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  1. Recruiting has been very disappointing (HS, Juco & Transfers)
  2. On paper, this is arquably the most talented team in Texas high school basketball history. Heretofore, I always considered the Houston Wheatley Wildcats of the late 60’s as the best. Followed by TJ Ford’s Willowridge team in the early 2000. You can’t go wrong by recruiting any of the top 10 guys on this team if you are a CUSA member. You may have to wait because half of them are underclassmen. They will be tested early by playing a rugged pre-district schedule of top teams nationally. https://davesjoint.net/2021/09/20/duncanville-the-rulers-of-the-lone-star-state/ The legacy continues in SW Dallas county. Duncanville Panthers - The City of Champions.
  3. https://www.dallasnews.com/high-school-sports/basketball/2021/01/25/girls-basketball-player-of-the-week-124-red-oaks-breana-davis/
  4. Recruiting has been bad for years, at the same time many folks on here boast about how many stars these guys have or how many others offered, etc. We don’t have playmakers/football players. Tired of the annual hype about talent we are amassing. Find top tier football players and to hell with this star system. Don’t care if our guys have a 500 credit score.
  5. I’d take the better product
  6. I think we pay the football coaches too much money and continue to extend them way too early. No incentive to work hard at a North Texas gig. Golden parachute on their way out the door. Didn't go to the game, didn't re-up on ESPN+, or listen to the game. Results are fairly predictable. I know its curse words, but hell, I'm not opposed to going FCS in football; in hopes of trying to develop a National Championship FCS program. Set a goal to come back in 5 years. What is there to lose? Attendance won't suffer, our marginal recruits won't back away. We are not serious candidates to move in a better conference. At this time, I'd be delighted to go back to the Sunbelt. Maybe we can save money and do away with that Wing in the end zone.
  7. Promoted from girls asst, coach to Boys Head Coach @ Red Oak HS
  8. Is he still commited? Have seen 2 DMN articles about the top 20 players and teams in area 5A. They list him as a Baylor commit. This may have been an error.
  9. Seems like they just struck out with a quality transfer. You don’t wait this long for a kid that averaged 6 pts. Hopefully he works out but I am disappointed; coming off a good season. Would have liked the last ship to go to a big to help elevate the program.
  10. Where is this magazine in Southern Dallas County?
  11. Mean Joe Green, DT Ron Shanklin, WR Steve Ramsey, QB Walter Chapman, NT Abner Haynes, RB Leonard Dunlap, DB Cedrick Hardeman, DL Ken Washington, QB Bernard Jackson, RB Brandon Kennedy, DT Johnny Quinn, WR Phillip Armor, C Burks Washington, LB JT Smith, DB Luis Silva, TE
  12. Remember hosting Florida State @ Fouts Field during a homecoming blizzard; circa 1976. NTSU was upset. Who knows what this program will look like by 2033. This could be a conference game.
  13. That would make sense. I never saw him as a big time prospect but he would fit well in CUSA. One of the more loaded teams to not make it to state. Zach Simmons clone.
  14. https://www.dallasnews.com/high-school-sports/basketball/2021/01/25/boys-basketball-player-of-the-week-124-sachses-dylan-mckeon/
  15. Didn't they just have a Cowboys assistant coach's son on the team? Prior to that it was Whit Smith from back in the day. (Kicker)
  16. The biggest hole I see is still at Center. From what little video I've see of this Wright kid is that he is more of your stretch 4 at a generous 220 lbs. This team needs physical bodies to match up against Kenneth Lofton of La Tech (6-7. 275) and others within the conference; that gave this team fits. Abou Ousmane is only good for 18-20 minutes tops. I also feel that Rasheed Browne is your starting point guard; in the mold of a Ryan Woolridge. I can see him and Madea (Tylor Perry) on the court at the same time. Had my fingers crossed for the Smu transfer (Yor Anei) that the team has looked at. Thin as well but blocks everything in the middle at 6-10 1/2 that transfered to SMU from Ok St.
  17. They’ll have a strong 23 class. One joins them from Corsicana in the fall. (****) - Jayvon Thomas (DB/WR) Kairi Muhammad’s cousins. (Malik Muhammad may play at IMG in FL this fall) Abdul Muhammad Randy Reece, WR will be a top state 100 Kyron Chambers (2022) Brionne Ramsey-Brooks, OT 6-5, 350 They’ve averaged around 4-5 D1’s for as long as I can remember. Grades has gotten to a few and ended up at SWAC school and/or DII. 2 kids signed with an NFL team this past draft. https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2023/jayvon-thomas-272813#school-interests https://www.texasfootball.com/article/2020/12/20/2023-cb-malik-muhammad-next-in-line-at-south-oak-cliff?ref=article_preview_img
  18. Fonzale Davis was the last to commit but I can’t remember any others since Larry Dixon in the late 70’s.
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