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  1. Correct. They tested positive for having antibodies in their system, but negative for actually having an active case.
  2. He didn't wear them when he was hanging out under the bleachers while his former teammates were on the field playing...
  3. Or even the LA Tech QB that was signed as a free agent.
  4. I saw into it when Bussey was hanging out under the bleachers during a home game this season, as opposed to being on the sideline, and not even wearing green. He gone.
  5. You ruin all the fun. It has been a great show.
  6. Offer points would be negatively impacted (and artificially skew it down) at this point because last year's class we signed everyone during early signing period, and this year we've got 4 or 5 still unaccounted for, right?
  7. He had this scheduled before he decommitted. He's not coming, and that's probably a good thing.
  8. The dude hung out in the stands instead of the sideline during the games...as far as I can tell, he left the team once he got hurt, therefore no senior day 🤷‍♂️
  9. Nope. Just made the decision easier.
  10. I saw him at either the MTSU or Houston game on the alumni side by the concession stands during the game. He was in street clothes, no UNT gear or colors. If he was coming back, surely he'd have been on the sideline with the team, right?
  11. He was in pads and uniform last game, but did not see the field. That does give me hope that he'll be ready to rock this weekend though!
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