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  1. He may be the choice but why not see what other interest we get.
  2. MY guess is the online meangreensports was at the start of the year, and that now currently Davis has passed him.
  3. I think if and when Wren decides to make a change we need to factor lots of bonus money based on performance. allows us to create a huge contract with out some huge guaranties 500K bonus for first sellout of Apogee (Wining and coach outreach is needed) 100 K for each following sellout 100 K Birth in Conference Championship 250 K Wining conference Championship 100 K winning bowl game 100 K for every week the team in ranked in the Top 25 1 M for finishing in CFP final rankings
  4. We moved up to #15. Do we want to crack the top 10?
  5. I like to see us come out tomorrow and go pure wishbone, option if the can not stop then keep doing it. If they can then start some short throws. And take our shots down field.
  6. Here is examples of how the playoffs would look like. 2014 • Alabama (1) — first-round bye • Oregon (2) — first-round bye • Florida State (3) — first-round bye • Ohio State (4) — first-round bye •No. 5 Baylor* vs. No. 12 Boise State (winner plays Ohio State) •No. 6 TCU vs. No. 11 Kansas State (winner plays Florida State) •No. 7 Mississippi State vs. No. 10 Arizona (winner plays Oregon) •No. 8 Michigan State vs. No. 9 Mississippi (winner plays Alabama) *Baylor and TCU shared the 2014 Big 12 title, but for these purposes, the championship was awarded to Baylor due to a higher CFP ranking 2015 • Clemson (1) — first-round bye • Alabama (2) — first-round bye • Michigan State (3) — first-round bye • Oklahoma (4) — first-round bye No. 5 Iowa vs. No. 12 Houston (winner plays Oklahoma) • No. 6 Stanford vs. No. 11 TCU (winner plays Michigan State) • No. 7 Ohio State vs. No. 10 North Carolina (winner plays Alabama) • No. 8 Notre Dame vs. No. 9 Florida State (winner plays Clemson) 2016 • Alabama (1) — first-round bye • Clemson (2) — first-round bye • Washington (3) — first-round bye • Penn State (4) — first-round bye • No. 5 Ohio State vs. No. 12 Western Michigan (winner plays Penn State) • No. 6 Michigan vs. No. 11 Florida State (winner plays Washington) • No. 7 Oklahoma vs. No. 10 Colorado (winner plays Clemson) • No. 8 Wisconsin vs. No. 9 USC (winner plays Alabama) 2017 • Clemson (1) — first-round bye • Oklahoma (2) — first-round bye • Georgia (3) — first-round bye • Ohio State (4) — first-round bye • No. 5 Alabama vs. No. 12 UCF (winner plays Ohio State) • No. 6 Wisconsin vs. No. 11 Washington (winner plays Georgia) • No. 7 Auburn vs. No. 10 Miami (winner plays Oklahoma) • No. 8 USC vs. No. 9 Penn State (winner plays Clemson) 2018 • Alabama (1) — first-round bye • Clemson (2) — first-round bye • Oklahoma (3) — first-round bye • Ohio State (4) — first-round bye • No. 5 Notre Dame vs. No. 12 Penn State (winner plays Ohio State) • No. 6 Georgia vs. No. 11 LSU (winner plays Oklahoma) • No. 7 Michigan vs. No. 10 Florida (winner plays Clemson) • No. 8 UCF vs. No. 9 Washington (winner plays Alabama) 2019 • LSU (1) — first-round bye • Ohio State (2) — first-round bye • Clemson (3) — first-round bye • Oklahoma (4) — first-round bye • No. 5 Georgia vs. No. 12 Memphis (winner plays Oklahoma) • No. 6 Oregon vs. No. 11 Utah (winner plays Clemson) • No. 7 Baylor vs. No. 10 Penn State (winner plays Ohio State) • No. 8 Wisconsin vs. No. 9 Florida (winner plays LSU) 2020 • Alabama (1) — first-round bye • Clemson (2) — first-round bye • Ohio State (3) — first-round bye • Oklahoma (4) — first-round bye • No. 5 Notre Dame vs. No. 12 Coastal Carolina (winner plays Oklahoma) • No. 6 Texas A&M vs. No. 11 Indiana (winner plays Ohio State) • No. 7 Florida vs. No. 10 Iowa State (winner plays Clemson) • No. 8 Cincinnati vs No. 9 Georgia (winner plays Alabama) 2020 shows that 2 G5 teams could get in. https://www.si.com/college/2021/06/10/college-football-playoff-12-teams-last-seven-years
  7. But it will give a G5 championship school an automatic bid. Which lets be honest it probably the one team that is considered each year. No problem with that. Good teams that play good schedules and win will be rewarded.
  8. I think the fact that this year he is setting himself up to be HEAD COACH. He is not the OC, he is the HEAD COACH. He acting so far like the CEO which is what he should have done. I think the fact that he has good veteran coaches around him has helped. I not predicting we going Undefeated after one week, but I think the way we played and made adjustments we are trending more positive than thought.
  9. If this is the case they should be talking about that. Need to drive the walk up to buy tickets now.
  10. 11-3 with loses to UTSA, Memphis, and one sneaks up - We upset SMU at home, and win a bowl game vs a P5 team. I adding a game for the CUSA championship.
  11. The most important part of this game is how we play. If we are competative and lose a close game, may not be a season breaker, but if we get beat bad that could be the end before the season gets to true week one.
  12. I love to see us grab one of these, but no issue losing recruit to Michigan or a bigtime school. The hope is we can grab them again if they decide to leave.
  13. With all the changes in re-alignment where is the top he sees for north Texas. What are we doing to make our self stand out over others. Especially UTSA and SMU. Would you consider a PAC12 invite if they wanted into Texas with the uncertainty around the others in the conference. In your conversations with other conferences in the past or present is there things they would like to see from North Texas.
  14. https://www.al.com/uab/2022/06/bill-clark-retiring-as-uab-head-football-coach.html?outputType=amp interested to see how it impacts them moving forward.
  15. I hope it means we can schedule a extra non-conference game in 2023 and beyond for replacement of SMU, and others.
  16. Any good information shared? Anything new?
  17. SFA (always close to a tournament team) texas Southern. Love to play JJ every year Texas State TAM-CC UTA ( a home game even if not) Most of these are consistently good teams. Need others to push us up rankings but these are ones we should win but also would be good game.
  18. My understanding this is a Semi- pro league. She will be able to play for North Texas this upcoming season. I am hoping she shows even better things this season.
  19. Division I Football (Early Period) December 15, 2021 December 17,2021
  20. Last calculation I saw (can not find the article) was that 3-4 5 win teams could get in. I think the only way to guarantee a bowl game is to win the next 2 games.
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