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  1. My favorite budget option is Westgate. Biggest sports book in Vegas 3 of the top 5 restaurants in Vegas (according to Trip Advisor) Low prices for decent rooms. If money is no object, Wynn/Encore for sure. Fun factor, whether staying there or just visiting, old Vegas on Fremont Street!
  2. Looks like a cheap hotel lobby.
  3. Don't lose to UTEP and LA Tech and then I'd get worked up about this. But us dropping two of our last three games, we don't really deserve to be in the conversation.
  4. When I went there for a few years, 2004-2005, they had a student body vote to approve a tuition increase to add an athletics fee. All the marketing around it was to pass the fee to bring back football. The fee passed, everyone celebrated, and then administration turned around and said nevermind to football, and built the new basketball arena instead. Brutal bait and switch.
  5. Torrey didn't have eligibility left, so it's kind of a "why not try?" thing. I know Makyle was in his 5th year last season, so probably the same situation here? And are we thinking they both opted out of the game because of this decision?
  6. Same here. That was time to put up or shut up. Prove everyone wrong (or right).
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