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  1. I was really impressed with that Vermont team. I thought they played some beautiful basketball. Its a shame they lost in the first round against Arkansas. I thought Vermont out-played them, just couldn't make the shots they needed to in the final minutes. The only knock against them is needing to make their FTs Great game all around though. My favorite of the tournament so far.
  2. God bless @greengal upholding the moral in a sea of doom and gloomers. Trying my best not to let this ruin my weekend lol
  3. Can we just not talk about the NIT as a consolation for a minute? This absolutely sucks that we missed out on the NCAA tourney after such a promising season. We DO have something still to play for but it's going to take a second to soak this in before I can get excited for the NIT if at all.
  4. God this was disappointing. 36 points is just a complete anomaly. I hate losing to Tech after we beat them in just about every way in the season.
  5. Feels ominous for us heading into these next 2 games
  6. The solution is clear, at least to me. If anybody can come up with a phrase that rolls off the tongue better than " Mother F***ing" I think we could turn this around. Whether or not you think it's stupid, you have to admit that the gap in between UNT and EAGLES is just begging for some knuckleheads to add a little creative flair. From what I know, the only attempt UNT has made at trying to curb this behavior has been to change "Mother F***ing" to "Really Awesome" from a few years back... which was hilariously bad
  7. Early foul trouble and never got into a rhythm. He made some very uncharacteristic mistakes on the defensive end a few times. I agree, I think he’ll be fine going forward
  8. I know a lot of us might be thinking ahead to La Tach on Saturday but next game on Thursday has the potential to be Grant McCasland’s 100th win at UNT. It may not be the conference heavyweight game we’re expecting with La Tech on Saturday but I think it would mean a lot if fans on Thursday came out in big supply and extra rowdy to show how much we appreciate Grant’s run of dominance here. That’s a huge milestone in such a small amount of time. Let me end this with the de-jinx ritual that has seemed to work lately. *ahem* TRAP GAME TRAP GAME TRAP GAME TRAP GAME TRAP GAME TRAP GAME GMG
  9. I don’t want to get ahead of ourselves and we obviously have to finish out the season but… I’m smelling some top 25 votes next week
  10. See all of you at the Super Pit next week!!
  12. I have a feeling this is where free throws are going to be the deciding factor in a very close game. Bell surprised me with a few good FT's in the end of the FAU game but his form does not give me confidence when at the stripe. We've been saying all season how FT's will be our achilles heel. Let's hope this game shows we can overcome that.
  13. This guy is special. We need to treasure these type of players that give this much love to their university. See all of you at the Super Pit next week on Thurs and Sat
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