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  1. I'll play. It's difficult to know specifics since I don't know the coaches, but Baker should. So you replace Littrell during the bye week, with the coach with the best leadership skills. Baker should know who that is.
  2. Close. The downhill spiral started when Jaelon Darden fielded and fumbled a punt inside our own 10 yard line which La. Tech turned into point right at the end of the 1st half.
  3. Any recommendations for what to do if you're in this zone? asking for a friend.
  4. The reason people come see the band is because they are good. Like Ohio State, Alabama in football good. And that has nothing to do with why we suck at football and people don't come to games.
  5. Our defense looks much improved from a year ago, our offense looks much worse. So a much slower blowout this year.
  6. Thanks exactly the kind of response I was looking for. Appreciated.
  7. For those of you on the board who really follow recruiting/know football, could you provide a list of some names on the current roster of players who haven't really played much at all to keep an eye on. You know the Lance Dunbar/Craig Robertson types that as soon as you seen them on the field you know they are at a high level of talent. Just curious for some young guys to watch. I always enjoy getting excited about the next prospect. Thank in advance for your time.
  8. Is it a good point though? I mean anyone who picks Hiram Gonzalez over Woody Wilson doesn't know football.
  9. I blame @Quoner and @the tasty greek for what happened to this man. CBL did try at least.
  10. This thread needs more @Quoner or @Censored by Laurie or @TheTastyGreek
  11. I mean good for the kids. The whole thing went really wrong with the creation of the BCS in the late 90s which was nothing more than a money grab. Ever since then, the money being spent went bonkers. It went from play for your school in your conference and if you win conference you go this bowl game, to, let's figure out how we can band together in money conferences and make as much money as we can, and then add conference championships to make more money all so we can have a "real" champion (BCS) of which we can make more money.
  12. Wow that 6K basketball arena would be sweet. 🙏
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