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  1. Thanks for the great weather out here! Now make the good guys score 😅
  2. Looks like it will be close to 60 degrees and sunny. I'd definitely head over with my lawn chairs for that one!
  3. There are Covid restrictions in place that require us to travel with a skeleton crew. There is no way they are bringing along someone who's not playing just for good feelings.
  4. This game is a great opportunity for underclassmen to get an extra week of practice, one more game, and any bubble draft players (if we do have any) one more chance to ball out. Darden has balled out all season, has caught as many eyes as he is going to, as the game tape to prove his worth, and the only thing that could come from this game is an injury that brings all that crashing down. If it were a conference title game or something, I am sure he'd be in there. But it's a "nice to have" extra game, and nothing more.
  5. Vito's article on the bowl game said specifically he's not expected to play. It's obvious he made the announcement ahead of the bowl announcement for this very reason.
  6. He's also indicating he won't play in the bowl. Which is the absolute right call.
  7. Absolutely not. But any time we can get more practice reps, even if just a few extra weeks, we should take it.
  8. I've brought this up several times. He put on the big jacket and stayed as far away from the offense as possible.
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