  5. In fairness, JQ ran a 4.41 by the time his senior year rolled around. Guy just worked out maniacally on his track skills. Maybe the hardest working dude in the recent history of the program.
  6. 8 page "Bowl or Not?" Surely now the time is right: Epic Thread Haiku!
  7. I think the body bag game vs. home game payout is an interesting one. I don't have exact numbers on number of seats per price point, promotions and discounts, or average purchase rates per price point. However, you can always bar napkin the thing using the most conservative numbers possible and nudging them with some assumptions. Apogee's capacity is 30,850. The highest ticket tier (face value) is $30. So, assume a sellout with no promotional discounts, all at the highest price point of $30 per ticket. In that case, the gate would be $925,500. I don't count MGC donations because I t
  8. Just traded texts with him. He at the command post and is fine, but obviously a hard, hard night for DPD.
  9. Man... now you're just piling on. The guy's more than a slab of meat!
  10. First thing for me is to meet with my bosses (Board and President) and get a sense of what their vision for the athletic department is. Have them paint a picture of what kind of athletic department they want to have. There's no doubt they want the department to be successful, but success can look like different things to different people. Simultaneously, I'd be moving along parallel processes with current students and current and lapsed fans (include lettermen). Get a couple of focus groups together, pull from various sources and points of view; the only criteria is that they have opin
  11. This is exactly what I told the ticket office rep who called and asked if I wanted to renew my season tickets. The older I get, the greater the demands on my time (and resources). From family to church to work to the specific programs I graduated from at UNT, I only have so much to give, and each moment and dollar is precious. I love the school, and want the best for the program, but once they laid down and quit against Portland State, I couldn't justify the expense anymore. It was kind of hanging on by a thread before that, but that was the nail in the coffin. I believe that the coach an
  12. yeah... Where's Quoner with a ghost cake joke when you need him?
  13. Though, in fairness, wouldn't we all like to know how well endowed North Texas is?
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