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  1. Proud of this team. Fought till the very end. Villanova couldn't miss. Credit to them
  2. Most of the comments from the Villanova fans are basing their judgements off of poor scouting of our players. They seem to have a lock down defender in Slater that they will most likely put on Hamlet. Most of them think we'll get eaten up in the post and free up the 3 point shot. I hope Simmons has a monster game to surprise yet another fan base how effective our post Defense is along with Bell
  3. "I don't wanna go the path of least resistance, I wanna be tough enough to fight over the top. I don't wanna win 15 games, am I clear? I wanna win a championship... I'm not interested in being average." Chills
  4. Hot Take: Lets not ramble on about the contract and future of McCasland in this thread and enjoy this first ever NCAA tournament win for North Texas!! I'm smelling a sweet 16 appearance. Hamlet and Co look the part
  5. Go Mean Green!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Grant in the post game interview talked a little about how all 5 guys contained Loften pretty well today. I would imagine we'll have that same swarm approach to Bassey. Not going to be easy, Bassey is another level apart from Loften. I hope we capitalize on our opportunities
  7. Have we looked this stagnant on offense this entire year? Such a far cry from what this team looked like offensively last year.
  8. Simmons is really stepping up here in the 2nd half. 47-41 UNT 7:52 left
  9. if you're able, watch on a computer. Use this link: https://watchstadium.com/live/conference-usa-mens-quarterfinal-game-court-b-2/
  10. I don't think this game is broadcast on TV is it? I checked ESPN+ and didn't see it on the schedule
  11. Looks like they eventually lock you out once we've voted a certain number of times after deleting your cookies... Thankfully I WFH and have a remote server I sign into which means I'll have a different IP address... which means double the votes!
  12. Kenny Buyers man... Never had a doubt every time he made an open field tackle all alone. He was best I've ever seen when it came to that hog tie tackle.
  13. The moment I sent my last message, we gift Charlotte another possession. Lol
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