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  1. Finals - Best of 3

    Game by game would be my suggestion.
  2. This was a national tournament with teams from all over the country. So technically we can win a national title next week. Not THE National title of course, but a national title nonetheless. LOL
  3. Nice to see you dahbeed! Congrats on the Toppers run so far.
  4. JSU led for 00:00. NT led for 39:53. Game was tied for 00:07 I mean we knew it was domination, but that really shows it in black and white.
  5. 2784 in attendance I am hoping that somehow we can have 4K plus for the Final game(s)
  6. If San Francisco wins, and gets to be the double host maybe I can convince my girlfriend to spend a few days up in the Bay area and see the game(s).
  7. Can You Believe This Sh@# !?

    Imagine this sitting in a nice back lit trophy case.
  8. Per KNTU Game 2 & 3 will probably be in Denton, but not official yet.
  9. 2018 March Madness Thread

    I'd love if the Toppers could advance to MSG.
  10. NT 90 -------- JSU 68 Final
  11. NT 87 -------- JSU 56 3:54 to go I'm gonna go ahead and say church on this one.
  12. NT 83 -------- JSU 50 7:33 to go About ready to call this one. ;-)
  13. NT 71 -------- JSU 47 11:58 to go Still just rolling along. If JSU cuts it under 20, I might start to get nervous about a collapse, but right now things are feeling good.
  14. NT 67 -------- JSU 39 15:24 to go Just keep playing.
  15. Looks like about the same as Monday. If there's one wet blanket to this game - that's it. If we had twice as many people there the place would be in pandemonium right now.