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  1. vpackrats

    Regal Eagle is For Sale - $350k

    Dangit. That's a bummer they're selling it. I was lucky enough to win the raffle the first year they did that for the North Texas vs. Texas game in 2004. Still have the "winning ticket" they gave me when I drove up to Denton for the photo op. It has my wife's name on it too but she quickly got "cut" for an all-guy's road trip (ipd054 was one of them). Funny story was I think they were expecting high-roller people (wine & cheese crowd / couples crowd) and when I told them I was bringing all dudes (we were in our early to mid-30's at the time) I think RV had a panic attack. Bunch of fraternity people wrecking their bus was just what they wanted for the inaugural trip! haha. Anyway, we all behaved as I knew we would, we saw UNT get their butt kicked 65-0, drank a lot of beer on the bus coming & going & had a great time. They shoulda kept doing those raffles. It was a very neat experience.
  2. vpackrats

    So let's recap here

    I thought the original topic was a post about how great of a last 12 months it's been around here lately? So, um, how did this turn into a bitch & moan fest? "RV sux!" -- "no he didn't" / look at the report -- we really did suck!" thread. Man, I really think people like to complain more than celebrate. Sorry for the lean times. :) Next up on the topic wheel: let's discuss Vic Trilli's tenure. We'll be right back after this message from Debbie Downer.
  3. vpackrats

    The number is 9 now

    Sooo, how did this thread re: how 9 bowl games have had lower attendence than the New Orleans Bowl turn into a pissing match about whether we had 9 "legitimate" wins or not? Not only has this thread been hijacked, its been hijacked so badly that it's heading to Cuba right now for refueling demands and 500k in cash before the hostages will be released.
  4. vpackrats

    Bad day for athletics fundraising

    How is it that people are down voting comments re: bonuses paid to AT & T employees, Comcast employees, etc? Hello ... that $$ can make a big difference for a lot of workers around Christmastime. I thought it was a very cool thing to do. Thumbs up! Yeah, yeah, I know ... this will likely earn some down votes for saying bonuses are a good thing. LOL.
  5. vpackrats

    Frisco Bowl

    Man, this is epic! In a related note, did you see that failed stat ESPN put up a few minutes ago in regards to the Capital One Bowl Challenge? We're the #1 conference so far with a 4-1 conference bowl record. The Sun Belt is 1-2. Does that mean we won after all?! Yes! Well, either us or Western Kentucky. LOL
  6. vpackrats

    Why NO Bowl Again??

    This board is so "glass is half-empty" sometimes that I don't know whether to laugh or cry. 2013 Heart of Dallas Bowl vs UNLV -- "why'd we get stuck playing UNLV?" "That's not fair. Why do we need to play a school like that? We're so much better than them". 2016 Heart of Dallas Bowl vs. Army -- "Why do we have to play them twice in the same season?". "That's not fair. We get no respect ". 2017 New Orleans Bowl -- "We gotta play a team from the Sun Belt!?" "That's not fair. Why would we even associate with a school like that?" Any SMU game: "SMU fans are such stuck-up bastards. They don't wanna associate with a school like us". Anyone notice the hypocrisy? Personally, I had a good time in New Orleans (me and the 10 others in our group). We played a feam that will likely be ranked in the AP Top 25 when all is said & done and I thought we wanted a matchup against a good team. Frankly -- and the national writers confirmed this in a previous thread -- they had us as the highest ranked CUSA bowl game. Great season, great time in NOLA, looking forward to 2018.
  7. vpackrats

    Why NO Bowl Again??

    Did I stumble onto the SMU message board?
  8. vpackrats

    Roll call

    Still recovering from the Category 5 hurricane situation at Pat O'Brien's last night. Almost up and moving now. :)
  9. vpackrats

    Things Not To Do in New Orleans

    When in the French Quarter at night, don't go past Rampart St always worked as good advice for me. But, as others have said, the French Quarter is generally safe.
  10. vpackrats

    Where Y’at. What Hotel is everyone staying at?

    Same as you. AC Hotel x 2 rooms for our group.
  11. Yep, I think that judging from the full & complete list (thanks TreeFiddy) that we're pretty sexy for the Conference USA bowl choices. I know lot of you thought this was the equivalent of waking up in bed next to Rosie O'Donnell after an all-night bender in Vegas but in reality we woke up next to Lisa Kudrow. I'm not going to go all the way and say we have a Jennifer Aniston or Courtney Cox type-bowl here but it's sure not Rosie O or Lena Dunham as some on here were implying.
  12. I know we have 4 threads going on right now with the #1 - #39 Bowl Rankings from various sites so I suppose this is my attempt to tie all 4 threads into 1 big one. For purposes of this I'm only listing 3 bowls: New Orleans Bowl / Independence Bowl (for obvious reasons based on the 10+ threads about this bowl) & the Frisco Bowl (only because I know we like to do SMU comparisons). The results are pretty interesting to say the least. Here you go: Washington Post: New Orleans Bowl #15 / Frisco Bowl #33 / Independence Bowl #37 CBS Sports New Orleans Bowl #15 / Frisco Bowl #30 / Independence Bowl #39 Yahoo New Orleans Bowl #22 / Frisco Bowl #33 / Independence Bowl #39 SB Nation New Orleans Bowl #24 / Frisco Bowl #29 / Independence Bowl #38 My take? The national sportswriters that "don't have a dog in the hunt" so to speak, all convincingly rank the New Orleans Bowl as being a waaaay better bowl matchup than the Independence Bowl. Heck, there are 39 bowls so the Indy Bowl finished last, last, next to last & 3rd from the bottom in the rankings. All this to say, all the weeping & nashing of the teeth that's occurred on this board over the past 72 hours because we lost our chance to gain the national attention of the sportswriters, well, it's not exactly working out for SoMiss right now. And, no, I don't think us replacing them would have shoved us up to where we are now in our matchup. I think these outlets have it about right. GMG! Beat Troy!
  13. vpackrats

    Hitler is upset about the UTSA bowl situation

    Man, this is video gold! I usually don't laugh out loud at a lot of videos but this was damn good. Kudos! I 2nd TreeFiddy's comments. Add that to their site ... I bet it will get a lot of likes actually.
  14. I guess I will channel my inner Norm Hitzges and point out some interesting things that tie into the various threads we've had over the past few days. * A lot has been made on this board -- rightfully so -- of the P5's reluctance to play G5's during the bowl season. It got me to wondering just how often does this occur and was this year an anomaly or not? I researched all 4 years since the College Football Playoff has been in effect & these are the totals: 2017 -- 7 games 2016 -- 5 games 2015 -- 8 games 2014 -- 6 games So, this was actually a pretty decent year for P5 vs. G5 bowl game matchups. NOTE: This analysis did not include any independents (Army, Notre Dame & BYU) vs. either G5 or P5 teams (of which there were matchups against P5's and G5's). This is strictly P5 vs. G5 analysis. * Second, in terms of the 2017 Bowl matchups when it comes to win totals, we actually have one of the better bowl matchups. Out of the 33 NON-BCS bowl matchups only 2 others can match the North Texas vs. Troy total of 19 combined wins. Those 2 bowls are the Alamo Bowl (Stanford vs. TCU) and the Dollar General Bowl (Toledo vs. Appalachian State). The Armed Forces Bowl between Army & San Diego St can get to 19 as well if Army beats Navy this week. All this to say, it's not like they're matching us up with a 6-6 Sun Belt team. Heck, Troy has a Top 25 vote in the last poll. It's a good, equal matchup between both teams. * Lastly, and this is NOT a bowl stat but it caught my eye as to what might have soured Independence Bowl officials on us. As I was rooting around doing these stats I noticed that the worst team in college football (our buddies at UTEP who were the only BCS team to go 0-12) gave up 441 points and I thought to myself "man, that's pretty bad". Well, we clocked in at 440 points given up. When your D is +1 point better than the worst team in the NCAA, it probably doesn't help our case any. Just my .02 cents....