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  1. In that case, can we add back all of the drops of passes by our WRs that many high school players would catch?
  2. I definitely noticed this too, and I also noticed at least one time where the referee gave the defense time to substitute, even though the offense didn't make a substitution.
  3. I noticed several situations where the clock did not stop on a first down, similar to the time that got caught when the clock expired. I also noticed several times where after the ball was reset on first down, the clock was never restarted like it should be.
  4. George Dunham said on the Ticket this morning that he thought there were six cases within the department. Perhaps he was also referring to folks who were quarantining. Either way, I hope they're able to nip this in the bud!
  5. If it's Covid related, and they were not pulled until Friday or Saturday for it, there's no way they're back in that short amount of time.
  6. The numbers are a pretty pronounced shade or two lighter than the logos and stripes on the helmet.
  7. I really like them, but I will never be able to unsee the mismatch between the green on the numbers and the green on the helmet.
  8. First game I can ever remember leaving early from.
  9. I've seen late season games with less tailgating than there was yesterday!
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