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  1. CMJ

    WKU Stikes Again

    This one?
  2. Fantastic piece. I have mostly gone into hibernation until the fall, so I hadn't seen this before now. Brett did a great job.
  3. Texas also played at the SuperPit in Trilli's first season.
  4. CMJ

    Mike Petersen

    Perhaps he's a decent assistant, but he was not a good head coach for us. At least he's got a job!
  5. Miller-Urey and the No True Scotsman fallacy mentioned in the same thread....on a rivalry with Army no less. never lets me down.
  6. I would say his editor deserves at least some blame.
  7. Been awhile since someone brought that back. Never gets old.
  9. Getting 6921 against ULL in 2012 is remarkable. Just shows how much the fan base was really building back then.
  10. CMJ

    Well Crap!

    Well, I'd hardly call Irvine a blue blood.
  11. CMJ 2018 March Madness Thread

    I tend to think Nova will win, but i can see Michigan upsetting.
  12. CMJ

    Well Crap!

    We played them a few years ago. I'd want to play UCLA since I could go. LOL
  13. CMJ

    CBI championship shirts

    I assume they will be customized, otherwise they would have already been in stores.
  14. CMJ

    Unt Wants Nit But Not Cbi Or Cit

    Not only was it senior laden, but White, Tristan, etc had also played in the Big Dance and were seconds away from it again. They were not gonna get up playing in the CBI, and we probably would have lost in an uninspired way.