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  1. The Benford comment is spot on. Hadn't thought of that angle, but yes you are absolutely correct from what I've been told. And yes he got a LOT of feedback before this decision. He's going to do fine.
  2. hate to see a goal fail, doing what i can to get this to 100
  3. But did you know Todd Dodge finished his tenure here with the worst D1 record in history? cant believe a crack reporter like Ditto Vito could leave something like that out!
  4. Also, allow yourself some extra time and go by the Eddie Robinson museum at Grambling. Its about 10 minutes away from Tech. The lady that runs the museum is a North Texas grad.
  5. I married into a Tech family from Ruston so I'm there quite a bit. It is small but its not a bad place to be. Ponchatoulas or Log Cabin on Farmerville hwy (2 exits east from the Tech exit) are good places to go. Sundown is a pretty cool bar in the downtown area. Johnnies Pizza is just off the exit to Tech and is also pretty good. Ruston doesnt have the same scene downtown as Denton of course, but you aren't exactly restricted to a Dairy Queen and Sonic either.
  6. no you can't. the two sides aren't connected unless they have changed something recently.
  7. I saw something earlier this week that there will be candy at the kids zone before the game. There is also a costume contest at haltime where the spirit line forms.
  8. Only thing I have seen is a costume "contest" at halftime where the spirit line is. We are taking a bunch of candy in case we have any trick or treaters stop by the tailgate. Maybe if enough of us do that we can salvage the night for the kiddos.
  9. it happened in 2001 against MTSU, it can happen again in 2015 against WKU. Pass that Kool Aid!
  10. I get the commercials but then it just shows "loading".
  11. it showed as "free" in all the announcements but it's not working for me either.
  12. For what it's worth, I asked about the railing when I picked out our seats and was told that the wall would not have a railing on top of it. doesn't really matter to me one way or another, I need that wall to help me corral my kids during the game without bothering anyone around us!
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