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  1. ESPN Showing some recruiting love

    Here's a link to the ESPN article with more details. Logan is really complimentary about the coaching staff here! :) http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/21056794/logan-holgorsen-commits-north-texas-mean-green
  2. Band Talk (from UTSA game)

    Honest question. Is there an unwritten rule that the band has to stop playing when the visiting team lines up to snap it? (Similar to how in hockey the music gets cut off once the puck drops). I've noticed that too ... the band will play right up until the visiting team snaps it and wasn't sure if that's considered a "no-no" when it comes to that. Anyone know? Also, in related band news, it seems we've cut back a ton on the "Fly Like an Eagle" riff (which is nice & distinctive) and replaced it with a ton of the "Seven Nation Army" riff that 95 other colleges play now.

    Dale Hansen might not have time to mention UNT. Too busy using his allotted time for ridiculous and grandiose "Dale Hansen editorials" instead of sticking to actual sports.
  4. SMU Arky State false advertising

    SMU must be pretty desperate if they have that tool Mike Rawlings doing ads for them. SMU & Mike Rawlings -- two thumbs down.
  5. Food in Denton

    For lunch you can go out to the Olive Garden, which is lovely. Between lunch and the game you might want to take a trip to Home Depot or maybe Bed, Bath, & Beyond. I don't know if you'll have enough time though. After the game you can hit up KFC if it's still open. My buddy Frank loves that place.
  6. Who is in Iowa City??

    Sorry for the crickets. We're here. Had a big day of Field of Dreams and a random concert downtown last night so off to kind of a late start. BTW, everyone up here is freaking out about the heat -- it's going to be 90' at gametime!! We're all like yeah, so? Maybe it's our one advantage of the day. P.S. Due to the heat I'm sure the Iowa band will be wearing khaki shorts and T-shirts so I will take a picture of that for y'all when it happens. No picture = they dressed like a normal band.
  7. Roll call for Iowa?

    Yeah, I hear you. I could easily sell the Great Smoky Mountains in TN to my non-UNT friends for the Tennessee game -- or the beach last year for our game against Florida. But corn is definitely a harder sell. (I can say that cuz the wifey is from Iowa). Next year is Arkansas and the Ozark Mountains -- an easier sell for the casual fan. Wish we had more diehards! :)
  8. Roll call for Iowa?

    Pretty random I know because Iowa isn't exactly a hop, skip and jump but is anyone on the board planning on heading up to Iowa City this weekend? Me and a few guys are heading up there for our 16th annual "paycheck" game / Guy's Road Trip and looking to tailgate and/or hang with any UNT fans on Saturday. We have only 3 people going this year instead of the usual 7 or 8 cuz, well, it's Iowa. LOL. Anyway, if you're going let's do some tailgating! :) I can PM you with details ... or vice versa. GMG!
  9. Miami Beach bowl moving to Frisco

    Frisco. Meh. There's too many bowl games anyway. Sweet ... we're in the Michelob Ultra / SUV / Planet Tan / Subdivision Bowl in Frisco.
  10. Hmmm, so in a related note, if Herman got rid of all the UT coaches and has to spend time hiring a new staff from scratch, why would he interrupt this process to have a 5-7 Texas team play in a bowl game with a skeleton staff of coaches? This news tells me UT probably won't be going APR bowling. NEXT UP ON THE LIST PLEASE!
  11. Bowl and APR Situation

    But can we all agree at least that there are too many damn bowl games? When you have 5-7 teams going (no matter the APR) it really is pretty embarrassing. There needs to be about 3-4 less bowl games IMO.
  12. Attendance Prediction for Nov. 19

    I'll go with 20,030. (I'm bringing 30 kids and parents from our baseball team for our team party so let the tailgating begin in the red lot)!
  13. DRC: Baker examining UNT scheduling philosophy

    Did someone say "neutral site game"? Give me the Cotton Bowl during the State Fair of Texas in October! That's would be pretty bad-ass -- and waaaay more atmosphere than playing at the Deathstar. There's a reason why Texas - OU still plays there when JerryWorld has so many more bells & whistles.
  14. Who is making the trip to Florida?

    You are correct sir. haha. Actually, last year was the "best" of the beatdowns as 24-0 was the closest margin of defeat we ever had on those trips. Honorable mentions go to Texas in 2002 (27-0) and 2010 Clemson (35-10). Worst ones have gotta be the 65-0 loss to Texas in 2004 and the 79-14 thumping by OU in Dodge's first season (2007). But it's been a lot of good memories along the way, some of which thankfully was not recorded -- and for others in our group, unfortunately some stuff was recorded. LOL. OK, sorry for hijacking this thread. I now return you to the roll call for Florida. Bueller? Bueller?
  15. Who is making the trip to Florida?

    I'm in!. Me and a buddy are flying out tonight & we have 5 more arriving tomorrow night. 15th annual "body-bag road trip! We're staying in St Augustine until Saturday and look forward to a nice UF tailgating scene. The ticket office put us in section 38. Not sure if that's the UNT section but I'm guessing it is. 2002 -- Texas 2003 -- Oklahoma 2004 -- Texas 2005 -- LSU (Katrina'd) 2006 -- Texas 2007 -- Oklahoma 2008 -- LSU (Ike'd) 2009 -- Alabama 2010 -- Clemson 2011 -- Alabama 2012 -- LSU (Isaac'd -- for some) 2013 -- Georgia 2014 – Texas 2015 -- Tennessee 2016 – Florida