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  1. Why would a G5 even want him at OC after this?
  2. This is correct. RV was already a lame duck by that point.
  3. I believe it happened the night before the game, not last night.
  4. No idea who it was. I just know it was not a good situation.
  5. I saw some clown fan of ours in the front row yelling at the players who were on the bench, in the defensive huddle, in the second half. It lasted 5 or 10 minutes and was really embarrassing for an adult to act like that. Hopefully he got kicked out.
  6. Watching party crowd looking like the crowd next week at Apogee.
  7. Yea, we learned long ago not to travel to games. This is the norm now, unfortunately.
  8. We deserve whatever we get, production wise.
  9. Have you watched him any of the previous seasons? I watched him too, and to be honest he acted the same way he always has. For pretty much the whole time that I can remember, he basically just bases with his head down shaking his head when something goes wrong, and that's the same thing he did Saturday. Now I'm not saying that's right, I've hated it since he got here and started doing it, but I'm saying it's nothing new.
  10. I saw a lot in their dedicated section. Also saw a lot headed past me for the exits at halftime (they wear special lanyards so are easy to spot).
  11. There was one. They interviewed Seth.
  12. He would not take a step down to come here.
  13. We're on defense, and the offense's bench is down on that side of the sidelined (it's off camera to the left). So this is a picture out of context.
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